Fish eating high-quality fish food under a water rippleHaving the right fish food is one of the most important factors when it comes to maintaining an aquatic ecosystem with healthy fish.

Not only is this crucial for keeping your fish healthy and in good shape, but higher quality food can also reduce overall waste production and help in keeping your tank water a lot cleaner. That being said, with the various types and options, finding the right fish food can be quite difficult. 

Well, there’s no need to worry. We have gone through the hassle of testing and reviewing many of the best high-quality fish food options available on the market.

Let’s get on with the list! 

Comparison Chart

Name Capacity (in ounces) Food Form
TetraColor PLUS Tropical Flakes

7.06 Flake
Aqueon Tropical Flakes

7.12 Flake
Tetra BloodWorms Freeze-Dried Food

0.25 Chunks
New Life Spectrum Naturox Series Marine Formula Supplement

5.3 Pellet
Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Fish Food

1.6 Granule


Best Fish Food Review

Let’s take a look at our list:

1. TetraColor PLUS Tropical Flakes


  • Improves fish color
  • Great for top feeders
  • Easy to digest
  • High nutritional value


  • Not for bottom feeders

If you are looking for high-quality tropical fish food that will improve your fish’s color, the TetraColor PLUS Tropical Flakes is a great option to consider. These fish flakes are loaded with high amounts of carotene and other ingredients, making them perfect for enhancing the bright pink-orange colors in various tropical fish species.

The flakes are created with a specialized tropical formulation that makes them easy to digest and have high nutritional value. You’ll never have to worry about your fish getting sick or lacking any supplements with these power-packed flakes.

Moreover, as they are lightweight flakes, the TetraColor PLUS Tropical Flakes are suitable if you have top feeders or fast fish. That is because the flakes tend to float for longer and are much easier for fish that remain near the top of your tank to eat in time.

Another thing we love about this fish food is that Tetra has used a unique clear water formula to make the flakes very easily digestible. The company claims it is their most digestible fish food ever. Thanks to this, the TetraColor PLUS produces less waste, adding to water clarity over time.

It is suitable for all kinds of fish and age ranges, so you won’t have to worry about selective or isolated feeding mechanisms. Overall, if you want to ensure that your fish stay healthy, agile, and their color stays vibrant for long, we recommend checking out the TetraColor PLUS Tropical Flakes. 

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The TetraColor PLUS Tropical Flakes is one of the best fish foods available in the market for tropical and deeply colored fish. With the help of carotene and many other nutritious supplements, this fish food offers a healthy and color-boosting staple diet for your pets.

Also, Tetra’s unique clear water formula will reduce the waste produced by your fish and keep your tank clearer.

2. Aqueon Tropical Flakes


  • Reasonably priced
  • Long floating capability
  • Low waste produced
  • High nutritional value


  • Not suitable for all fish

The Aqueon Tropical Flakes is an excellent option for high-quality fish food on a tight budget. These fish flakes utilize natural ingredients and contain various important nutrients, so you won’t have to worry about your pet’s health with these.

The flakes are formulated in such a way that your fish are able to utilize the most amount of what they eat. It means that more of the nutrition gets absorbed by your pets, and fewer waste materials are produced. It also helps keep your tank water clean as fish waste is known to cause cloudy water.

These flakes can float for extended periods without sinking into your tank or breaking apart. So, these flakes are a perfect fish food for tetras or other fish that tire easily by taking their time, gradually picking off food from your tank’s surface.

One thing we did notice about the Aqueon Tropical Flakes is that they are not suitable for all types of fish. For example, if you have fish that feed in the middle of your tank or bottom feeders, these flakes take a bit too long to sink and will lose most of their nutritional value in the process.

However, a great solution to this would be mixing different types of food for your various pets!

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If you are looking for good fish food on a tight budget, the Aqueon Tropical Flakes is a product you won’t regret. Not only do these flakes come at a low price, but they also offer an ample amount of nutrients to keep your fish healthy.

Moreover, they are formulated for maximum absorption, so your fish can always extract the maximum benefits of this food. However, as these flakes do float for a long time, you might want to avoid them if you have bottom feeders.

3. Tetra BloodWorms Freeze-Dried Food


  • High in protein
  • Great for both freshwater and saltwater fish
  • Improve energy and conditioning
  • Great as a treat


  • Lacks various supplements

The Tetra BloodWorms Freeze-Dried Food is a perfect option if you have picky fish. These chunk-shaped worms are great tropical and freshwater fish food, especially for small to medium-sized ones. So, you can drop in a few chunks one to three times a week, and your picky fish should grab it up in no time.

