Gallon fish aquarium setupThe best 10-gallon aquarium can help you build an excellent home for your fish. These aquariums are perfect for smaller living spaces such as offices or bedrooms. These tanks can hold a variety of fish and are also small enough to function without requiring much effort in installation and maintenance.

That being said, with all the options available in the market, finding the right one for you can be pretty difficult.

To help you out, we have picked out and tested various options on the market. This way, you can go through our list to find out which tank is the best for you.

Comparison Chart

Name Included Filter Dimensions (in inches)

Aqueon NeoGlow Aquarium

Aqueon QuietFlow LED Pro Filter 20.2 x 10.5 x 13.1

JBJ Rimless Flat Panel Aquarium

 Clip-On Multi-Stage Filter 23.6 x 10.2 x 10.6

All Glass Aquariums

No Filter 22 x 12 x 13.5

Aqua Culture Aquarium

Tetra Internal Filter 22.2 x 13.9 x 11.8

JBJ Rimless Peninsula

Clip-On Multi-Stage Filter 23.6 x 10.6 x 10.2

Aqueon Basic Kit Aquarium

Aqueon QuietFlow Power Filter 22.7 x 13.6 x 12.6

Handpicked Reviews Of The Best 10-Gallon Fish Tank Kit

Let’s get straight into our list of the best 10-gallon fish starter kits.

1. Aqueon NeoGlow Aquarium


  • Bright LED colors
  • Equipped with filter
  • Includes three plants
  • Easy installation guide


  • The orange edges might not be suitable for all room decor

General Characteristics

The Aqueon NeoGlow Aquarium Starter Kit is an all-around aquarium setup that is perfect for beginners. The kit comes with everything you will need to set this tank up compared to other fish tanks in the market, saving you both time and money.

Aqueon 40W Preset Heater

One of our favorite parts of this filter was the addition of an Aqueon 40W preset heater. It makes it an excellent environment for various species of fish and amphibians. Also, the heater comes pre-calibrated to run at 78 degrees Fahrenheit, so, even if you are a beginner, you won’t have much trouble setting it up.

Aqueon QuietFlow Pro Filter

Additionally, this filter comes with an Aqueon QuietFlow Pro Filter that can keep even the dirtiest water clean. It has a powerful multi-stage filtration system with a super silent motor, so you won’t have to worry about any loud noises from this setup. Also, the maintenance is easy with this filter, as a quick cartridge change will keep it functioning for a few weeks without any issue.

Accessories and Decorations Included

Along with the filter and heater, this kit comes with many more accessories to help you set up and style your aquarium. To name a few, this set includes multiple plants, an LED lighting system, fish food, a net, and much more. The LED lighting system and plants are great at improving this tank’s look and making it a much better habitat for all kinds of pets. The lighting system is also very energy efficient as it uses low-power LED lights.

Furthermore, the net and added fish food make this kit great for beginners setting up their first tank. The fish food helps you start your tank for the first few days, and the net is decent in quality and helps in various ways such as transporting fish or even decorating the tank,

High Quality and Resistance

Apart from accessories, the aquarium is made of sturdy glass and comes with in-built orange silicon strips surrounding its edges. These strips not only provide the tank with impact resistance but are also very aesthetically pleasing and will surely add to your aquarium’s appeal. That being said, it may not blend in well with darker or more somber surroundings.

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If you are a beginner looking to set up your first tank, the Aqueon NeoGlow Aquarium Starter Kit comes with everything you’ll need to achieve that goal. The setup has a powerful filter, efficient heater, plants, and much more that will help you set up a fully functional and healthy aquatic environment for your pets. Additionally, the tank is made from glass and comes with silicon strips that look aesthetic and add a layer of protection around the edges.

2. JBJ Rimless Flat Panel Aquarium


  • Brightness adjustable light
  • Built-in stand
  • Sleek design
  • Filter included


The lighting system takes up space above the tank

General Characteristics

If you are looking for a compact and sleek 10-gallon fish tank, the JBJ Rimless Desktop Flat Panel Aquarium is a great option to consider. It has a unique design with a black finished back panel that makes it well-suited for most rooms. Also, the back panel is attached to a hanging light that provides a wonderful view of the aquarium.  The lights are eye-catching and have two color options for your fish.

