The best acrylic aquarium should not only show crystal clarity but should also be highly durable.

Acrylic is way stronger than glass as it’s shatterproof and is lighter. This guide lists some options to help you decide which acrylic aquarium is best suited for your space.

Our experts have sifted through numerous online and in-person opportunities to find the best picks for you, so let’s begin!

Comparison Chart

Products Dimensions Weight Size
Tetra Crescent

16.6×11.2×13.2 inches 6 pounds 5 gallons

11.25×16.56×6.71 inches 1 pound 5 gallons

12.6×12.6×13.6 inches 20 pounds 8 gallons
Tetra ColorFusion 6.88×12.5×12.9 inches 4.7 pounds 3 gallons

Top Choices for the Best Acrylic Aquariums

1. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium


  • Curved front design.
  • Best suited for goldfish or any three-community fish.
  • Comes with a filter system.
  • Lights are hidden and keep the effect subtle.
  • Unobstructed and seamless viewing.
  • A 5-gallon tank that is ideal for any space.


  • Its lid doesn’t fit very well.


This is the best acrylic aquarium you will find. It has a 5-gallon capacity, and you can conveniently place it anywhere you like. It will look great in a dorm room, bedroom, or in a small dining hall, even on a desk.

Its dimensions are 16.6 x 11.2 x 13.2 inches, and it weighs around 6 pounds. Your fish will love it as there is plenty of space available for them to swim around.

The acrylic used in this tank’s construction makes it appear extremely clear no matter from which angle you’re looking. There are also hidden lights in this tank, which adds to the clear effect.

Installation is no problem at all. The guide that comes with it is easy to follow, and you won’t have to go through a lot to have it set up. The tank also comes with a filtration system that doesn’t make much noise. Additionally, the lights inside this tank are all energy-efficient LEDs, so you can save a little on energy costs.


This is the best acrylic aquarium you will find on the market. First, it is very easy to set up. Second, there are energy-efficient LED lights inside, and they are under a black hood to keep the light inside the tank. The lid design could have been better, but overall, it’s a quality acrylic aquarium to have in your living space.

2. GloFish Acrylic Aquarium


  • Silent filtration system.
  • Blue LED light is easy on the eyes.
  • The back hood keeps the fish jumping out.
  • The fluorescent experience looks beautiful.
  • Lightweight design is versatile to look great in any room.


  • The light from the top makes the bottom a bit darker.


This is another one of the best acrylic fish tanks. Handling it is effortless because it only weighs around 1 lb. You can pick it up and place it wherever you need it.

This tank’s crescent-shaped body lets you see everything inside, which is visible even from a distance, thanks to the bright blue-colored light from the top. However, the bottom is a bit darker. Still, the fluorescent effect this creates look cute.

The internal filtration system works well, and it will keep the aquarium clean and push the water through the cartridge. Additionally, there is a double-sided mesh that will catch all the waste and debris easily. It is convenient to clean as well.

On the top is a sleek black hood design that will reduce evaporation and prevent the fish from jumping out of the water. Installation is not that difficult, and the guide will help you through the process pretty quickly.


We think that there should have been a light at the bottom because it feels a bit darker there. On the other hand, this creates a fluorescent effect, and it’s lovely and unique if you take a closer look. Installation is not complicated, and you can place the tank in any room.

3. BiOrb Acrylic Aquarium


  • Available in LED and MCR lighting options.
  • It is available in 8-gallon and 16-gallon tank capacity.
  • It has a square shape which makes it exclusive.
  • It has a 5-stage filtration system for extra water clarity.
  • Unobstructed 360-degree viewing.
  • Convenient feeding holes.
  • Effortless installation process.


  • Plants are not included in your purchase.


This small acrylic tank is one of the best acrylic aquariums that money can buy. It is straightforward to install, and you won’t need too much guidance to get the job done.

The cube provides you with a clear 360-degree view from all sides, which means you can place this aquarium right in the middle of a room. The tank is available in 2 sizes: 8 gallons and 16 gallons. You can either go for LED lights or MCR lights for the lighting system.

Moreover, it comes with a powerful 5-stage filtration system. This system can handle biological, chemical, mechanical, oxygenation, and stabilization of the tank’s water. You won’t have to do much to maintain it.

The filtration cartridge that is in the system works well with all BiOrb aquariums. The top lid of this tank features convenient feeding holes.

However, your purchase won’t include any plants or decorations. You can take this opportunity to use your imagination and creativity when setting it up.