A common concern with blood worms on the market is that they often have many unwanted organisms that can cause harm to some fish. It is not the case with the Tetra BloodWorms Freeze-Dried Food, as it is specially designed and tested to reduce the presence of such harmful organisms. So, you can feed your fish this food without having to worry.

Along with this, Tetra has formulated these bloodworms to improve the energy and conditioning of your fish. It is primarily due to the high protein mixture that makes it an ideal supplement for bettas and fancy guppies. In terms of feeding, these Tetra BloodWorms come in a simple container that makes feeding relatively easy.

All you have to do is remove the cap and sprinkle the container above your tank. However, while feeding, make sure you keep the container away from your face as the dust is quite irritating and can cause an allergic reaction in some cases.

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If you have trouble feeding your fish normal flakes or pellets, the Tetra BloodWorms Freeze-Dried Food is an option you can try out. These chunks are made from delicious blood worms and can make even your most picky fish start eating again.

They are also high in protein, making them great for improving energy and conditioning in most fish species.

4. New Life Spectrum Naturox Series Marine Formula Supplement


  • No artificial preservatives
  • Color enhancing
  • Sinking pellets for bottom feeders
  • Ginger for immune-boosting effects


  • Sink quickly

The New Life Spectrum Naturox Series Marine Formula Supplements are fish food pellets great for most aquariums. It is built with all-natural preservatives and flavoring, making it a safe and environmentally friendly choice for your pets.

While they have avoided artificial preservatives, New Life has managed to fill this food with their “Spectrum Nutritional Formula.” This formula is composed of vital nutrients and substances, such as amino acids, perfect for your fish’s growth. Also, this high protein fish food contains unique ingredients such as ginger for its immune-boosting and anti-parasitic effects and Bentonite clay, which acts as an effective binding material.

Also, if you have bright-colored fish and want to improve their overall appeal, these pellets can help you out. Along with fish health, the blend of ingredients is also highly effective at enhancing fish color and brightness. So, regularly using this will help make your aquarium much more aesthetically appealing and lively. 

These pellets are easy to digest and sink to the bottom quite quickly. So, this is an excellent choice for slower fish and bottom feeders to ensure that they eat correctly. All in all, we suggest checking out this food supplement if your fish tank is filled with marine species. 

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If you are looking for nutritious and high fiber fish food for your pet fish, the New Life Spectrum Naturox Series Marine Formula Supplement fits the description. These pellets are jam-packed with a unique formula of clay, squid, protein, and other supplements that make them perfect for growing fish.

Also, as these pellets sink, they are suitable for slower fish and even bottom feeders who cannot swim fast for flakes and lighter food.

5. Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Fish Food


  • Made from Black Soldier Fly Larvae
  • Slow sinking
  • High nutritional value
  • Easy instructions


  • Slightly Expensive

If you have various types of fish in your tank, the Fluval Bug Bite Tropical Fish Food is an excellent slow-sinking granule food that you should check out. Both surface and bottom-middle feeders can easily eat these granules thanks to their sinking functionality.  

However, you may want to avoid this option if you only have fish like bettas in your tank. That is because smaller and faster fish tend to prefer only floating food, so once the granules sink, these species may avoid them, leading to a buildup of dirt food over time. 

A highlighting feature that makes it one of the more nutritious options on this list is the Black Soldier Fly Larvae used to make these granules. The larvae are cultivated in a highly healthy environment and grown under controlled conditions.

Following this, the larvae are harvested and dried and add an immense amount of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients to these granules. 

Fluval also offers this fish food in two distinct options, so you won’t have to compromise on your feeding requirements. You can choose from either small granules for small-medium-sized fish or large granules perfect for medium to larger fish that might have trouble with smaller foods.  

As for feeding instructions, Fluval advises that you feed your fish two to three times per day. Also, with this option, you should only provide your fish as much as they can eat within two minutes as any more will either go to waste or overfill your fish.

So, it is a great staple food that can be used with most small to medium-sized fish.

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The Fluval Bug Bite Tropical Fish Food is a great nutritious option that all of your fish can enjoy. The slow sinking granules sink at a controlled rate allowing both fast fish and bottom feeders to get their fair share of food.

Also, as this food uses Black Soldier Fly Larvae, it is full of valuable substances and quite tasty for your pets!

Things To Consider While Choosing Fish Food for Your Fish

Here’s a list of things you should consider when looking for fish food:

Food Form

The most important thing about buying fish food is the type/form of the food you are buying. It means what the food consists of, its shape, size, and other things that create its form. For example, fish food is available in various types ranging from lighter flakes to heavy pellets and chunks.

Buying the correct type of food is essential because they all behave differently and are suitable for different kinds of fish. For example, flakes are light in weight and will float on your tank’s surface, making them perfect for smaller fish that can’t digest bigger pellets.