The Perks of a Clip-on Bio-filter

Along with this, the JBJ Aquarium also comes with a clip-on bio-filter that works well with 10-gallon tanks. Moreover, the filter has plug-and-play functionality, so you can get it up and running right away. However, you will have to purchase replacement filter media cartridges that are sold separately.

This filter is also suitable for smaller non-aquatic habitats, thanks to its stretched cuboid design. Compared to other tanks, this one is longer and shorter, so if you plan on keeping a crab, turtle, snake, or any non-aquatic animal, they will have a lot of space to call home. However, these dimensions also offer less vertical room for fish to swim in.

As for the filter, it comes with an inbuilt mini stand so that you can use it without a separate stand. It makes it a lovely addition to smaller rooms as it won’t take up much space, and you can easily place it directly on an office desk or kitchen countertop. However, you will need some room above the aquarium if you plan on using the attachable LED lighting system.

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The JBJ Rimless Desktop Flat Panel Aquarium is an excellent option if you are looking for a sleek aquarium for your office or living space. It has a stylish black panel design and an inbuilt stand so that you can place it directly onto a table or countertop. Also, this tank comes with a clip-on biofilter and lighting system, making it the perfect habitat for many types of plants and animals.

3. All Glass Aquariums


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Sturdy
  • Highly customizable
  • Soft packaging


  • Prone to impacts

General Characteristics

If you are looking to build your personalized tank setup, the All Glass Aquariums 10-gallon Black tank is a suitable option to consider. It is an individual, high-quality tank that doesn’t come with any pre-built or included accessories, so you can design and build your setup however you like.

High Resistance

The aquarium itself is built out of sturdy glass, making it highly resistant to scratches and marks. Also, this tank is corrosion-resistant and won’t stain even after years of usage. It makes it a great choice for 10-gallon saltwater fish tanks as the salt won’t corrode the aquarium, and you can rest easy for your pets and plants.

While the glass is pretty sturdy, make sure to avoid any harsh impacts or drop as it can crack it. That being said, one thing we liked is that All Glass Aquariums sends this tank in soft and cushioned packaging, so you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged during shipping.

Easy Setup

When it comes to setting up this aquarium, the lack of any accessories makes it possible for you to personalize your aquarium. However, if you are a beginner, setting up this fish tank without any helpful parts might be a bit tricky. There are various parts and accessories such as a filter, heater, substrate, etc., that you will have to purchase and install yourself.

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The All-Glass Aquariums 10 gallon Black tank is a great tank that doesn’t come with any accessories, making it a great choice if you plan on customizing your setup. The tank is built out of high-quality glass, making it scratch and corrosion resistant, so it can even be used as a 10-gallon saltwater tank for many years without the risk of corrosion. However, you will have to spend extra time and money buying all the needed equipment to start your tank.

4. Aqua Culture Aquarium


  • Tetra filter
  • Integrated cutouts for equipment
  • Contains food samples
  • Easy fish-feeding and maintenance


  • Basic design

General Characteristics

The Aqua Culture Aquarium Starter Kit is a great kit for beginner aquarists. It has various items to help you build your first aquarium and maintain a healthy environment for your marine pet. As for the tank itself, it has a small form factor and a basic design that makes it perfect for smaller areas as there are no large protruding parts.

Built-in LED Lighting System

The tank comes with a low-profile hood with a built-in LED lighting system. The system is built to provide a natural daylight shimmer making it a great tank kit for all types of fish. Also, this light uses energy-efficient LED lights, so you won’t have to worry about keeping it on for long hours.

Tetra Filter

Along with this, Aqua Culture has also included a powerful Tetra filter that performed well in keeping our test tank clean. Along with great cleaning, it is also effortless to fit and maintain. It sits perfectly into the tank’s integrated cutouts specially built to fit all required parts while also leaving ample space for mess-free and quick filter maintenance.

We liked this kit because it comes with samples of Tetra food as well as water care. These are rarely found in such small kits and can help you a lot, especially if you are new to owning a fish tank.

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If you are a beginner looking to build your first tank setup, the Aqua Culture Aquarium Starter Kit is an excellent option for you. It comes with various equipment that will save you a lot of time and money when setting up this aquarium. Also, this equipment is easily placed into this tank as it has integrated cutouts designed explicitly for the included accessories.

5. JBJ Rimless Peninsula


  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Attachable lighting system
  • Clear lid included
  • All-in-one kit


  • Slightly expensive

General Characteristics

The JBJ Rimless Desktop Flat Panel Peninsula Tank is an eye-catching aquarium that comes with an all-in-one kit for all your tank setup requirements. While it may be small, this tank kit comes jam-packed with various heavy-duty parts and accessories so you can make an amazing habitat for your pets.

