Finding the best automatic fish feeder can be difficult.

In this article, we present you with various tried and tested fish feeders to help you make an informed decision. We have gathered all the essential details about the most demanding fish feeder reviews.

Let’s find out more about these products.

Comparison Table

Product  Dimensions Operation  Weight  Target  Material

6.65×4.72×3.62 automatic 10.5 ounces fish plastic

6.3×4.65×3.5 Manual, automatic 11.3 ounces fish plastic
Fish Mate F14

8.78×5.79×1.97 automatic 6.5 ounces Aquarium, fish plastic

6.3×5.79×3.4 Automatic, manual 10.6 ounces House cats, fish plastic

2.36 x 2.56 x 5.51 inches automatic 9.9 ounces fish plastic
Aquabasik Wi-Fi 5.5 x 2.6 x 2.4 inches manual, automatic o.6 lbs fish, turtle, newt, and frog  plastic

6.26 x 4.57 x 3.35 inches manual, automatic 10.8 ounces fish plastic

Best Automatic Fish Feeders Reviewed

1. Barkmew Automatic Fish Feeder


  • Two fixed modes
  • Allows you to easily add food
  • Prevents moisture buildup
  • Larger food capacity
  • Easily adjustable feeding


  • Difficult to remove once stuck


What do you get with this functional fish feeder? This automatic fish feeder allows you to feed your babies even when you are busy. You can automatically set about three feedings per day or night. You can simply select the time and how many servings you want to feed your fish, and the automatic feeder will manage the rest.

It features a 360-degree rotatable pedestal to change the positions even after the installation of this feeder. You can add and remove the food anytime you want with an easy opening on the top. This also gives you the option of feeding your fish on your own.

You also have a choice to install this automatic fish feeder for small tanks to fit your needs. Either install it on the wall or stick it to the tank cover. The stick pad is so firm that it won’t move from its place once it is attached.

The larger food capacity adds convenience to your life. If you are away but worried about feeding your fish baby, a Barkmew fish feeder will do it by holding about 200ml of moisture-free food. It means even if you aren’t there to replenish your fish food, your fish will still be healthy.

This automatic fish feeder comes with moisture-free features to ensure that the food remains fresh for a long time. You can add any fish food, including flakes, pellets, powder, and strips. No food will be jammed inside as it is dry all the time.


Bark Mew is the right choice for the ones who are busy in their lives but want to feed their fish regularly. This automatic feeder is quite helpful because of the adjustments of settings it provides. Keep feeding your babies three times a day and even at night.

2. Noodoky Automatic Fish Feeder


  • Sizeable food capacity (up to 200ml)
  • Batteries include
  • Customized feeding schedule
  • Installation method choice
  • Instant feeding adjustments


  • The food portion is uneven
  • Large and sliding portion control window


Going on a vacation but don’t want to let your fish and turtles starve? You can get a Noodoky automatic fish feeder so you can enjoy your days without worrying about those babies.

It has a more extensive food capacity of about 200ml which means you can add many pellets and granules to it. Just slide the window and add food to it quickly.

This best automatic fish feeder features a rotatable base so that you can choose the required feeding position. It adds convenience to the fish feeding system.

To feed your fishes with a desired amount of food, there is a plastic slider. The slider is easy to adjust the portion control. Only the selected amount from three different levels will be released so that there are no mishaps.

The ability to feed four times is what makes this choice different from other feeders. You can easily set the schedule feeding every 8 or 12 hours by pressing the triangle button, up or down.

And, if it’s about manual feeding, you only need to press the manual button to start feeding instantly.

That’s right: the feeder is made in a way to provide you with noiseless operation and a clear LCD screen. You can also operate this automatic aquarium feeder manually. So, you are free to manage the fish feeding according to your needs and choices.


If you have more aquatic pets, this feeder is the thing for you. Because of its larger food capacity and more feeding circles, many of your pets will be served fresh meals.

3. Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder


  • Can be mounted in three ways
  • 14 individual meals for a busy holiday schedule
  • Batteries can last for a year
  • Simple mechanics
  • Easy quartz timer


  • Not appropriate for flakes
  • A bit bigger size


This versatile fish tank auto feeder is beneficial for you and your fish. You can also utilize the brackets included with the feeder to mount the product in any three ways.

Mount it on the condensation tray, on edge, or the hood of the aquarium. This means you have enough choices to adjust the position of your feeder.

