Finding the best Betta fish tank is crucial for a long and healthy lifespan of your fish.

In a nutshell, the bigger the tank, the better. You want to give your Betta fish lots of space to swim around.

In this guide, we’ll go over the six best storage choices for housing your Betta fish.

Comparison Table

Product Weight Size Filtration System
Tetra Bubbling LED

2.28 lbs. 1 gallon Tetra Whisper Internal Power Filter
Tetra LED Cube-Shaped

4.41 lbs. 3 gallons Tetra 3i Filter
Marineland Portrait

12 lbs. 5 gallons Hidden Whisper Filter

2.14 lbs. 1.2 gallons Hidden Filter
Back To The Roots Water Garden

4 lbs. 3 gallons Self-Cleaning Ecosystem

2 lbs. 1.2 gallons 3-Stage Filtration Unit

Best Betta Fish Tanks Reviewed

1. Tetra Bubbling Led Aquarium Kit 1 Gallon


  • Light-up rainbow bubbling disc
  • Includes an air-pump filter
  • Feeding slot for quick feeding
  • Lighter and easier to move
  • Recommended for fish of all ages


  • Needs a constant power source


The Tetra Bubbling LED Aquarium features a bubbling disc that alternates through multiple colors. It adds a lot of visual appeal to the fish tank that brings more attention to your fish.

What’s more, this tank includes an air-pump Tetra Whisper Internal Power Filter. The filter actively works to maintain a clean and healthy environment for the fish. It also pumps air into the bubbling disc.

Unlike other Betta tanks where the canopy is sealed, this tank features a transparent one with a feeding slot. So, you don’t need to remove it each time you want to feed the fish.
Moreover, the material is acrylic, not glass, which makes it cheaper, lighter, and a lot easier to transfer or transport.

As for the design, it’s a hexagonal aquarium that gives you plenty of angles to view your fish. It’s completely transparent, even from the back. It doesn’t include any gravel or plants, allowing you to customize how your fish tank looks.

One thing to note, however, is that it runs LEDs and needs a constant power source. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a battery, which decreases its portability. You would also need to position this betta aquarium near a power outlet.

Additionally, this 1-gallon betta tank is the minimum size for a single Betta fish. Your fish will feel extremely uncomfortable in this size, but it’s suitable if it’s all you can afford.


The Tetra Bubbling LED Aquarium is a highly aesthetic aquarium that’s 100% transparent. It’s ideal for fish of all ages and for owners who want a rainbow LED setup.

2. Tetra LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium With Pedestal Base


  • Large comfortable tank
  • Includes pedestal base
  • Bright LED lighting
  • Includes Tetra 3i Whisper filter
  • Recommended for one Betta fish


  • Very scratch-prone


If you prefer to get a bigger Betta aquarium for your betta fish, you may want to try the Tetra LED Cube-Shaped 3-Gallon Aquarium.

This tank comes fully equipped with Tetra’s 3i filter. Its primary purpose is to keep the tank clean and retain the quality of the water.

Additionally, there’s a convenient feeding hole at the top of the lid. This allows for easy feeding without removing the whole lid, which is common with other aquariums.

As for the LED setup, there’s a single LED lamp that hovers over the aquarium. It lights up the entire tank, making it considerably brighter than other models. However, this setup makes this betta aquarium quite bulky.

This tank is highly recommended for all types of small tropical fish, including Betta and Goldfish.

What’s more, the design of the Tetra is unique. While cube-shaped aquariums aren’t unheard of, it makes this model more interesting because it features a pedestal at the bottom for support. This feature is quite helpful since it supports the heavyweight of the 3 gallons of water you’ll put in it.

On that note, this is a 3-gallon tank that can comfortably fit a single adult Betta. It’s the recommended size, though there’s still debate on this.

Unfortunately, the tank is neither made from glass nor acrylic. Instead, it’s made from styrene, which is still as clear as the other two but has a tendency to get scratches very easily.


The Tetra LED Cube-Shaped Aquarium is a good choice for people who want to accommodate their betta fish comfortably. It’s larger than others and comes with LED lighting.

3. Marineland Portrait Glass Led Aquarium Kit


  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Includes both night and regular light
  • Suitable for one betta fish
  • Hidden 3-stage filtration


  • Portrait instead of landscape orientation
  • May restrict swimming space


The Marineland Portrait Glass Aquarium features a rounded design with a clear feeding canopy. The rounded edges make for a safer aquarium that even children can interact with.

But that’s not the most eye-catching feature. This Betta fish tank features not one but two LED setups. One setup is made of bright white lights that illuminate the whole tank. And the second setup is a dim blue light that acts as a night light.

