Are you a Fish Haver or a Fish Keeper?.
By: Cecilia Chen



From the product “N-forcers” advertisement.

You may be a “Fish Haver” if any of the following sounds like you:


  • You wait almost no time before stocking a brand new tank
  • You don’t bother to read up on your fish, but choose the ones that look “interesting” and add them to your tank indiscriminately
  • You blatantly disregard overstocking guidelines and try to cram in as many kinds of fish as possible
  • You have only 1 or 2 fish of every species in your tank, even ones that need to be kept in schools
  • You tire of your fish easily and look to replace them with “less boring species” on a constant basis
  • You are going through a regular (almost weekly) schedule of replacing dead fish with new fish without trying to resolve the problem first
  • The fish in your tank have differing temperature or pH requirements, and some occasionally eat each other
  • You don’t know the common names of most of your fish

If you think that you may be a “Fish Haver”, might we suggest that you take a second look at this hobby and rethink your true interest in it? You may find it much more rewarding if you change your attitude to that of a “Fish Keeper”–someone who seeks to keep the fish they have healthy, happy, and living to a ripe old age, rather than just barely alive until the next good thing comes along.

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