Fluval Flex Fish Tank for BeginnersThe Fluval Flex is more than just an aquarium. It is a kit that comprises most of the equipment you will need to install and operate your tank.

This Fluval aquarium set is outstanding in meeting all of the requirements of both novice and experienced aquarists.

To make the most out of your purchase, you have to be informed about the product in detail. Searching through the internet for an enormous number of customer reviews can be misleading and time-consuming.

That is why we analyzed and created a comprehensive review of the Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit to save you from this hectic situation. So, let’s explore!

Pros and Cons



  • Customizable lighting settings
  • Three-stage filtering mechanism 
  • Beginner-friendly design 
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Modern Design
  • Large filter intake may trap very small fish
  • No flow rate adjustment.

Product Highlights

The Fluval Flex is among the best fish tanks for beginners as it is a sleek, modern, and unique-looking aquarium. It is amazing how the design of this tank has a compartment room to hide everything behind, making it show a fantastic display. Here are the other highlights you should know:

  • Boasts a three-stage filtering technology that will surely keep your water fish-friendly
  • Features a multi-directional 132 GPH dual outputs that you can personalize according to your pet’s needs
  • includes a 7500 K LED light to promote plant development, plus six RGB with 48 white programmable 1450 lux LED light that adds aesthetic appeal to your tank

Fluval Flex Review

– Specifications

Dimensions 16 x 15 x 15 inches
Weight 28 pounds
Filtration A three-stage filtration output with oversized mechanical (foam), chemical (carbon), and biological (Biomax) media included
Lighting 7500k LED lights with adjustable settings
Flow Rate Multi-directional 132 GPH dual outputs for customized water flow
Shape Rectangular with a bold curved front design

– Design and Outlook

The Fluval Flex dimensions are 16 x 15 x 15 inches. It’s not one of the largest aquariums available, but it’s more than voluminous enough for a beginner. The product is black with a gradient on the sides.

It features a honeycomb top, a visual element that conceals the water level. It hides the water pipes of the rear chamber, ensuring that your entire aquarium appears elegant and clean at all times. 

The Fluval Flex comes in a unique and creative tank shape, not the regular rectangular one. The aquarium has sharp edges and features, but the front glass is more curved, which gives the overall visual appearance a modern aesthetic. The curved frame produces the illusion of a larger aquatic environment while also providing a modern style that will complement any space in your house or workplace.

A flaw in this tank is that it offers a relatively limited view from several angles. Another downside is the plastic build.

Nonetheless, the tank is quite large, and there is foam covering for its protection so that it won’t shatter. With its excellent finish and almost crystal quality, this Fluval aquarium kit will provide an elegant touch to your interior.

– Filtration System

One thing that stands out about the Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit is that it does not compromise cleanliness. While testing this product, what impressed us the most was its excellent three-stage filtering technology, which is difficult to find in almost every model. This system will keep the water pure and healthy for your pets.

Furthermore, the aquarium kit includes multi-directional 132 GPH dual outputs, which allow you to modify the water flow according to the fish you want to keep.

The foam performs mechanical filtration, which filters the water to remove remnants from mealtime and other floating debris. The Biomax biological filter keeps a check on the organic wastes produced in the tank, such as algae and biofilm.

The chemical filter is also an integral part of this mechanism, and it guarantees the removal of toxic substances from the water.

This filtration system keeps your tank’s water pure and keeps the number of harmful chemicals in it to a minimum. It is ideal for ensuring that your fish’s lives aren’t jeopardized. This type of system is something that you do not see on other brands and is the best solution for keeping your aquarium cleaner than ever.

– Lighting System

Small aquariums are typically substandard in terms of hardware and functionality. However, the Fluval Flex is unquestionably a much more premium product. It includes a three-stage filter and features an LED lighting system. Another admirable trait of the tank is that you can customize it, and you can rest assured that your aquarium lights can be modified whenever you need a Fluval Flex light upgrade.

This lighting system includes a 7500 K LED light to promote plant development, plus six RGB with 48 white programmable 1450 lux LED light. It is aesthetically attractive and improves the aquarium’s lighting. These lights are essential both for viewing and for the optimum growth of the plants in your tank. 