This 5-gallon aquarium for betta fish is the recommended size for one Betta fish. Most adult Betta fish will feel more than comfortable in such a tank and live healthier lives.

While the canopy does not feature a feeding hole, you can slide it off with ease, so you don’t have to remove the whole thing for feeding.

Moreover, this tank features a hidden three-stage filtration unit. The fact that it’s out-of-sight only helps to enhance the beauty of the tank.

However, despite being a larger tank, it has one caveat: the portrait orientation. Betta fish are happiest in an aquarium which is in landscape orientation. They may need more space to move around.

Moreover, the included light isn’t bright enough to grow your underwater plants. You’ll need a separate grow light for that.

Overall, the quality is spectacular, especially with the overhead lights and the pedestal.


This fish tank is one of the most awesome Betta fish tanks for its size. And the best part is that you can switch it from day to night light!

4. Yctech 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium Starter Kits Fish Tank


  • Highly durable and impact-proof
  • Leak-proof design
  • Space-saving construction
  • Built-in sponge and LED lights
  • Whisper-quiet filter


  • It may be too small for your Betta fish


For those of you looking for a more modern Betta tank with filter, try the YCTECH. It features one-piece construction with no glued parts or seams, resulting in a more shatter-proof design. This also renders the tank virtually leak-proof.

What’s more, the window is made from plastic that doesn’t scratch easily and lasts longer than glass.

The filter is housed within the same case as the aquarium, reducing its size and saving space. You also get a compartment for a sponge and a built-in LED light array. And the best part is that the filter is whisper-quiet.

At the back, you get a 5V DC input and output pin along with a 5V USB power cable (adapter not included). So, your options are a bit more expanded. There’s also a light switch for easy control of the lights, though the back isn’t the most optimal location.

Due to its small size, it enables your children to interact with the fish safely.

Unfortunately, the small size is also its biggest weakness. Betta fish need at least 3 gallons of water to live happily. This tank only features 1.2 gallons of volume. If you want to keep your fish happy, you’ll need to aerate the tank more frequently and perhaps remove some of the extra decorations.

If you think its small capacity will not hinder the development or health of your fish, there’s no reason why you should not go for this option. The modern design integrates well into any household setting. And the compact size makes it apartment-friendly.


The YCTECH is a 1.2-gallon tank perfect for people who want to save space. It features a modern design that sits well against most themes.

5. Back To The Roots Water Garden


  • 2-in-1 aquarium plus herb pot
  • Comes with a few seeds included
  • Self-cleaning system for water
  • It can be unplugged during the night
  • Good gift and educational item


  • Weaker fish may get sucked up the pump


Are traditional glass Betta tank designs just outright boring? We hear you. The Back to the Roots Water Garden isn’t just a tank. It’s an aquaponics ecosystem.

Shaped like a plant pot, this is a 2-in-1 aquarium plus microgreen harvesting system. From the top of the plant, you pluck out your herbs and spices. From the bottom, you can take care of your Betta fish.

The best part is that it comes with microgreen seeds to get you started. You can also buy the seeds separately from the manufacturer’s website. Or you can grow your herbs.
This is a complete ecosystem that cycles fish waste as fertilizer for the plants. In return, the plants clean the water of nutrients that would otherwise harm your fish. To feed the fish, simply dump the food from the feeding hole at the top.

It makes a perfect gift and the best learning tool for kids who want to learn about the ecosystem.

The Back to the Roots Water Garden has a 3-gallon tank, which is the perfect volume for most Betta fish. You must keep it plugged in for the water pump to operate.

It’s the best choice for anyone who wants a low-maintenance tank that doubles as an herb-growing station.

However, you might want to avoid putting weak or sick fish in this. The pump is too powerful and may cause the death of your fish.


The idea is brilliant, and the implementation is just as exhilarating. This tank is highly recommended for its eco-friendly design.

7. Freesea 1.2 Gallon Betta Aquarium Fish Tank


  • Unique modern design
  • Completely free filtration unit
  • Best desktop and apartment aquarium
  • Crystal clear viewing window
  • Conveniently plugs into your laptop


  • May suck up weak, tiny fish


The Freesea is a 1.2-gallon tank meant for Betta fish and similar small fish. It has a unique modern design with rounded edges, a clear window, and a black canopy.

As we have already established, 1.2 gallons is not a lot. However, you can squeeze in an adult Betta fish by reducing the size of the decorations.

With the tank, you also get a completely free filtration system along with a pump. The filtration unit is well-hidden behind the back wall, so it doesn’t ruin your intended aquarium aesthetic.

This is the best desktop aquarium for your office and apartment. It comes equipped with a 5V USB cable for powering the water pump. Luckily, you can plug it into your computer or laptop. So, you don’t need a power outlet.