Lyra LED Lighting System

One of our favorite parts of this tank kit was the efficient Lyra LED lighting system. It can seamlessly attach to the side panels of your tank and has a thin form factor that adds to the look of the aquarium. Also, it has an adjustable brightness setting and two color options, white and blue, so you can have your tank looking stunning throughout the day and night.

Clip-on Biofilter

Along with this, the JBJ Peninsula comes with a clip-on biofilter that has plug-and-play functionality. It makes it an excellent fit for your tank while also being very easy to set up. All you have to do is place it in your tank, plug it in, and it will start filtering away all the debris and waste from your tank right away.

However, the biofilter does not have any included cartridge replacements, so you will have to buy them yourself. It is a bit of a hassle as these cartridges need to be replaced every few weeks to ensure that the filter runs efficiently.

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If you are looking for an aesthetically appealing 10-gallon aquarium, the JBJ Rimless Desktop Flat Panel Peninsula Tank is an option worth considering. It has a stellar design and also comes packed with everything needed to set it up. Out of the various accessories, we loved the LED lighting system that can easily attach to the top and the clip-on filter that offers powerful cleaning.

6. Aqueon Basic Kit Aquarium


  • Set-up and care guide included
  • It comes with premium fish food
  • Small form factor
  • Appealing black trim


  • Basic design

General Characteristics

If you are looking for a starter kit that will get you set up and ready in no time, the Aqueon Basic Kit Aquarium is one of the best options on our list. It comes with everything needed for installation in the package and has an easy-to-read setup and care guide to make it easier. The tank itself has a black trim that aids in impact resistance and adds to its look.

When buying a fish tank, people often worry that the external filters and lights might not be compatible or look well with their setup. Aqueon eliminates this problem as they manufacture both the parts themselves. So you won’t have to worry about any incompatibility issues with this tank.

QuietFlow Power Filter

As for the filter, Aqueon has provided a powerful QuietFlow power filter with this aquarium. It uses multiple filtration stages to provide a high level of water cleaning. It makes it an excellent option for a 10-gallon saltwater aquarium as it can quickly clear out debris and bacteria that are harmful to your pets. Also, it has a silent motor that keeps the overall sound levels low, making it perfect for quieter tank setups.

Inbuilt Lighting System

The inbuilt lighting system is also unique, as it uses both fluorescent and incandescent bulbs while still managing to fit right inside the tank’s canopy. It is beneficial as it doesn’t take up any extra space to fit this tank into smaller areas. Moreover, the hood features in-built bulb protectors that safeguard your fish from accidentally coming into contact with the lightbulbs.

Complete Starter Kit

Apart from these features, this starter kit goes above and beyond to give you everything needed for a healthy aquarium environment. To name a few, you’ll be getting a fluorescent bulb, two incandescent bulbs, a water conditioner, premium fish food, and much more. While this makes it great for beginners, if you plan on customizing your setup, it might not be the best option.

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The Aqueon Basic Kit Aquarium is an all-rounder option that makes the installation and setup quick and easy. It comes with various parts and accessories along with an installation guide, so you can have it up and running in no time. Also, the tank comes with integrated lighting that takes up little space while offering robust fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

Things To Consider While Choosing a 10-Gallon Fish Tank

Here’s a list of some things you should consider when looking for a 10-gallon tank.

Tank Material

The tank material is an essential factor that you should look at when buying a new aquarium. It can affect various things such as your tank strength, resistance, clarity, and overall safety. Most 10-gallon tanks are made out of either glass or acrylic.

Glass tanks are known to be much more scratch resistant while also great at avoiding corrosion and wear. It makes them great for saltwater aquariums, as these corrosion-resistant tanks maintain their clarity over years of usage. That being said, these tanks are quite heavy and don’t deal well with hard impacts.

On the other hand, acrylic tanks are much better in impact resistance and are also much lighter. While it makes them easier to handle and better for portable aquariums, they are prone to scratches and corrosion.

Included Parts & Accessories

If you are a beginner, setting up a tank from scratch might be complex and confusing. To solve this problem, many 10-gallon tanks available in the market come with starter kits to make the installation and maintenance much more accessible.

