Finding the best filter for Betta fish tanks is very important and can make all the difference in the health of your fish. While Betta fish are mainly known to be tiny, they also produce a lot of waste for their size.

That being said, with all the options available in the market, finding the best filters for Betta fish tanks can be slightly confusing. To make this process easier for you, we tested various products ourselves. So, let’s get into our test results and the list of the best ones out there:

Comparison Chart

Name Maximum Flow Rate (in GPH) Weight (in ounces) Size (in inches)

Marina Slim S10 Power Filter

55 20.16  3.7 x 7.3 x 6.5

AquaClear 30 Fish Tank Filter

150 25 4.5 x 8.2 x 6.7

Fluval C-2 Power Filter

119 25.12 8 x 7.5 x 5

AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Corner Filter

Variable; Depends on Connected Air Pump 8.78  5.5 x 2 x 5.9

AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter

Variable; Depends on Connected Air Pump 3.99 4.3 x 2.4 x 2.4

Handpicked Reviews of the Best Filter for Betta Fish

Let’s get straight into our list of the best filter for Betta fish:

1. Marina Slim S10 Power Filter


  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Powerful and adjustable flow rate
  • Sturdy build quality


  • The filter can be noisy at times

The Marina Slim S10 power filter is a compact device that occupies less space than most power filters on the market. It makes it a suitable filter for most small Betta aquariums. Along with its compact design, it has a decent flow rate of 55 GPH, which is more than sufficient for aquariums up to 10-gallons in capacity.

It is also ideal for beginners as it comes readily configured and doesn’t require any complex setup or water priming. You just need to hang the filter onto your tank with the water input submerged, and you’ll have a clean tank in no time. The filter also comes with two cartridges, a Bio-Card, a Bio-Clear, and a ceramic filter media, sparing you the trouble of making external purchases.

One of our favorite features was the adjustable flow rate control. It makes it very easy to manage the water flow speed according to your needs. This feature is handy for Betta tanks as they tend to be smaller, and you will need to continuously adjust the flow according to your fish’s health and needs.

Another problem with Betta fish tanks is that filters can easily pull them in during cleaning. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about this with the Marina Slim S10 filter, as it comes with a sponge-covered water inlet. It prevents your fish from getting too close to the motor, so you won’t have to worry about your fish getting hurt by it.


The Marina Slim S10 Power Filter is an excellent device for beginners or first-time Betta fish owners. It has a compact and sleek design while still providing a decent flow rate making it an ideal filter for 10 gallon Betta tanks. Along with this, it has a seamless and quick installation process and comes with all the accessories you’ll need right out of the box.

2. AquaClear 30 Fish Tank Filter


  • Parts and accessories included
  • Increased water contact with filter media
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Powerful filtration output


  • Bulky

The AquaClear 30 Fish Tank Filter is a powerful device with the sturdy build quality, suitable for keeping even the dirtiest tanks clean. It can easily be used with large tanks up to 110-gallons in the capacity as it has an impressive 500 GPH output. Also, the sturdy build quality makes it very trustworthy, so you won’t have to worry about any leaks or cracks with this filter.

To make full use of the high output, a unique cleaning system is used by this device with three stages of filtration. Also, its design increases the duration of contact between the filter media and the water, which significantly boosts the filtration capacity. This device also filters the water multiple times, making it harder for even the smallest particles to pass through.

People have a common concern with powerful filters that they will be costly to run and maintain. You won’t have to worry about this with the AquaClear Fish Tank Filter because it has a built-in energy-saving pump that operates at lower costs than other power filters on the market.

This filter will also save you time and money when buying additional parts and accessories, as everything you’ll need is already included in the package. Features such as the activated carbon filter or the BioMax are beneficial in cleaning and come with this device, so you won’t have to go looking for anything. However, the filter is quite bulky and heavy, so it might not be suitable for smaller or cramped aquarium spaces as it might block the view.


If you are having trouble keeping your Betta tank hygienic, you should consider checking out the AquaClear Fish Tank Filter. It has an excellent 500 GPH water flow rate that can easily support even large 110-gallon tanks cleanly. It also doesn’t compromise on efficiency as the device uses an energy-saving motor that saves a lot of money on the electricity bill.

3. Fluval C-2 Power Filter


  • Hang-on-back design
  • Accessories included
  • Activated carbon filtration
  • A powerful five-stage filtration system


  • Slightly Expensive

The Fluval C-2 power filter is a perfect all-around device that will keep your Betta fish tank clean and clear without any hassle. The filter is suitable for use in tanks as large as 30-gallons in capacity, making it ideal for most small-medium-sized Betta tanks.

