Fish tanks for the kids roomThe best fish tanks for kids are a great way to introduce your child to the world of aquariums, and it is a perfect way to teach them how to be responsible pet owners.

However, finding children’s aquariums can be confusing because there are many factors to consider. That’s why we did all the hard work for you and compiled a list of durable and eye-catching fish tanks for the kid’s room.

Let’s get right into it.

Comparison Chart

Name Suitable Water Type Shape
Marina LED Aquarium Kit

Both saltwater and freshwater Rectangle
Tetra Curved-Front Tank with LEDs Crescent Aquarium Kit

Freshwater only Crescent
Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kits LED NeoGlow

Freshwater only Rectangle
Marineland Nook Aquarium Kit Both saltwater and freshwater Unique curved shape

Handpicked Reviews of the Best Fish Tank for Kids

1. Marina LED Aquarium Kit


  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to set up


  • The filter loses its effectiveness over time.

The Marina LED Aquarium Kit is tempered glass, scratch-resistant and long-lasting. It is a simple and effective tank that you can use with saltwater and freshwater. Furthermore, saltwater aquariums are often prone to corrosion; however, this tank stands apart. It features non-oxidizing double sealing, which prevents your tank from rusting in the long run.

The best part about this aquarium is that it is not just a tank and provides additional equipment, which it an aquarium kit. So, overall, it saves you from buying every item individually.

Firstly, the kit comes with a Slim S20 clip-on power filter, and the filter is equipped with one cartridge as well. Also, it quickly removes all alkaline residue and chlorides from the water. Since the tank itself is small, the filtration system is compact too.

However, its small size has no impact on its performance, and it prevents the need to deal with a massive, bulky filter that takes up all the space in the tank. Secondly, the fish tank is equipped with an LED lighting system that replicates natural daylight. We like that the light is not too bright, which is common in cheap aquarium kits.

So, you can rest assured that the lights will not bother your fish. Furthermore, the light provides ideal conditions for any plant life you wish to maintain in the aquarium.

Lastly, the kit includes a conditioner to keep the tank water clean for your fish. It filters out toxins from ordinary tap water and turns it into pH-balanced water, which is ideal for your fish. Furthermore, it includes a few supplements that mimic the natural habitat of aquatic animals.

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The Marina LED Aquarium Kit is an excellent aquarium kit to purchase if you are a parent whose kid wishes to get started with fish keeping. It includes some modern components like the water conditioner and a few supplements, such as the fishnet and food, to make the work easier.

More importantly, it is completely hassle-free. There is a separate space from where you can easily feed your fish and regulate the lighting from outside. Furthermore, the aquarium is simple to assemble which is always a plus.

2. Tetra Curved-Front Tank with LEDs Crescent Aquarium Kit


  • Affordable
  • Quiet Filter
  • Crystal clear view


  • The filter might take up too much space

The Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit is one of the best aquariums for kids. This aquarium includes a filter and filter media, freeing up a lot of your time looking for one. The aquarium is acrylic, and the high finish makes it durable and crystal clear. Acrylic also makes the tank lightweight and more straightforward to move.

The best feature of acrylic glass is that it allows for a clear vision. What’s more, the pristine finish of the aquarium makes it aesthetically appealing. The aquarium also features a unique curved design that allows for a nearly 360-degree view making this the ideal aquarium for your child’s room.

We like how Tetra has included 12 LED lights in this aquarium kit. LED lights are simple to use since they adjust well with the surroundings and are waterproof. The built-in LED lights are located in the back of the aquarium, are not overly bright, and don’t cause a glare, which is uncommon in standard aquarium kits.

Another great feature of this kit is that it includes a filter that works efficiently to keep the tank water clean and hygienic at all times. This aquarium also comes with ultra-activated carbon, perfect for getting rid of odors.

Furthermore, the filter is notably silent when in use. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about its location because it won’t make any unwanted noises.

However, there is one drawback to his aquarium: the filter might take up too much room in the tank, leaving you with less space to keep fish. However, it is not that big of an issue if you want to house only a few tiny fish in your aquarium.