These starter kits come with various accessories such as a filter, heaters, LED lighting, fish food, plants, and much more, depending on the specific kit. So, if you are a beginner, it can help you set up your first tank. On the other hand, if you want to customize your tank, it might be best to avoid starter kits as there is a lack of room for you to use your personalization.

Aesthetic Features

Small 10-gallon tanks are the perfect size for indoor aquariums for your office or living spaces. They are small enough to manage but also have room for various fish and plant life. So, to add to the appeal of your tank and living space, many tanks and kits come with aesthetic features built-in.

For example, some tanks come with integrated panels and lighting systems that can change to various colors, while some feature silicon edges that add a layer of protection to your tank. So, if you are planning to improve the look and feel of your living space with a tank, make sure you look for options that have accessories to help you with this.


When buying a new tank, you will require various accessories and parts to build a fully functioning habitat for your fish. Whether it’s filters and plants for an aquatic environment or a heater and rocks for a semi-aquatic one, you’ll be needing quite a few things.

The common problem is that many devices and accessories might not be compatible with your tank. It could be because the edges are too large or the shape doesn’t match. It means that you’ll end up wasting money on these accessories that don’t even fit. So, when buying a tank, make sure that it is compatible with all the parts and accessories you plan on buying in the future.


While most 10-gallon tanks in the market come in a similar cuboidal shape, they are often quite different in terms of the exact dimensions (length, width, height). That is because even a few inches more in length or height will change the dynamic of your tank and make it more suitable for a certain type of ecosystem.

For example, a longer but less tall tank will be perfect for a semi-aquatic turtle habitat as it has ample ground space for walking and pond and doesn’t need much height. On the other hand, a taller 10-gallon tank would be much better for a fully aquatic ecosystem as it provides more vertical room for fish to swim in. Hence, it is recommended to get an aquarium with dimensions that match your vision for a marine habitat.


Let’s discuss a few frequently asked questions related to 10-gallon tanks and aquarium kits.

1. What Kind of Fish Is Best for a 10-Gallon Tank?

While many species of fish can live happily in a 10-gallon aquarium, you are probably better off keeping smaller fish. For example, Platies, Goldfish, Tetra, etc., are all great options for smaller tanks and can easily be managed by beginners.

2. Are 10-Gallon Tanks Hard To Maintain?

Yes, and no. 10-gallon tanks are much smaller, which leads to less waste production as a whole. On the other hand, the low water volume and surface area make them harder to clean and more susceptible to sudden changes in toxicity levels. So, while they are mostly manageable, be sure to use a proper filter to keep your tank in pristine condition for your pets.

3. How Many Fish Should Be In a 10-Gallon Tank?

To start, an excellent guideline to follow would be keeping one fish per gallon of water. It should also be done in groups and not by adding all the fish at once. Following this will help your aquarium stabilize, and your fish become more accustomed to their new environment.

4. Does a 10-Gallon Tank Need an Air Pump?

No, 10-gallon tanks are small enough to function perfectly without an air pump. As long as you maintain a decent level of water circulation, the oxygen levels should be sufficient for plant and animal life.

5. What Temperature Should A 10-Gallon Fish Tank Be?

A suitable temperature range for a 10-gallon tank is between 76° to 80°F (25° to 27°C). While this is a standard guideline you can follow, temperature requirements will vary depending on the species of fish you keep in your tank.

6. Can I Keep Semi-Aquatic Pets In A 10-Gallon Tank?

Yes, you can keep semi-aquatic animals such as turtles or crabs in a 10-gallon tank. All you need to do is purchase equipment specific to your pet, such as a coil heater for turtles or rocks for a crab and separate the land and aquatic area in your tank. Also, try to avoid purchasing fish tank kits as many of the added parts and accessories may not be compatible with your pet.


The best gallon fish aquariumAfter testing all of the options on our list, our overall best choice for a 10-gallon tank is the Aqueon NeoGlow Aquarium Starter Kit. It is an excellent aquarium kit that comes with everything you will need, such as a powerful filter, a heater, plants, and much more, to make the installation easy. So, it is the perfect option for you if you are a beginner looking to build a healthy aquatic environment.

Along with equipment, the tank itself is well built and made out of 100% glass. It makes it highly resistant to scratches and corrosion. Also, while most glass tanks tend to be quite prone to impacts, Aqueon has added silicon edge strips that make it shock-resistant while improving the tank’s appeal. In the end, we hope this list was able to help you find the best 10-gallon tank.

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