What sets this device apart from competitors is its unique filtration system. Unlike others that use two or three types of filtration media, the Fluval C-2 comes with a powerful five-stage filtration system that performed outstandingly well in our tests.

The system utilizes two mechanical filters, one chemical filter, and two biological filters for a complete cleaning process. You can rely on this filter to eliminate all types of debris and waste, especially from a Betta fish. So, you won’t have to worry about your tank’s water being dirty again with this filter.

The Fluval Power Filter also comes with all parts and accessories needed right out of the box. The package includes parts like the activated carbon filter, chemical basket, tubing, and much more. It will save you a lot of time and money as you won’t have to look for individual components. However, it is a little complicated to assemble and install this filter, especially for beginners.


If you have difficulty keeping your tank clean, The Fluval C Series Power Filter is an efficient and powerful device that can help you keep your tank clean. With the help of its five-stage filtration system, it can stop all kinds of debris and viruses from passing into your water. You’ll also be saving a lot of effort with this device as it comes with all the needed parts in the package.

4. AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Corner Filter


  • Perfect for delicate plants and fish
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Compact corner fitting shape
  • Quick sponge cleaning procedure


  • Requires additional air pump

The AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Corner Filter is a soft sponge filter ideal for tanks with delicate fish such as Bettas. Thanks to its unique sponge design that allows for a calmer water flow that won’t stress out or harm your fish.

What separates this filter from others on the market is its unique corner-fitting shape. The filter sponge is cut into a quarter-cylinder which allows it to fit in cramped aquariums easily. In addition to this, the unique shape increases its overall surface area, significantly improving filtration capacity.

This filter from AQUANEAT will also save you the trouble of making aftermarket purchases as it comes packaged with several accessories. You will find all the suction cups and tubing so that you can set the filter up right away. Although various parts are included, setting them all up can be slightly confusing, especially if you are a beginner.

While installation may be a task, maintaining it is very easy. Just rinse the sponge with tap water every 1-2 weeks and wash off any waste build-up to keep the filter clean and functioning for years.


If you have a tank with small or delicate fish, the AQUANEAT Air Driven Corner Sponge Filter is an excellent option for you. It uses a soft sponge combined with minimal flow rates, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your underwater pets. The installation will require some effort, as this filter doesn’t come with instructions.

5. AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter


  • Simple installation
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sturdy build quality


  • It might be underpowered for large tanks.

If you are looking for a small filter for Betta tank, the AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter is a great option to consider. All the dimensions are within two and a half inches, making this a great addition to even the most miniature single Betta tanks.

This filter has a corner-shaped form to make it even more convenient, so it can easily fit into the cramped corners of your tank. It also makes it great for decorated tanks as you can hide this filter behind plants or decorations without ruining your tank’s look. However, you will need some free space above the filter to connect it to an air pump.

This filter is also great when it comes to keeping your tank clean with the help of its unique ribbed sponge. It is made of soft material, which is ideal for blocking floating waste and dirt. Also, the soft material doesn’t leave many gaps, so you won’t have to worry about your Betta fish being damaged by the filter.

Moreover, this filter combines both mechanical and biological filtration making it great for cleaning both physical debris and any unwanted bacteria in your tank. What surprised us was its ability to clean while keeping a minimal water flow rate. It makes it perfect for Betta fish as they get stressed quickly.

It is easy to install as all you need to do is attach it to your aquarium and connect it to a pump, and it will begin working. However, the air pump has to be bought separately, which will cost you a few extra dollars.


If you have less space in your tank and want a compact filter, the AQUANEAT Aquarium Bio Sponge Filter is a suitable option for you. It has a unique corner fitting shape that allows the small device to be placed behind plants and logs right into the corner of your tank. Along with this, it uses both biological and mechanical filtration to keep your tank crystal clear and your Betta happy!

Things To Consider While Choosing a Good Filter For Bettas

Here’s a list of some things you should consider if you are searching for a filter for your Betta tank.

– Safety Features

Betta fish are quite an aggressive species, but while they may have a temper, they are still relatively small and prone to getting hurt. It makes them susceptible to being sucked in by strong filter currents and sometimes even pulled by the filter’s motor.

To make sure you don’t face such problems, look for a filter with inbuilt safety features. These features are abundant in filters and come in various forms, such as simple sponge covers or more complex flow rate controls. Also, if you want to be extra safe, choosing a sponge filter instead of a power filter is usually a better option as long as you have a smaller tank.