While made of plastic, the viewing window is crystal clear and doesn’t break easily. Even if it does, a replacement shouldn’t be too difficult.

There’s an array of LED lights integrated at the side, which is bright enough to grow your water plants.

However, there’s no option to have it battery-powered, so it must be near either an outlet or a computer. Moreover, since the pump is quite powerful, if you have weak. tiny fish, it may suck them up.


The Freesea 1.2-gallon Betta fish tank is an excellent choice for most people who want a modern yet simplistic aquarium. And the best part is that it can connect to your laptop.

Buying Guide

– Benefits of a Betta Fish Aquarium

Betta fish are some of the best pet fish to adopt with their exotic beauty and calm personalities. However, when it comes to taking care of these fish, you must understand what they require from you.

One of the common pitfalls of modern-day fish keepers is keeping these free-spirited fish in small fish bowls. They pay little to no attention to their environment. This is why Betta fish found in nature are quite bigger and tend to live longer, up to 10 years, compared to their captive counterparts.

Thus, it is essential to care for them in an aquarium that is large enough to stimulate growth and nourishment. While most tanks are not explicitly designed for Betta fish, they are many that tend to your average Betta’s needs.

Betta fish tanks are characterized by their large size since these fish are quite personal with space. These tanks may be found in portrait or landscape orientations, with the landscape orientation being the most suitable.

Instead of just buying any tank size that you feel is suitable, it’s a good idea to invest in a Betta fish tank. It’ll elongate the fish’s lifespan and ensure a healthy, prosperous life.

– Who Are These Tanks For?

These tanks are not only for Betta fish owners.

Other fish owners can benefit from Betta fish tanks too, such as those who have the following:

  • Guppies (male ones in particular)
  • Tetras
  • Zebra Danios
  • White Cloud minnows
  • Salt & Pepper Cory
  • Dwarf Gourami

You can also keep small critters in the same size of the tank, such as:

  • African Dwarf frogs
  • Ghost shrimp

It should be noted that you most probably won’t be able to fit all of these into the same tank. One tank is suited for one Betta fish, even if you think it’ll get lonely.

What To Look For In A Betta Fish Tank?

1, Size

One of the most critical features of the Betta fish aquarium is the size of the tank. They can range anywhere from 3-10 gallons. While a little on the expensive side, the best betta fish tank can give your fish the required space for them to grow to their natural size, which is 2 – 3 inches without the tail. If taken care of properly, a healthy Betta fish will have a long intricately decorated tail.

In most cases, 3 gallons is the minimum requirement, with 5 gallons being the recommended size. You may find some aquariums just 1 or 1.2 gallons in size, which isn’t recommended at all. However, if you have limited space and can afford to do away with a few decorative items on your tank, you may choose a smaller betta fish tank.

You need to keep in mind that the wrong tank size can kill your fish. A fish swimming in a tank that’s too small can die within just a few hours due to lack of oxygen.

Apart from Betta fish, a large-sized aquarium such as this is also very handy when trying to keep 2-3 smaller fish together. If you get a bigger tank, say 6 to 7 gallons, you can even fit in a shrimp or two.

2, Filtration System

Filtration is another crucial aspect to maintaining any tank, be it a Betta fish tank or otherwise. Your fish are quite dirty. They excrete a lot of waste and can pollute their water very quickly. The best-case scenario is that this makes the water murky. And the worst case is that it kills your fish.

Most tanks have built-in filtration systems. Modern developments show that a 3-stage filtration unit is the best. It removes harmful wastes from the water and makes it safer to swim and breathe in.

Apart from that, you’ll also need a water pump that will cycle the water to the filtration unit and back. Setup can be tricky, especially if this is your first time. But the outcome is always fruitful.

Betta fish, thankfully, is not as dirty as some other fish, such as Goldfish. However, they are somewhat weak and fragile and may get sucked up into the water pump. If your Betta fish is exceptionally sluggish, be sure to tune the pump down a bit.

3, Design

Design and construction aren’t crucial buying factors for most people. They want their fish to be the spotlight, not the tank. However, as in other fish tanks, good design elements are always a good idea.

Most tanks for Betta fish are available in two shapes: cubic or hexagonal. Hexagonal aquariums give you a clearer view from all angles, while cubic aquariums can be pretty boring because of the limited viewing angles.

Additionally, manufacturers are now making their aquariums with rounded edges to avoid injuries.

Many aquariums look and work just like traditional aquariums. But there are some modern variants available for purchase, such as modern tanks with hidden filtration systems.

Some of the newer aquariums are combining ecosystems, complete with plants and snails. These are called aquaponics ecosystems, and they’re an eco-friendly way to sustain your aquarium.

