The following is taking from the sites message board it describes in pictures and text the spawning of Caths (a registered member of the sites message board) gouramies. Way to go Cath!

The process took most of the afternoon for them. A lot of stops and starts. First they would draw close with some love bites then the male would slowly back into the female.

She would then turn and accept the caress.

Then the fun begins with the male enveloping the female.

The nest

Here is a pic of the first fry from the Gourami. They mostly show up as white dots. They are small.

The oldest fry are now two weeks old. By the looks of it there may be a dozen or so that old in the tank. There are almost a thousand in the tank as of today. The gouramis want the species to survive and taking every opportunity to do so. The community has been having a feast and the survivors are either hanging with dad or hiding in the duckweed. As the biggest are at the back it is impossible to get a good picture of them. They are developing nicely.

Still holds some excitement around here as a few have managed to hide all to well in the duckweed. I call them ‘Ghosts’ as they are there one minute and gone the next. They are too fast to get a picture of them. Also, I am thinking, if there are two that I have seen, there are most likely more that I haven’t.

I kept a few in a net and they are getting big. And they are just as hard to get a good picture of as well. Maybe next week when they will be big enough to avoid being the next meal of the angles!

The only drawback is that the gouramis continue in their need to ensure the survival of the species in my tank. This picture is of one of most recent spawning. I call it fresh fry and they are about three days old.

Some fry that really look like fish. I think that I have four that have avoided being the angles meal so far.

Papa G and the oldest fry.


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