This aquarium has a unique and stylish approach in a traditional shape, and it looks nice. Installation is a breeze, and the tank is pretty convenient to move around thanks to its lightweight construction. It also features a 5-stage filtration system that works like a charm, and you won’t have to do much to keep the water clean.

4. Tetra ColorFusion Acrylic Aquarium


  • Its half-moon shape makes it perfect for wall installation.
  • Available in a 3-gallon size suitable for smaller spaces.
  • Comes with a color-changing light and a bubbler.
  • Offers a 180-degree panoramic view.
  • Clear top lid that has a hole for trouble-free feeding.


  • Not suitable for large spaces.


This is a small acrylic aquarium designed for smaller spaces. Its half-moon shape allows you to enjoy a 180-degree view of your aquarium. It also comes with a color-changing light disc along with a bubbler that will create different effects to keep the show going.

The starter kit that comes with this aquarium has everything that you need for its installation. The setting up process is easy and the guide that comes with your purchase will make it even simpler for you.

A bubbling disc is present inside the tank that will automatically cycle through a range of LED color lights to create the effects. The filtration system within the tank will keep the water free from any debris and work to make the environment cleaner for your fish. There is an air pump inside it as well, and it drives the filter and the bubbling disc to keep the system design as simple as possible.

The top lid of this tank has a clear design, making feeding uncomplicated. Additionally, there is a feeding hole that further makes feeding convenient.

Overall, it’s a small fish tank that works very well for smaller spaces, and it will be the center of attraction with all its glitz and glamor.


It is suitable for all community-based fish. With its unique design, it will be perfect in smaller spaces. It ensures a clear 180-degree view. In addition, there are a bubbler and a light color changer inside the tank to create unique effects for you to enjoy. This aquarium is a true conversation starter, and it will look good in any room.

How to Choose an Acrylic Aquarium?

There are some essential features that you need to consider before buying an acrylic aquarium. We have listed down all of them below for your convenience so that you can easily make the right buying decision according to your needs and requirements.


Most of the acrylic aquarium reviews tend to forget about this core aspect when making a choice. First of all, you have to decide what you want to achieve with your acrylic aquarium. A small reef tank is something completely different from the one that is designed for dwarf shrimp.

For each aquarium design, you will need different types of plants. Depending on the tank, you will also have to consider whether you need snails for algae growth or not. Lastly, you have to decide between a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater type.


Size is going to be a detrimental factor based on the available space. There are different sizes available, ranging from 3 gallons to over 20 gallons. You need to pick the correct dimensions based on the open space in your room.

Moreover, with a larger tank, you can also place more fish and invertebrates in it. For instance, a 10-gallon tank is not suitable for 10 goldfish but it is for 100 dwarf shrimps. Before buying your tank, think about which fish species you’re going to put.


Shape may be more important than size based on where you are going to place the tank. Perhaps you want it to be on your wall, in which case it needs to be a half-moon shape.

If you want to put it on your desk, consider a tank shape that provides a view from all angles, especially if the desk is placed at the center of the room. Also, the fish need an uninterrupted swimming space. Place all the plants and decorations either in the middle of the aquarium or on one side.


If you are looking for an aquarium that comes with all the equipment for filtration, heating, or other display purposes, your tank will be larger. Pick the right lighting system for the kind of display that you’re after.

For beginners, your tank must have all the essential equipment to get it going right from the start. Various customization options are available, but you need to understand how they all work for the best results.


Acrylic is a kind of plastic, so it is created by joining different pieces sealed together. Some models are made in a mold so it is understandable to see some seams at the top and the bottom. If a tank you got comes with seams, they need to be cleaned and sealed to prevent leakages.


Rims are not necessary for an aquarium if it can hold the water on its own. But these rims also function as braces, so they help make your aquarium more resistant to water pressure. Putting a lid on your aquarium creates that extra water pressure. With these rims, your aquarium will have the necessary strength to handle the water well.


If you don’t have a clear picture of the tank design that you want yet, find a model that allows you to conveniently customize its features. Brands like BiOrb offer customization options. They also manufacture equipment that works well with all aquarium models from the brand.


The best acrylic aquarium that money can buy is the Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium. It has a lightweight construction and comes with a 5-gallon capacity. The aquarium is simple to install, and you can conveniently place it wherever you want. It has a powerful filtration system, and it provides you with an unobstructed view from all angles.

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