4, Weight

Weight is an essential buying factor that deters many people when buying aquariums, especially older people. No one wants to buy a tank that will be too heavy even to lift. Your tank should have a suitable dry as well as wet weight.

Ideally, the tank’s weight should only be a few pounds, excluding the filter and pump weight.

But don’t forget that you’ll be adding a lot of stuff into the tank, such as gravel, soil, and decorations. And not to mention the water.

Water weighs about 3.78 kilos (or 8.33 pounds) per gallon. Multiply this by the size of your aquarium, and you have the approximate weight of your aquarium.

The weight is significant since, after initial installation, you might want to change its location.

5. LED Lights

A good portion of Betta fish tanks nowadays come with LED lights built-in.

These lights serve three purposes:

  1. To illuminate the whole tank.
  2. It allows for healthy plant growth.
  3. To create a mood/night light.

Unfortunately, no one light setup can perform all three tasks. If you find that your aquarium’s current lighting is insufficient, you can always add more lights.

However, some aquariums come with a separate illuminating head and a night light head. These are the best setups as they give you more than one option.

Aquariums fitted with grow lights are the most suitable if you have live plants in your aquarium.

6. Decorations

If you’ve got a Betta fish tank, you may want to add in some decorations as well. The most decoration that you should get is gravel and some plants.

Most types of gravel are suited for use with Betta fish. However, be very careful with where you get your gravel from. The gravel rocks can quickly impact the water’s pH balance, resulting in immediate Betta fish death.

If you decide to use the gravel found in your backyard or out on the street, be sure to test it first. The most straightforward test you can perform is that for any calcium carbonate. Pour a single drop of vinegar over the gravel and see if the vinegar starts to sizzle. If it does, the rock is rich in calcium and should be discarded immediately.

If you want to skip all of that, you can get by just using granite, quartz, lava rock, onyx, and ground glass. Be sure to break the gravel into small pieces, as larger chunks can injure your fish. Betta fish swim on all aquarium levels, so take extra care when they reach the bottom.

7. Power Sources

To operate your pump, filter, and lights, you’ll need a power source. There isn’t much that’s in your control here. Most tanks will require power, and you will need easy access to a power supply.

Tanks that use continuous power are generally a better option than those that use batteries. Batteries can go out fast, and if they fail while you’re asleep, you may wake up to a dead fish in your tank. You will also need to change the batteries regularly to keep your tank up and running.

Betta Fish Care Basics

Before you even try to buy a tank, it’s essential to learn how you should take care of your Betta fish and their unique requirements.

In their natural habitats, Betta fish are found in tropical environments. They live in small streams and shallow rice fields, particularly in some areas of Thailand. Hence, they are used to warmer water climates where the temperature might range anywhere from 75 to 80 degrees F.

This is why you’ll most likely need a water heater. You can measure the temperature of the water during these summers and decide if you need one. But for the winters, you’ll be requiring one.

Betta fish also like to be fed small pellets or cured food, flaked, and even freeze-dried bloodworms. When giving them frozen food, remember to defrost it beforehand. If you have baby Betta fish, you can fit a few of them in a single adult-sized tank. But you’ll need to feed them smaller pellets than usual.

As for community tanks, you can keep male Bettas with most non-aggressive fish. Examples of aggressive fish include tiger barbs or fancy barbs. Female Betta fish can be housed within similar all-female fish communities.

– Water

Water is the most essential element in your tank because your fish needs water to survive. Naturally, you’d want it to be as clean and germ-free as possible

Betta fish thrive on natural freshwater. They will not thrive in chlorinated water, which can even cause their death. You can use regular tap water in your betta fish tank unless your tap water is chlorinated. There’s also Reverse Osmosis (RO) water. This type of water works on the osmosis principle and is 100% pure, meaning no impurities whatsoever. While RO water isn’t cheap, if your tap water is of terrible quality or is chlorinated, it may be your only option.

Most RO setups include several buffers that help individually control the hardness of the water in your tank. It’s much easier than having to guess at the hardness and just taking your shot.

Bottled/mineral water is another common alternative to tap water, but not many people choose this option due to the high cost. Sometimes, it may even contain elements that can harm your fish. Be sure to read the ingredients list beforehand, as well as take note of the pH level. Bottled water is not pure water and shouldn’t be treated like it’s pure.


Betta fish are some of the most exotic and beautiful fish that you can buy. They also require a lot of TLC and maintenance if you want to keep them healthy and happy.

We looked at six of the best Betta fish tanks of varying sizes, meant to house a maximum of one Betta fish. Betta fish are quite nifty on personal space and require big tanks to stay happy. Three gallons is the minimum recommendation, though 1.2 gallons is also suitable for smaller fish.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy the Betta fish tank that’s most suitable for your needs!

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