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The Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit is a fantastic aquarium for a child’s room. The soft lighting and overall sleek and modern finish make it a surefire centerpiece no matter where you place it. The curved design enhances its appearance, giving it a significant aesthetic look. Moreover, the additional filter and medium are excellent additions for kids to learn how a tank should actually be.

3. Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kits LED NeoGlow


  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • All-in-one starter pack


  • Lights might stop working overtime.

The Aqueon Fish LED Aquarium Starter Kit NeoGlow is a glass tank with a capacity of 5.5 gallons. It also has pink silicone borders to prevent leaks and add a pop of color to the inside of the tank.

Fluorescent blue LED lights can also be found in the aquarium to give ultra-clear views of your fish or small aquatic plants. The lights also illuminate and emphasize the pink silicone seams, producing an appealing pink glow that enhances the overall look.

This aquarium set also includes a QuietFlow E Filter 10, a compact bow shape for maximum cleaning in tight spaces while reducing noise. It also consists of a cartridge to maintain your tank in fantastic condition. The cartridge contains activated carbon, which promotes the removal of hazardous compounds, unnecessary smells, and discoloration found in tanks.

This Aqueon LED NeoGlow starter kit features a black background as well. The black backdrop highlights your fish and plant life concealing the wires from the filter and tank lighting, and it also gives the entire tank a contemporary element. Moreover, this aquarium kit is simple to use and set up, taking only a few minutes and the ease of installation makes it much more appealing to children.

This aquarium set is ideal for children new to the aquatic world, as it contains everything you need for your tank, including lights, pebbles for the bottom, a filter with a cartridge, plants, conditioner, and fish food. Of course, this is ideal for someone building their first aquarium up!

Finally, this kit saves you both time and money because you don’t have to buy everything separately.

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The Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kit LED Neo Glow is an all-in-one kit designed for children new to fish care. It includes all the necessary accessories and supplements, such as fish food, to get you started with fish care. It also has neon lights that add to the tank’s visual appeal, and the built-in filter works well.

4. Marineland Nook Aquarium Kit


  • Durable acrylic
  • Three-stage filtration system
  • Adjustable flow


  • The lights are not very strong.

The MarineLand Nook Aquarium-Kit is made from sturdy acrylic and will last very long. It has a curved front with a widescreen view, which gives you unique and beautiful visuals every time you look through it. Moreover, the aquarium is a good size for most compact spaces, and the lightweight design makes it easy to use for kids.

The Marineland Nook Kit includes a powerful three-stage filtration system built into the backside. It is covered beneath a blacked-out panel, so the cords are not visible and do not add bulkiness to its outlook.

Moreover, it includes high-quality activated carbon in the filter cartridge, which further ensures optimal filtration of the tank water. It removes all dirt, debris discolorations, smells, and pollutants from your tank water, leaving it as clean as possible.

Another noteworthy element of this aquarium kit is the adjustable flow pump. This device enhances the water flow for more active tank fish while reducing the flow for those who want a softer water flow. The great thing about this is that you can control it according to your fish’s tank requirements.

Moreover, this Aquarium Kit has a modern, energy-efficient LED lighting system built directly into the canopy for better accessibility, sturdiness, and longevity. It provides adequate light for your fish and plants to thrive.

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This Marineland aquarium set is an excellent value for children who want a small, high-quality aquarium. The tank’s acrylic body provides durability, and the extra equipment packs a punch.

It features a three-stage filtration to keep the tank water always clean. This method is also known to be the best method of filtering aquariums. It also has built-in LED lighting and a flow pump for maximum aquarium performance.

Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Fish Tank for Kids

Let’s take a look at our buying guide:

– Additional Features

Kid-friendly fish tanks are usually small and focus on attractive decor and colors to entertain and attract your children. However, it is essential to remember that additional features like filters, vacuums, filtration stones, etc., are equally important if you do not have the time to clean the tank yourself regularly.

Don’t mistake buying tanks based on their look and consider their maintenance requirements. Be sure to select a tank that matches your preferences, not just physically but also in terms of utility.

