Frequently asked questions on tropical fish care

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  • Q: How many inches of fish could you keep in a 29 gallon tank? Should I use the inch per gallon rule or surface inches rule? Or is there another way?

  • Q:What is PH?.
  • Q: We have a 46 gallon tank about two months old that has cycled. It appears cloudy. We change 9 gallons of water weekly. Along with one filter(emperor 400 with diamond blend added) each week. At each water change we add nitromax as instructed………continues
  • Q:I’m about to buy a new tank, 2ft x 1ft. I’m going to get the eheim 150 power filter for it…or Aquaclear 150..both much the same. But I wondering if I should get an undergravel filter for it as well? Does it serve an extra purpose or is there not really any need?
  • Q: What is biological infiltration and why is it important?
  • Q:I just started a 10 gallon community tank with 2 Black skirt tetras and 3 black neons, I have it at about 75-76 degrees. It also has a florescent light. When the light is off, they swim around happy as “clams”, but when its on they migrate to the bottom or corners and are fairly still, they also don’t seem to feed actively. I just got them yesterday and understand there is probably an adjustment period but what about the light? Any advice?
  • Q: I’ve got a small pearl arowana in a 80 gallon tank. I would like to create a species tank for my fish. How do I go about it? I don’t want a bare tank.
  • Q: I have a 4 month old freshwater, 20 gal. aquarium containing one Red Wag Platy, one Mickey Mouse Platy, two Red-Eye Tetras, two Black Skirt Tetras, four Striped Danios, two Harlequin Rasboras, two Endler’s Livebearers and one algae eater. All have healthy appetites, water tests just fine, 25% water changes are performed monthly (although this usually kills at least one fish). My problem is that I enjoy the Platys because they add color to the tank. However, each time I try to add a new fish, it dies. All current tank residents are fine, no signs of illness, but new Platy or Sword arrivals die within a week. What’s going on?

  • Q: All I want to know what is the average temperature of a tropical aquarium should be kept at??
  • Q:I have four questions. I am about to get saltwater fish, and through my research have come across a couple of questions. First of all, is the substrate important in a tank? For example, I used to own freshwater fish and have not changed the substrate since. I do not know what kind of substrate it is either. Second, is coral a must have, and how long should you keep it in the tank before adding fish (50 gallon tank) Third, do you need protein skimmers? And finally, Do you need to give the fish a freshwater bath before placing them in the tank?
  • Q: I Have six month old 35 gal freshwater tank with less than recommend max inches per gal of fish. Two live plants and more than adequate natural light in addition to tank light. The Water has turned green and cloudy. Diatmatious earth in the filter cleared it up for three weeks. Now it’s returning to green and cloudy. Can you suggest causes and remedy?
  • Q:I set up my 30 gal tank about one month ago and it has always had a cloudy tinge to it two days ago I put in some “clear water” stuff and it turned yellow (I think I put too much in).I replaced about 10 percent of the water yesterday to dilute the “clear water” stuff didn’t help. So earlier this afternoon I replaced about 25 percent and so far it is still cloudy. I have Angels and tetras in the tank and they seem to be doing fine, no diseases, they are eating well. I also know I am not feeding them too much I have really watched that. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • Q: What is really the proper formula for fish/tank ratio? I have heard 1″/1Gal to 5-7″/1Gal. I have 2 swords, 3 plattys, 2 kuhli loaches, 1 betta, 2 full grown cory’s and 2 1/2-3/4″ skunk cory’s, 1 african frog, 1 4″ pleco and one 4″ irredescent shark in a 10 gallon tank. I have an air stone, a sponge filter and a whisper mini filter. I have live plants which the fish enjoy eating, the plants are healthy enough that they are getting roots. I am doing water changes, gravel cleanings about every other day. I know this is too many fish, but I don’t want to kill any of them. I rinse the filter regularly, and feed them a little several times a day. I put black gravel in so that I could see left over food. The Ph and ammonia levels are fine. I haven’t lost any fish in a week or so, they seem healthy and the only “fin clamping” seems to be in response to the aggression of other fish rather than an illness. So how many is really too many? I have read that you have to! consider what layer the fish hang out in, I have quite a few bottom feeders, but I have also read that they prefer to be schooled. Any suggestions?
  • Q: I am thinking about getting into Oscars. My question is at what rate can I expect them to grow. The fish at the pet store now are approx. 2in long. What can I expect in a year?
  • Q:I have a six month old 10 gal. freshwater tank we have 4 black skirts and 3 red serpaes. When the weathers started getting cooler I turned on the light to help warm the water. Now I have brown algae forming on the glass, rocks and plastic plants. What do I do now? Do I take everything out and clean? What can I clean with to get rid of the brown algae? Did having the light on cause this? What exactly should I do?
  • Q:I have a 3 week old tank with 5 neons a couple other tetras, and 2 white clouds. The water has suddenly turned a little dirty with white suspended stuff that looks like it could be TINY bubbles. The pH is 7.0 and the ammonia is 1.0 or less. It is a 10 g tank with some live plants and a corner filter. There are also sticky things on one of the side of the tank that are very tiny and could be either algae or (Is it possible?) eggs of some kind? HELP! I’ve already lost a neon and 2 swordtails in three weeks!
  • Q: Well, I’ve had my saltwater tank for about 3 or 4 months now, and I’m wondering how to raise the pH value of my tank. It’s sitting at about 7.5 right now and I know it has to go higher how do I go about doing this?
  • Q: I’ve got a 29 gallon aquarium with 6 serpae tetra and 2 large Pink Kissing Gourami, pH 6.5. The tetras swim close to the bottom, and the Gouramis stay near the top. What’s a good mid-level small to medium sized fish that I can get? The temperature is 78 degrees.
  • Q:I have a 60 gallon freshwater aquarium with large fish (5 pacus about 7 inches long, several cichlids, and many other smaller fish.) The huge problem is I am moving (AHHH!) I am only moving into a larger apartment about 15 minutes away from my home now, but how can I move my fish without killing them all?