– Additional Parts and Accessories

Buying an aquarium filter is a considerable expense, and you might not want to spend your time and money making any external purchases for it. However, many filters available on the market require additional accessories such as air pumps or tubing to function correctly. Not only can this delay the installation, but it often makes the setup process quite confusing and challenging for beginners.

So, if you want to avoid the extra hassle, look for filters that don’t need any auxiliary parts. Most power filters, for example, come with everything you need to set them up directly.

– Type of Filter

Filters for small Betta tanks are primarily divided into Power and Sponge variants. Power filters use an inbuilt motor to pull water through a filtration system before letting it back into your tank. They come in various shapes, but the hang-on-back is the most popular because of their convenient design that can clip on tank edges.

On the other hand, sponge filters use a sponge for filtration and need to be connected to an air pump to function. They are usually also much smaller and cheaper than power filters but sometimes lack cleaning efficiency. So, according to this, if you have a smaller, less populated tank, a sponge filter might be the better option and vice versa for larger tanks with more fish.

– Shape and Size

Due to their aggressive nature, Betta fish are commonly kept alone in tanks or in smaller fish communities. Due to this, Betta tanks tend to be smaller in size and sometimes slightly cramped. While this is no problem for the fish, it can make fitting larger filters into your tank difficult.

So, look for filters that match your tank. For example, if you have a smaller aquarium, you can check out sponge filters as they are usually much smaller and easier to fit into cramped areas. On the other hand, if you have ample space in your tank, power filters or larger HOB filters might be the right choice.

– Installation and Maintenance

Installation and maintenance are usually some of the most challenging parts concerning aquarium filters. Set up can often involve various confusing steps, and maintenance can be regular and tiresome. It is especially difficult for beginners who don’t have any experience working with such devices.

To get around this issue, you can look for filters with easy installation or maintenance procedures or built-in features. For example, filters nowadays come with plug-n-play functionality making installation simple or easy-clean cartridges that make maintenance quick and clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s discuss a few frequently asked questions related to Betta tank filters.

1. Do Bettas Do Better With a Filter?

Yes, using an aquarium filter is much better for your Betta than having a tank without one. The filters are responsible for cleaning out any debris, waste from your fish, and even unwanted microorganisms from your tank. Without one, a tank will gradually get dirtier until it eventually becomes uninhabitable.

2. How Can You Tell If a Betta Is Stressed?

When Betta fish are stressed, they tend to develop strange swimming tendencies. It could be in the form of frantic movements, crashing into the tank, or even rubbing against the substrate. It is crucial to find the problem and resolve it quickly to avoid harming your Betta fish in such situations.

3. Can a Filter Be Too Strong for a Betta?

There is no set level of output or water current suitable for Betta fish. However, it depends on the dimensions of your tank and how much flow your fish can handle. An excellent way to find out if your filter is too strong for your fish is to look at their swimming patterns. If your fish seems to be struggling to swim when the filter is on, you should reduce the flow rate or use a less powerful filter.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Bettas that have been newly shifted into tanks from smaller bowls or cups aren’t used to swimming properly. So, it is always better to have a calmer water flow for your pet to adjust to swimming in these situations.

4. Should You Use a Sponge Filter or Power Filter for a Betta Tank?

Both a sponge filter as well as a power filter will keep your Betta tank’s water clean. The only real deciding factor between the two is the size of your aquarium. It is because sponge filters are smaller and easier to fit into cramped aquariums. On the other hand, if you have enough space, power filters offer better filtration capacity.

Also, power filters often cost more, so if you are on a tight budget, it may be better to look for sponge filters.

5. Is It Alright To Keep Betta Fish in a Bowl?

No, it is not advisable to keep your pet Betta fish in bowls. In such conditions, your fish’s health will deteriorate quickly due to various problems such as a lack of movement, quick toxicity build-up, and an overall stressful environment. Instead, individual Bettas should be kept in at least 5-gallon tanks so they have enough room to flourish and explore.


After testing all of the devices, our suggestion for the best Betta tank filter is the Marina Slim S10 Power Filter. Its small form factor and compact design make it easy to fit in all types of aquariums. While small, this filter still offers a decent flow rate and a multi-stage filtration system that works well for Betta tanks.

Also, it comes with everything you’ll need to set it up right out of the box, so you won’t have to go out looking for any parts once you get it. It makes the installation relatively easy as you just need to clip it on, plug it in, and it will start filtering right away. So, if you are a beginner, this is one of the best devices you can get.

We hope this list helped you find the best filter for your Betta tank!

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