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The following is a list of awards this site has won and organizations that I belong to. Each one given to me holds a place of honor in my heart. They are posted here to show my respect and pride at being awarded them. Most of these were given years ago wen the site was young. I keep them here to remind myself of my beginings. Most links have been removed.


Given to me by the best site for Piranha information. Thank you!

Although it may take some time to discover all that the site offers, it’s worth your time to do some exploring!”

This was the first award given to the site. It is for owners of “Web TV” only. For homepages created using the Web TV terminal. I was surprised. Once I became more familiar with the ins and outs of HTML I joined this guild. A great resource site.

Award to sites showing good responsible content, for all ages. My first award based on the content and aquaria theme of my page, these people look at all the pet hobbies.

Another Web TV award. This one is more selective in their choice of winners. This rating had recently increased to 4 “treats” by the Ultimate pet links and now is listed as one of the “best and brightest on the web” I bow my head in thanks!

I recently joined the Heartland community list of selected sites. I am proud to be a member of such a fine collection of web sites. Another great honor from the fine folks at the Ultimate Pet Links. I thank them very much.

Given by one of the largest pet related sites on the www, I say way “cool” to them; thanks. Given to pages with good navigation, theme related backgrounds and quality content.

Another award, for good family content acceptable to all. A great honor, from one of the best tropical fish sites on the web. If you need anything you will find it here.

Given by one of the best Internet hobbyist magazines, saying “Badman’s Tropical Fish is worthwhile to visit and deserves a little site promotion”–Thank you!
Note: This is now a subscribe only site, but there is a free preview edition.
Giving to me from the authors of a newly started pet chat page. Check it out!

You have a nice site that offers “a lot of info and interesting stuff”. This award is given to pet pages with good family content. “While visiting other pages I have found some artistry that is definitely worth signing about”. I HOWL with thanks.

This is a rating, from Aquaria Central, a new site that is an offshoot of Tankbusters. It contains more information on all aspects of the hobby. It WILL be a great site! Given by geocities, to its homesteaders who have gone through a review and show good content, graphics and family appeal.

This award is given for good web design, graphics, informative content and easy access. Another site that rates aquatic homepages, not sure what they base their ratings on.

The best of Geocities, before you are listed your site must meet requirements on design, HTML, content and more. An award given by another tropical fish site. These awards mean alot to me as they come from fellow hobbyist.


Thank you!



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