For example, if a fish tank does not have a filter, it would mean extra work for you, as you will have to change the water for overall hygiene and maintenance constantly. You can avoid this additional manual effort if you look for such features beforehand.

– Presentation: Color and Theme

This feature is one of the most important factors when buying a small fish tank for kids. Children are usually attracted by bright visuals and themes that will keep them engaged and motivated enough to take good care of the fish and the tank.

Be sure to select a tank based not only on the size but also on colorful and engaging themes. Some brands also make gender-specific tanks through colors and themes that may help grab the attention of your child.

– Material of the Aquarium: Glass or Plastic

If you’re buying an aquarium for your kid, making sure it’s child-proof should be your top priority. Usually, brands use either glass or acrylic to make starter fish tanks for kids.

Glass tanks are prone to scratches, and your child can hurt themselves if they accidentally drop them, but they are less expensive than acrylic-based tanks. On the other hand, acrylic tanks are lighter, more durable, and hold up well against falls. So, for a few extra dollars, you can be tension-free about your child playing around the aquarium.

– Aquarium Type

You can find both freshwater and saltwater aquarium setups available for kids. However, both these options require a different level of care and attention. Freshwater aquariums are usually easier to clean as you do not have to worry about salt deposits and maintain appropriate climate conditions. If you are a working parent, you can avoid the extra hassle by going with freshwater children’s fish tanks.

However, if your child is old enough to take up the responsibility of managing tropical fish, you can get them a small marine fish tank.


Let’s a look at some commonly asked questions related to fish tanks for kids:

1. How Much Time Is Involved Looking After an Aquarium?

Looking after an aquarium is quite a daunting task, and sometimes, it can take up to two to three hours to clean and maintain your tank. The time involved depends on various factors such as the breed of fish kept, type of water used, size of your tank, number/type of plants used, etc.

However, for small aquariums, you should be able to get everything done in around 30 minutes. It usually involves feeding the fish, cleaning the glass, checking the water quality regularly, and other small things.

2. What Is the Best Fish to Get for a Child?

Taking care of any pet is a responsible task, especially for children. Every fish species has different needs and will require different care and dietary procedures.

For example, some fish like the betta fish cannot be kept in the same tank as others, especially their species. It is why they can get aggressive and start attacking nearby fish. So you have to be very careful while selecting a fish for your child. Fish tanks for kids are also small in size, making them incompatible with some fishes like the Japanese Koi as they require a lot of room to grow.

Thankfully, many fish come in the less demanding spectrum and are easier to keep, especially kids. Some of the best fish to get for a child are:

  • Goldfish

Goldfish are probably the easiest fish to keep in aquariums, and they come in various sizes and colors and can live long if adequately cared for. They have strong immunity and can easily handle changing temperatures and environments, which is excellent if you are a beginner at fishkeeping.

  • Guppies

Guppies are small and vividly colored fish and are a popular choice for starter aquariums. They are pretty easy to care for when kept in correct conditions and fed the proper fish flake diet. These fish are also prolific breeders, which means that the number of guppies in your tank will rapidly grow, so you might need to keep a bigger tank prepared for them.

  • Neon Tetras

Tetras are a popular freshwater species because they are very low maintenance, making them easy to care for. They are beautiful fish with gleaming scales that reflect light in multiple directions and even change color with different light shades. These little fish eat flake food and can easily thrive in various aquarium conditions.


While all the products that we have mentioned are great aquariums for kids, there is one that stands out. We highly recommend the Marina LED Aquarium Kit. This aquarium is a great starting point for kids and will help your fish grow well. The high-quality glass prevents scratches and makes the aquarium more robust than other aquariums. Moreover, it is compact, so it is easy for the kids to handle.

The best fish tanks for kidsThis toddler fish tank also has a high-quality LED lighting setup that illuminates the aquarium. Furthermore, it is not strong enough to generate excess heat, making it safe for the fish. The kit has a built-in filtration system that does an excellent job of cleaning and maintaining the tank’s cleanliness.

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