Finding the best aquarium water changer can be a daunting task. Most maintenance systems wear out quickly, are difficult to change, and create a mess all over the place.

So how do you find an aquarium water changer system that is worth your money?

To help you out, we have put together a comprehensive list of the four best aquarium water changers that will match your preferences and are easily accessible through Amazon.

Comparison Chart

Name of Product Length (Feet) Average Customer Ratings Warranty Price
Python No Spill

25 & 50 4.7/5 12-month warranty $56.82 & $80
Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer

25 & 50 4.4/5 Lifetime warranty $30 & $60
Laifoo Aquarium Siphon Vacuum

5 & 7 4.4/5 3-month warranty $12.99 & $13.99
BoxTec Fish Tank Changer

6 4.3/5 No warranty $16.99

Detailed Reviews of the Best Aquarium Water Changers for Your Fish Tanks

1. Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium System:


  • Makes the routine maintenance easier without disturbing any fishes or decor
  • No additional material is required and is ready to use
  • No hassle of arranging buckets or water sources
  • The variety available in terms of length
  • Vacuums Debris and other waste out of the water
  • Additional attachments Provided


  • Slightly expensive

The Python No Spill Clean and Fill Aquarium System is one of the best fish tank water changers out there in terms of quality. It allows the water to drain and refill inside the aquarium without disturbing any fish and decor.

The premium quality and easy-to-use functionality of this water changer have won the hearts of aquarists all around the globe. This is reflected in the thousands of positive customer reviews about this product on the internet.

Replacing fish tank water is a regular task and can take up a lot of time. This product saves the extra time that goes by in cleaning spills and dirt as it comes with in-built attachments.

One of the best features of the Python aquarium water controller is the provision of a small compartment to store water, removing the use of buckets. This makes it a perfect choice, even for smaller fish tanks.

This water changer comes with all the accessories you will need to install it, making the installation process simple and easy. These accessories include the hose gravel tube, switch, hose connectors, faucet pump, and even the brass faucet adapter.

Its silent and bucket-free operation allows you to change the water in smaller durations. This feature helps to avoid the build-up of toxins in the tank that can harm your fish. You can customize it to change the water inside the tank from as little to as much as you want. For example, you can change 10 percent of the water or even drain the entire tank.


If you are looking for an easy-to-use fish tank water changing system that can save you from the hassle of filling a bucket of water and carrying it all the way to your fish tank, this product is a perfect choice for you.

2. Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer


  • Well priced in comparison to other water changes
  • Does not need any extra equipment
  • Remove debris from the button
  • It has built-in valves and auto siphons
  • Size options available
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Not as durable for long term use

This Aquarium Water Changer is best suited for a fish tank owner on a budget. It is best known for its pricing and is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is connect the tube to a water source, and it creates a vacuum that sucks out all the dirt from your aquarium. It can also add new water to the tank by simply turning a valve.

You also get a multi-connection faucet adapter that makes it very easy to connect your water changer to taps of all sizes. It comes with a lifetime warranty, which is a clear sign of an excellent long-term investment.

It also comes with a detailed manual that explains how to set up and use this water changer in an easy-to-understand format. It also explains different alternative methods you can use it. It is easy to understand you can find the perfect way to set it up according to your fish tank.

The most impressive feature of this fish tank water changer is its unique design reduces water consumption. You can also adjust the vacuum pressure of the adapter in a way that it does not waste any clean water while sucking up the dirt from your fish tank.


Aqueon aquarium water changer is an excellent option for a fish tank owner looking for an affordable yet durable water changer. It is ideal for both big and small-sized tanks and also comes with a lifelong warranty.

3. Laifoo Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Cleaner For Fish Tank


  • Extremely affordable
  • 3-month warranty
  • High-quality elastic plastic that makes the tube more durable
  • Siphon ball allows the water to fill in automatically without a hassle
  • After Sales Service Available
  • User Manual provided for detailed understanding


  • Smaller sizes available, which are not suitable for bigger fish tank aquariums

The Laifoo Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Cleaner Washer is another great aquarium water changer on our list, especially for small and medium-sized tanks. Most aquarium water changers are over 25 feet long and are priced accordingly. But what if you don’t need a 25 feet long cable?

If the distance between your aquarium and your tap is no longer than 5 to 7 feet, then the Laifoo Aquarium Siphon Vacuum Cleaner is a perfect option for you. It is made for people who do not need a 25 feet long chord but still end up paying for it. This fish tank water changer comes in two different sizes, which are 5 feet and 7 feet long.

It has a three-month warranty period and after-sales service. If there is any wear or tear during three months of purchase, your water changer will be replaced. This shows that the brand is confident in its product and reflects high quality. It is ideal for tanks of up to 20 gallons.

A very common issue with most products is that they do not have any filter on them, which results in small fish getting sucked up while changing the water in fish tanks. Fish have to be removed during changing water, making the process tedious and lengthy to avoid this issue.

The Laifoo aquarium siphon vacuum cleaner solves this problem. It has a screen inside the gravel tube, which prevents smaller fish from getting sucked into the tube. It also has a siphon ball that automatically directs water into the tube after a few pinches. This makes the process of creating the initial vacuum effortless.

Using it to draw the water in the tank is very easy. It has a PVC pipe that goes in the tank, and the other end goes into a bucket. To start draining the tank, all you have to do is press the siphon ball, and water automatically starts flowing into the bucket.


For the people who are forced to buy a much more expensive water changer with lengths useless to them, this tiny 5 feet alternative is a godsend. But don’t let the small size fool you for some toy. It has a powerful vacuum, and it sucks up a significant amount of debris while filtering the tank sandbank to the bottom that makes the process faster.

