The four best aquascaping tool kit you can buy inThe best aquascaping tools is an important part of keeping your tank looking good. However, we understand that each tank setup is different and you might have a specific vision for your setup.

That is why, to help you find the right tools to aquascape your aquarium, we have curated a list with the top four aquascaping tool sets available online.

Comparison Chart

Name Color Number of Tools
Hosmide Aquatic Plant Tools Complete Set

Silver 6
KnR Harmony Aquascaping Tools 7 in 1 Kit

Matte Black 7
Capetsma Aquascape Tools Starter Kit

Silver 5
Bornfeel Aquascaping Tools 7 in 1 Kit

Silver 7

The Best Aquascaping Tool Kit: Handpicked Reviews

Let’s get straight into our list of the best aquascaping tools available online:

1. Hosmide Aquatic Plant Tools Complete Set

– Pros

  • Premium build quality
  • Great case
  • Suitable length
  • Stainless steel construction

– Cons

  • Quite basic

The Hosmide Aquatic Plant Tools Complete Set is a great all-round kit of aquascaping tools. It comes with six tools which include multiple tweezers and scissors that are suitable for aquascaping most medium to large tanks without any difficulty.

All the tools are made out of high-quality stainless steel which is great for use underwater. They are resistant to scratches and sturdy even when used with heavy gravel or branches. Additionally, the steel does not rust or contaminate the water making it a safe choice for your fish.

Apart from this, all the tools are around 11 inches in length so you can easily reach most corners and parts of your tank without getting too wet. This makes it a great kit for multiple tanks as these tools can fit into smaller tanks while also being large enough for larger aquariums.

An added benefit with this kit is that storing them or moving them around is very safe and easy. Fortunately, the carrying kit Hosmide provides which is high in quality and very convenient has a soft fabric on the inside and uses bands to keep all the tools apart from each other and safe inside the case.

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– Overview

If you’re looking for a complex tool kit, this might not be the one for you. The six tools are more focused on overall aquascaping and don’t include items such as pH testers or nets for other purposes. However, they are more than enough to keep your tank aquascaped and maintained.

2. KnR Harmony Aquascaping Tools 7 in 1 Kit

– Pros

  • Stainless steel
  • Does not pollute water
  • 7 individual tools
  • Sleek black color

– Cons

  • Might not be for beginners

The KnR Harmony Aquascaping Tools seven in one Kit is a sleek and stylish kit of tools that is perfect for most aquarium requirements. The tools themselves are made out of durable stainless steel and covered in a matte black finish that keeps it scratch-free and looking good.

The kit itself comes with 7 tools which is one of the largest ones on this list. The individual items range from a substrate spatula for clearing out and moving sand to many types of curved and straight scissors for aquarium plants and other requirements. So, with this kit, you can keep all aspects of your tank clean and proper with an assortment of specialized tools.

One specific tool that we really liked was the waved scissors that come in the package. These scissors make it a lot easier for you to get into cramped spaces and trim plants that are closer to the substrate of your tank. Moreover, it is one tool that is not commonly found in aquascaping kits and can make your job a lot easier.

Therefore, with all these specialized and complex tools, it can be a bit confusing as to which one you should use when. To simplify, there is a slight learning curve which is why you might want to avoid this option if you are a beginner to aquascaping.

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– Overview

If you want an aquascaping tool kit that is sleek and looks good, the KnR Harmony Aquascaping Tools 7-in-1 Kit is a great choice for you. All the tools are made out of stainless steel and coated in an impressive-looking matte black finish. apart from this, the kit has seven tools that will make aquascaping a lot easier as you can use their specialized tools for most tasks.

3. Capetsma Aquascape Tools Starter Kit

– Pros

  • Reasonably priced
  • Great for beginners
  • Comes with pH strips
  • Anti-slip ends

– Cons 

  • Carrying kit is quite basic

If you are a beginner to aquascaping and want a kit that you can easily understand, the Capetsma Aquascape Tools Starter Kit is one you can go for. This kit is designed to be a great first kit for beginners and comes with 5 tools that will help you get through most basic tasks. Therefore, you won’t be stuck with tens of tools and confused as to which one you should use for what.

The tools included in this kit are a straight tweezer, curved tweezer,  substrate spatula, curved scissors, and 100 ph testing strips. Each of these is made out of stainless steel and range from between 9-13 inches in length. Thanks to this, you can use them in most medium-sized tanks without any issues.

– Added Benefits

One thing that is unique about this kit is the pH testing strips that Capetsma has added in it. These strips are very useful for finding out the acidity of your water and can often be important in keeping your tank inhabitable. Also, with 100 strips, you won’t have to worry about them running out any time soon.

An added benefit with this kit is that the tweezers are embedded with anti-slip lines near the ends. This is great if you are a beginner as it will help you grab onto things in the water without them slipping out.

The Capetsma Aquascape Tools Starter Kit is also one of the most budget-friendly options on the market. Nonetheless, it is much cheaper than many other competitors and while it does also have fewer tools, this makes it one you should consider if you are on a tight budget.

With all that, this kit is an impressive option for starters and will help you keep your aquarium decorated and well maintained. The only issue you might have is during storage or moving the tools around as the carrying case provided by Capetsma is quite basic. Unlike other companies that provide zipper enclosed harder cases, this one comes with a more basic string pouch, moreover, it is still suitable to store the tools.

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– Overview

The Capetsma Aquascape Tools Starter Kit is an option that is ideal if you are a beginner at aquascaping. It comes with five tools that will help you complete the most basic tasks without having to deal with complex and specialized items. The latter is one of the more reasonably priced options but this does lead to a much more simple carrying case that does not offer as much protection. 