On the other hand, pellets are much heavier and will sink to the bottom of your tank, which is much more suitable for larger fish and bottom feeders. 

So, be sure to go over the various species of fish and pets you have in your tank and purchase the correct types of fish food for their requirements.

Nutritional Value

Fish food is available in many different forms, each having its constitution and nutritional composition. It means that each option will provide your fish with a different set of beneficial nutrients for their growth.

Because of this, when buying a new kind of fish food, be sure to check out what benefits it provides to your fish, especially in terms of vitamins, protein, amino acids, etc.

All these are important in helping keep your fish healthy and will vary depending on your requirements. For example, if you have young fish and are looking for fish food for growth, a highly nutritious option would be beneficial.


An important factor that many beginner aquarists tend to overlook is how easily our fish can digest the fish food. It is crucial because if your fish have trouble eating and digesting the food, it will lead to less nutrition for them and cause them to produce more waste, which will cloud up your tank.

Easily digestible fish food contains high amounts of protein absorbed internally by your pets and reduces waste production. It is especially beneficial if you have a tank with a high bioload. 

Container Shape

Along with the shape and form of the food, the container is also something you should consider when buying a portion of new fish food. This is because you will be putting your food in the tank directly from the container in most instances.

So, try looking for one with pre-built holes or sliders on the top that allow you to quickly drop food into your tank while making sure too much doesn’t fall in.

On the other hand, you can also purchase a standard container or try feeding with some equipment. However, this will cost a little extra money and maybe a hassle to do regularly.


Let’s take a look at some commonly asked questions related to fish foods:

What Kind of Food Do Fish Eat?

Best fish foodThe type of fish food is highly dependent on the species of fish you are looking to feed.

Most small to medium-sized fish will stay healthy on a staple diet of flakes or small pellets. While that is sufficient, you can always add things like algae wafers, treats, and other supplements to your pet’s diet.

What Is the Natural Food of Fish?

In their natural habitats, most fish feed on plankton, worms, smaller fish, plants, etc. However, their diet varies depending on water quality and region.

What Do You Feed Picky Fish?

One of the best things to feed your picky fish is frozen and live foods

These foods are much more appetizing for fish due to their texture and smell, encouraging most fish to start eating again. Following this, you can gradually acclimate your fish to flakes or pellets if desired.

How Do You Know When Fish Are Hungry?

Fish are smart enough to stop eating when they have had sufficient food. So, if you are dropping in food and it all disappears within seconds, it might be because your fish are still hungry, and giving them a bit more would be advisable.

However, if you notice leftover food, this means you are overfeeding your fish, and you should reduce the amount you feed them.

How Long Can a Fish Go Without Eating?

While most adult fish can go for up to two weeks without eating, you should feed younger ones every few days. That is because they lack the necessary fat storage in their body to remain active and healthy for more than a few days.

So, keep in check how often your fish are eating as this can also tell you if any of them are avoiding food and sickness.

What Is the Best Time To Feed Fish?

While it is not a problem to feed fish at any time in the day, the best time to feed your fish would be according to their natural timings. It is most often once in the early morning followed by around dusk.

However, this is slightly different for herbivores, omnivores, and nocturnal species as they are known to feed throughout the day and at night. 

What Can I Feed My Fish When I Run out of Fish Food?

If you run out of fish food, some alternative options you can find at home are cooked vegetables, rice, or even oatmeal for some fish. It is always advisable to keep extra stock ready just so you never run out.

It is best to research before doing this to ensure you aren’t feeding your fish anything harmful.

What Is Overfeeding Fish?

As the name suggests, overfeeding refers to when you feed your fish too much food. While it can sometimes be within normal limits, overfeeding can also lead to various health issues in your fish while also causing them to produce excess waste, which can cloud up tank water.

What Foods Are Bad for Fish?

Food that contains extra fat levels can sometimes be bad for your fish. It is because too much fat can accumulate around your fish’s liver and important organs leading to problems in their health/ So, when buying fish food for your pet fish, make sure you consider the fat content and if it is safe for them.


After testing out the various options on our list, the best overall fish food is the TetraColor PLUS Tropical Flakes. These unique flakes offer a wide variety of nutrients with one added benefit, carotene. It helps enhance the color of bright-colored fish, making it perfect if you have tropical pets in your tank.

An added benefit of this food is that it is made in a unique clear water formula that improves digestibility. It helps the nutrients get absorbed by your fish while also reducing the overall waste production. So, your fish can feed to their heart’s content without you having to worry about any muddy or dirty water.

In the end, we hope this list helped you find the best fish food for your tank!

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