For your cold-water fishes and their varied diet, this incredible fish feeder is what you might be looking for.

However, if you are on a holiday trip, you can leave your fish without any worries. Fish Mate fish feeder will be there to feed them about four meals per day. Rather than providing them once with a more significant portion, feed them smaller meals several times.
Attaching the air pump can help you store fresh and dry fish food so that your fishes are always healthy and active.

Another benefit of this fantastic fish feeder is that it comes with a reliable quartz timer, which is easy to use. Moreover, the product features a battery indicator to let you know about the battery condition. You get to see when the battery ends so that you don’t face any mishaps.


A holiday lover will never want to leave his fish pets alone, starving in the corner of his house. Hence, for such people, Fish Mate F14 is highly recommended. Your fishes will be fed most accurately and healthily correctly all over the day.

4. Lefunpets Automatic Fish Feeder


  • Two feeding options
  • Easy installation
  • Accurate slider
  • Suitable with different fish foods
  • Two dispenser boxes
  • Manual feeding doesn’t affect automation


  • Dispenses vast amount of food at once


Choosing the best automatic fish feeder is sometimes challenging because not all of them can work well. Lefunpets is here to throw away all your worries, especially if you are worried about portion control. Don’t just release food but release them in the right way with this feeder.

Two timer settings let you set feeding time after every 12 hours or 24 hours. This means you can feed them once or twice a day. Moreover, if you want to have a good time with your babies, provide them yourself.

Don’t worry about the automatic feeding timer because the settings won’t be affected. Press the manual button and start feeding them. Rest, your feeder will do for them after 12 hours.

Want to adjust the portions of fish food? Get it done with the help of the slider with ease. Increase and decrease the amount as per your fish needs.

Aside from your tiny fish pets, this feeder is also suitable for those cute little frogs and turtles. Use any fish food because it can dispense any of them.

Two dispenser options are there to help you out with the different food amounts. If you have one or two fishes, the 50g box is excellent. Otherwise, the 100g suits the needs of several fishes or aquatic pets.


Lefunpest automatic fish feeder lets you enjoy fish ending on your own and automatically as well. For busy fish lovers, this is a perfect choice. Mount it in any way and enjoy fish feeding, even when you are away from your house for work.

5. LondaFish Aquarium Fish Feeder


  • Durable construction
  • Up to four feeding times
  • Suitable with various fish foods
  • Energy saver


  • Can’t save the food from getting damped
  • Not a long-lasting product


LondaFish tries to satisfy the customers by providing the best features and reliability. This fish feeder has enough capacity of 0.175L to serve many of your fishes with fresh food.

The fish tank feeder rotates properly to distribute even meal portions for your fish babies. It doesn’t matter what type of food item you are using; the feeder will work amazingly for you. You can feed flakes, strips, pellets, and particles to the fishes.

Use the slider to control the fish food portion. It is the best way to feed all your fishes appropriately. Adjust its slider as per your needs and fish species. You can set the feeder to 1 to 4 times over the day for food distribution.

The product saves you money. It means you can get a suitable fish feeder at a lower price. You can buy more feeders in your budget. So, if your tank is more significant with many fishes, you should buy more than two to feed all of them correctly.


This automatic fish feeder for aquarium seems reasonable, but the only problem is that the food inside is not always dry. But if you are buying it for regular use, it is a good-to-go feeder. You will be relaxed after buying it because it will feed your babies without any issues.

6. Aquabasik Wi-Fi Automatic Fish Feeder


  • Smartphone control system
  • Customized feeding modes
  • Easy food addition and cleaning
  • Compatible with all fish food types


  • Feeding compartment is small
  • Can’t connect with Alexa


It’s time to get your hands on something unique and latest. Aquabasik is the newest fish feeder with the feature of a smartphone connection. No worries about feeding manually or setting timers.

You can easily connect your feeder with your phone through a Wi-Fi connection to control the product. You can also use google kit and others to operate it without using your hands.
It is one of the best automatic fish feeders because it can memorize the setting even when there are connectivity issues.

You can be anywhere while feeding your babies conveniently through an app. Do it instantly or set the time. You can also enjoy manual feeding when you get time.

The dispenser is removable, which means you can clean and load food with a lot of conveniences. Use the slider to adjust the food portions. To your surprise, the product has 40 mealtime options per day. It means your fishes will never starve even when you are away from them.