4. BoxTec Fish Tank Changer


  • Multifunctional cleaning tool
  • Decently priced
  • Anti backflow valve
  • Flexible as made with PVC plastic
  • High quality
  • Long tube hence hands stay clean and dry
  • Detailed user manual


  • No warranty

The BoxTec fish tank changer is not an ordinary water changer for aquariums but rather a multifunctional tool as it also cleans your tank. It has a gravel cleaner that separates the food residue and waste from the water, making it crystal clear.

It is ideal for small and medium-sized fish tanks. It has a long flexible tube that goes deep down to the bottom of the tank effortlessly and sucks out all the waste from the water. One of its innovative features is its anti-backflow design that makes the pipe unidirectional without causing unwanted spills.

The gravel cleaner makes the process extremely fast and efficient and has enough suction power to remove the residue stuck on the grass. It also has a pinch ball technique that allows the water to start cleaning just by pinching the ball 3-5 times as it creates suction.

The tube also has a ceramic filter component that removes invisible toxins and ammonia. It can be used in various types of fish tanks, and even though it has a manual operation, it can come in very handy for cleaning purposes.


If you are looking for a manual operation-based water replacement system that can also help you with the cleaning process, BoxTec is an excellent choice. It has a versatile use case, and it works with all small to midsize tanks, including cichlid tanks, planted tanks, and many more.

Things To Consider While Choosing the Best Water Changer for Aquariums:

1. Tube Length of the Water Changer

Always make sure to check the length of the water changer. It should be long enough to connect your tank to a water source. Many people connect their devices directly from the tap in the kitchen or the garden. Thus a longer tube changer would be ideal for them compared to a person who would be using a bucket as a water source for smaller aquariums.

Most brands offer 25 feet and 50 feet for medium-sized and larger fish tanks. Some brands also offer smaller sizes ranging from 5-20 feet, perfect if you have a tap near your aquarium.

Most smaller-sized water changers come with siphon ball technology that eliminates the use of long tubes for their water changers. But you will need to empty your tank’s water in a bucket, which might not be convenient for some people. This is why longer tubes are considered to be more beneficial in most cases.

2. Warranty

Most medium or low-priced aquarium water changers are generally of poor quality and result in wear and tear with extra water pressure. This would be a waste of money for anyone, and hence a warranty coverage by the company is essential. Offering a warranty projects trust and security and also indirectly changes the perception about product quality.

Only a high-quality product would be with a warranty as the company has much more at stake than the consumers in this case. Hence, this can be a significant differentiating factor for fish tank owners looking for premium quality aquarium changes and after-sales benefits.

3. Gravel Cleaners/Siphon Water Changer

Choose a water changer that also acts as a cleaner. The debris on the gravel is created from many different substances, including feces, dirt, algae formation due to chemical reactions, etc. It is imperative to remove it to maintain a healthy environment for the fish inside the tank.

This requires regular cleaning and a strong vacuum suction pump with a filter that removes all the debris and prevents gravel or smaller fish from getting sucked into the tube. Some brands also offer different types of nozzle attachments that you can use according to your need. A gravel cleaner with a filter is essential to ensure efficient cleaning of the aquarium fish tank.

All the water changers that we have mentioned in our list have a suction strong enough to clean your aquarium as well.

4. Ceramic Filter

A ceramic filter is one of the most significant components to look at when shortlisting a water changer for a fish tank. As mentioned above, the debris collected is highly poisonous for the fish if not removed. However, physically removing the debris is not enough.

The invisible toxins like ammonia, ammonia nitrate, etc., are still present in the water due to the debris formation. A ceramic filter can remove them and purify the water back to a healthy state. If you are using a water conditioner, then this might not be a significant deciding factor for you because water conditioners neutralize ammonia.

However, if you do not use a water conditioner, we highly recommend choosing a water changer with a ceramic filter.

5. Universal Adapter

Make sure your water changer either supports or comes with a universal adapter. A universal adapter would enable the water changer to get connected to any external source without any hassle.

This may seem like a small factor but indeed is very important. Many people spend extra money on such adapters because their aquarium water changers cannot be connected to their water source. This unnecessary expense can be avoided by filtering brands that do not provide this component.

6. Squeeze Siphon Adaptor

A pressure controller can be beneficial in adjusting your water changer for a fish tank. If the aquarium you are replacing the water with has small or young fishes, then a strong vacuum force can put them under stress or even cause them injury.

Choosing a water changer with an adjustable vacuum pressure valve can help you set the right suction force for your aquarium. Newer brands have this inbuilt in their systems as it makes the process highly efficient. They have a single valve that controls the vacuum pressure and also the direction of water flow.

Many brands do not offer this with the main aquarium water changer kit, and people have to purchase it additionally, which can be an added expense. Therefore, a wise decision would be to filter such brands and choose the ones that have this technology built-in.


Changing the water regularly in fish tanks is extremely important for the well-being of your fish. If the water is not changed frequently, it can cause many health issues for your fishes and severely affect their lifespan.

However, If you are a working professional and you do not have enough time to do it. In that case, the Water Changers mentioned above will help you quickly change your aquarium’s water without any hassle.

While all products mentioned above are great for home aquarium maintenance, the Python No Spill and Fill Aquarium System is the best value for money. If you only want to go for the best option, we recommend you go for this one.

Not only does it have a 12 month warranty period, but it is also available in different sizes. As mentioned, it is a little expensive but the features provided will help you immensely.

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