4. Bornfeel Aquascaping Tools 7 in 1 Kit

– Pros

  • Lightweight tools
  • Great carrying case
  • seven tools in the kit
  • Made with stainless steel

– Cons

  • Could have better build quality

The Bornfeel Aquascaping Tools 7 in 1 kit is another great kit that gets aquascaping tasks done. Having seven tools that are suitable for specific tasks and facilitating getting things done. For example, if you plan on picking up trees that cant be reached easily, there are curved tweezers you can use to get it done without any issues.

The tools are built from stainless steel and designed to be very light in weight since the whole kit along with the carrying case weighs just over a pound. Thus, even if you are working with these tools for long hours, you won’t have to worry about any fatigue or strain on your hand due to the weight.

Once being done with your aquascaping work, the kit comes with a great carrying case that can store all the tools efficiently. It has a soft inner lining and bands that keep the tools in place when inside. Once you put them all in, all you have to do is close the zipper and you can take your tools anywhere in the compact case.

The only issue we could find with this set is that the longer tools like the substrate scarper were not as sturdy as expected. If you plan on using it for heavy substrates like gravel, you might have to be careful to avoid bending the scraper too much. It is not weak enough to break and you won’t have any real trouble with it when using the tools properly.

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– Overview

If you want an aquascaping tool kit for a vast range of tasks, the Bornfeel Aquascaping Tools seven in one kit is a suitable option you can check out. The kit has seven stainless steel tools that are each designed to perform specific tasks with ease. While this makes your work a lot easier, it also comes with a great carrying case so you can keep these tools safely even when your not using them.

Buying Guide for Aquascaping Tools

Here’s a list of some things you should consider when looking for the best aquascaping tools:

– Tools Included

The primary difference between each aqua scaping tool kit is the number and type of tools that are included in them. This makes a huge difference in your aquascaping work as each tool is different and will work well for certain purposes. For example, aquarium plant tweezers are suitable for moving around and placing plants while aquarium scissors are designed for trimming them.

It is essential to understand what the requirements are and then look for a kit with the tools for the job. This way, you won’t end up wasting money on unnecessary items while still getting everything you need for your setup.

– Build Quality

When using aquarium plant tools to aquascape your tank, you will often be putting a lot of pressure on them. This could be for things like moving your substrate around or even cutting off branches from trees. While doing this, it is important that the aquascape tools you are using are strong enough to withstand this force.

Remember thar any cracks or breaks can not only cost you money to fix but will also leave harmful pieces in your tank water. Thus, it is advisable to go for a tool kit that uses a strong material such as stainless steel so that it is sturdy and won’t pollute your water.

– Tool Length

A common issue many people have is that their tools may be too long or too short to use in their tank. This happens because all tools are made according to different sizes which may or may not be long enough for your tank size. For example, if you have a large tank that is very deep, you will need longer tools to reach the floor without having to put your hand into the water.

Thus, if you are planning on buying aquascaping tools for your tank, make sure to initially measure how long the tools should be. In case you can’t find the exact length, try looking for shorter sets that can be used with a proper pair of waterproof gloves, note to avoid excessively long tools as they become harder to use and need a lot of free space above your tank to maneuver.

– Carrying Case

Aquascaping tool kits often consist of various individual tools that are used for specific purposes. This can make them quite difficult to carry around and you might find yourself loosing tools if not kept properly. Overall, many kits come with dedicated carrying kits that are designed to hold the entire tool kit safely and neatly.

Therefore, when looking for a new aquascaping tool set, look for one with a carrying case that matches your travel/storage requirements. If you plan on carrying the tools around with you often, a heavy duty case such as a zipper case would suit you better. On the other hand, if you only plan on using it for one tank occasionally, a simpler case will work fine.


Let’s discuss a few frequently asked questions related to aquascaping tools:

1. What Is The Best Size Tank for Aquascaping?

There is no ‘best’ size and it depends on what you are planning for your setup. If you want to have lots of plants a larger tank will do fine while a few well-trimmed plants can fit in a smaller 10-gallon tank. Aquascaping can be done in all sizes of tanks and it is up to you what works best according to your preferences.

2. Do You Need Aquascaping Tools?

While you don’t need aquascaping tools to maintain the plants in your tank, it is very useful to have them due to the design of the specific tasks such as trimming branches or moving substrates. As a result, while this can all be done with other tools, it makes the job much easier and will save you time and effort.

3. Can You Aquascape With Fish in the Tank?

Yes, if you are careful you can aquascape with fish in the tank. All you need to do is make sure that you are keeping the sharp tools away from your fish throughout the process. Apart from that, your fish shouldn’t be too bothered as long as you don’t make any sudden movements in your tank.

4. Can I Rescape an Established Tank?

Yes, if you feel like you want to change the layout or theme of your tank, you can rescape it, for this, you will have to start by removing all the plants and decor and then move on to the water and the substrate. After that, you can rescape your tank however you want it to be.

5. How Do I Make My Aquarium Look Professional?

Aquariums can be designed to look professional with various things such as plants, substrate, decor, etc. Using the right kind of plants and substrate in a neat scape can make your tank look clean and professional without too much effort.

6. How Many Tools Do I Need For Aquascaping My Tank?

The four best aquascaping tool kitThere is no set number of tools you need for aquascaping and it depends on what you plan on doing. If you are a beginner and only want to grow a few plants, a small kit with three to four tools can work fine. On the other hand, if you are a professional and want to aquascape a large tank completely you might need more specialized tools such as a seven tool kit.


After going through all of these aquascaping tool kits, our choice for the best overall is the Hosmide Aquatic Plant Tools Complete Set. It is a great overall set with everything you’ll need to aquascape your tank efficiently. All the tools are designed to perform specific functions and allow you to place, trim, and move around trees without too much trouble.

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