It is an ideal choice to place on your fish tank because you can control it from anywhere, anytime. The installation process is also sturdy and manageable.

The product also allows you to feed various food types for your aquatic pets. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to buy this fantastic fish feeder.

7. Moobona Automatic Fish Feeder


  • Moisture-proof to keep food fresh food
  • Large capacity
  • Long-lasting product
  • Instant feeding option
  • Customization of feeding schedules
  • Choose from two fixing methods


  • It feeds a bit more than expected


No one wants to buy a fish feeder that feeds damped or rotten food. A moisture-proof fresh food is what a fish and its owner want. The feeder will prevent the food from jamming or getting wet because of its moisture-proof feature. The food item can be any like pellets, flakes, granules, etc.

The larger capacity of this product bucket lets you load more food at once. It also means your feeder will dispense food in shorter intervals. The feeding routine with smaller portions but many times a day is healthy for fishes.

It is battery-operated, but that doesn’t mean you have to worry about frequent battery changes. The battery can last for months so that you can leave your fishes for a more extended period without any hassles.

There are three levels for bucket rotations and up to 4 feeding times per day to ensure no fish is underfed or overfeed. If you want to feed your fish instantly, press a single button to do that—long-press the triangle button for up or down to set the feeding once or twice a day.


Fix your Moobona fish feeder in any way; either stick it to the cover or nail it on the wall. You have many features to enjoy. Customize the feeding schedule to feed your babies properly when you are busy at work or on holidays.

Buying Guide

– What Are The Benefits Of Automatic Fish Feeders?

When you have an aquarium, you need to pay heed to the fish growth and needs. They need good food care for better growth. Nowadays, most of us are busy and having aquatic pets further increases our responsibilities.

Sometimes, when we are busy with our work or vacations, arranging the welfare of our aquatic animals is vital. Therefore, an automatic fish feeder is a must.

Fish feeders are great in every aspect. With these automatic fish feeders’ help, you will work without worries because that feeder will manage everything.

The only thing is to get a suitable fish feeder to set feeding time and amount. Once you are finally purchasing the fish feeder, you and your fishes are ready to go.

Buying the right product is a must. We are here to help you finalize your decision. First, we will discuss the possible benefits of the best automatic fish feeder.

Regular feeding even when you are away from your home is relaxing, especially when you have many fishes.

Following are the benefits of using automatic fish feeders:

1. Flexibility

The large automatic fish feeder is quite flexible. It allows you to feed your fish anytime even when you are not around. To fulfill your requirements and fish needs, you can choose from a wide variety of sizes and features.

Lasting for more extended periods, these feeders can serve you amazingly with less maintenance. It means you don’t have to do anything, just place them in the aquarium and enjoy fish feeding. You only have to clean them once in a while using warm water.

2. Set Feeding Time

Feeding timers are available. When you use an automatic fish feeder, you get a chance to put the feeding time or schedule. This means you don’t always have to be there to feed your fish.

Set the feeding time on your feeder and let it feed your fish at the selected time. They will provide your fish with the desired food automatically so that you can keep working or enjoying your trip.

3. Different Fish Food Choices

A massive range of fish food can be served with these feeders. You don’t have to worry about species. Choose the appropriate fish feeder according to the species you have to feed the related food item. These feeders can provide any fish food including, pellets, strips, powder, granules, flakes, etc.

4. Saves Time

The product saves you time. Fish feeders can feed your fishes in your absence.

5. Offers Training To Fishes

It helps to feed and train your fishes. When you set feeding times for your fishes, those tiny creatures will also be feed trained. It is an easy way to teach them.

5. Keeps Your Dishes Healthy

Your fish will be healthy and active because of the proper food amounts. None of them will be overfed or underfed.

– Key Features To Know

You need to consider several features when you plan to buy a fish feeder. The table we have shared above has some crucial specs which we compiled to give you an immediate comparison.

1. Dimensions

The size of the automatic fish food dispenser depends on the aquarium’s size and the number of fish. More fish need more food, resulting in a bigger feeder size. But if you choose a bigger size for a few fishes, it means you won’t be able to feed them properly. They will be overfed.

2. Operation Mode

People prefer the presence of both operation modes, manual and automatic. Most feeders have these two modes, but some only have an automatic or manual mode.

3. Weight

Weight is what makes it easier for you to handle and use a feeder. A heavy feeder will be a problem for you. Moreover, mounting can be unreliable because of too much weight.

4. Target

Different feeders have different targets. Some can provide only one or two fish, whereas some can work for aquariums with numerous fish.

– What Are The Different Types Of Fish Feeders?

Choosing an excellent automatic fish tank feeder is a must if you love your fishes. They significantly affect your aquarium, therefore one wrong decision, and you will lose your babies. So, to get the best product, you need to know about the basics, including the types of fish feeders.

There are two common types:

  1. Rotating barrel feeders
  2. Portion control feeders

1. Rotating Barrel Feeders

Such feeders are known for being the most popular and straightforward feeders. Rotating barrel feeders are designed in a way that there is a single dispenser for food. You have to fill that box and allow the barrel hole to distribute the food during rotations.

You can adjust the hole size, but you can’t be sure about the even distributions. Moreover, they are not suitable for big dry food items.

2. Portion Control Feeders

These are a kind of advanced feeders with a better portion control system. Portion control feeders feature a circular tray to manage different types of food with portions. At once, a single chamber releases food which means you can add desired food.

And that selected amount will be dispensed in the tank alone. You can fill each compartment with different food items so that every fish gets enough food.

Now that you know the common fish feeder types, it’s time to talk about other factors you should consider before buying the feeder.

– Food Capacity

The food amount capacity is different for all feeders, and you should get the appropriate one only. You can also set the amount of dispensed food by adjusting the slider or the hole. But for more enormous aquariums, more than one feeder will be suitable.

But if you have many fishes to feed and have a smaller feeder, the food will not last for days. For different species, either buy a portion control feeder or buy two feeders to feed differently.

– Timers

For automatic fish feeders, timers play an essential role. These feeders used to have traditional pin set timers, but now such products feature digital timers. It is so evident that digital timers are more preferred since they are easier to use.

The convenience they add to your fish feeding is something more amazing than we can think. These timers decide the time of food dispensing so that you can choose smaller meals for short intervals.

Some of them even have an option to set rotation for every release. It is so simple to set the timing, and it doesn’t mean the other feeding time setting isn’t suitable. It all depends on your usage and requirements.

– Power Source

Fish feeders require a power source to dispense food timely in the tank. There are different types of feeders with either batteries or outlet connections.

Many people prefer power outlet usage because it saves them the hassle of frequently changing batteries. However, if you want to enjoy a wireless option, battery-operated feeders are a better option. Don’t forget to look for long-lasting usage. The aquarium’s automatic fish feeder should be durable, like continuous feeding for a year. Moreover, battery-operated ones are great for power outages.

– Humidity Resistance

No fish wants to eat damp or spoiled food. Therefore, looking for a product with good humidity control offers great advantages. Aquariums evaporate water that goes into the feeder hole resulting in soggy fish food.

Especially if you are using fish flakes, they will be damp quickly. Either the food will stick to the exit, or it will become rotten. Both conditions are bad for you and your fish. Hence, keep this factor on the top while choosing a feeder.

Some feeders have the option for airline attachment. At the same time, some move away from the water to prevent humidity.

– Food Type

Not all automatic fish feeders are compatible with every fish food type. Some of them are limited to dry food. It means you won’t be able to feed your fish with other food items. So, when you buy a fish feeder, check the feeder’s compatibility with different food types.

– Meals Schedule

It is vital to know how many times your best automatic fish feeders distribute food in the tank. If you own several fishes in the aquarium, you will need to dispense the food 2 to 4 times a day for different species.

But keep in mind that not all feeders can do this for you. Some feeders can drop food only once or twice a day. So, buy one with more feeding cycles to feed all your fishes properly. Nutritionists also recommend offering smaller meals but with short intervals. Therefore, your feeder must be able to feed frequently.


Among different types and features, getting the suitable best automatic fish feeder will decide your aquarium’s fate. Keep your preferences in mind while choosing a fish feeder.

If you have different fish species, but you are too busy to manage the regular feeding, we recommend the Fish Mate F14. Fish Mate F14 is excellent for portion-controlled meals so that all your fishes get enough food every time.

Your aquatic pets can remain happy and healthy even when you are not there. So what are you waiting for? Shop your favorite best automatic fish feeder now and indulge in your work life, vacations, and more!

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