For ideal plant growth, they must receive adequate light. However, the white color is generally brighter and can cause other lights to fade when lit together. To prevent this, you need to reduce the amount of white brightness while increasing the light you want to be prominent.

This tank’s lighting includes a storm setting mode, a night mode, RGB light modulation, and warmth. You can light the bulbs by pressing the power button and trying out different modes.

The storm mode is driven by blue light, whereas the night mode is driven by warmth. You can also use a spectrum mix and make an excellent display by blending white and blue.

– Settings and Control

What we like most about the Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit is the ability to customize the light settings using a wireless controller. It comes in 15 distinct tones and a range of other special effect lighting options. There’s also an effect that lets you gradually cycle through the different colors.

– Installation

There is a two-inch gap to support the tank to ensure that no cord is hanging around to block the view, unlike other aquariums. There is more than enough room for the filters, heater, and all of the wires. Plus, this is quite important for keeping the cables from tangling.

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Important Factors To Consider Before Buying the Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit

There are always a few factors to consider when purchasing an aquarium, whether you are a novice or expert. Here are a few things you should consider before buying the Fluval Flex tank.

– Capacity and Suitability 

Nano tanks are typically directed at inexperienced fishkeepers who only learn and get accustomed to aquatic life. Since the Fluval Flex is also a nano tank, it cannot accommodate large fish.

Moreover, you cannot keep any number of fish in the tank, and it will cut down on the area available for the fish to move around. Each tank provides tips for the fish that will be better suited to it, and make sure to go through those tips. 

For example, if you’re looking for a tank that can accommodate 10 bettas, this might not be the tank for you. The standard rule for fish housing is to leave aside at least one gallon of tank capacity for each fully developed fish. Given this, we don’t recommend keeping anything more than 10 small fish in the Fluval Flex 15-gallon.

– Good Lighting

Your tank must have an efficient LED lighting system that provides adequate illumination. Proper lighting is not only necessary for your plants and fish to develop, but it also contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your aquarium.

The LED light should emit various colors, allowing you to personalize it to your specific requirements. Also, they should be power-saving components for long-term usage.

However, lighting needs depend on your fish’s species because they have diverse needs. LED lights are appropriate for all species and do not need to be adjusted constantly, and they are an inexpensive and more effective option. Fortunately, the Fluval Flex is an all-in-one kit and includes all the lighting sources you’ll require for the tank.

– Proper Filtration

Another factor to bear in mind is effective filtering. Confirm if the aquarium has a high-quality, efficient filtration system that will work well for you. The aquarium should feature a three-stage filtration system for excellent filtering of chemicals, mechanical, and biological factors, leading to clean water.

The Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit performs impressively in this aspect as well. It has a three-stage filtering system and all the necessary attachments. Furthermore, the tank is customizable, allowing you to modify it anytime you need an upgrade.


fluval flex review of the perfect all-in aquarium kit– Does the Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit Have a Closed Top?

The Fluval Flex 57 aquarium kit has a closed lid that covers the top, and there is also a hole in the lid for feeding purposes. The LED lights are placed underneath the light that illuminates the entire tank.

– Does the Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit Include a Stand for Mounting?

No. The Fluval Flex 15-gallon aquarium is a nano-tank that you can easily place on a tabletop, so the kit does not include a stand. However, if you still need one, Fluval offers an equally contemporary and sleek stand to compliment the aquarium kit. You can buy this stand separately.

– Can You Use Fluval Flex as a Saltwater Aquarium?

Yes, the Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit absolutely can be used for saltwater. Many veteran aquarists have verified that the tank can be used as a reef tank if you install the correct equipment for adequate filtration.

All you’ll have to do for your saltwater tank is add a protein skimmer for maximum filtration apart from standard marine accessories such as a heater.

– What Additional Accessories Do You Need for Fluval Flex Aquarium?

Fluval Flex includes most of the things anyone would need to start with the tank, but there are a few types of equipment you can install yourself. You can buy a heater, a submerged water pump, and a protein skimmer.

Remember that a protein skimmer is required only if you use it as a reef tank. If you purchase a high-quality surge-protected multiple outlet strip out of direct contact, you can run everything safely. 

– How Do I Remove Algae Buildup on the Inside of the Fluval Flex Aquarium?

Use a microfiber padded cloth or an aquarium magnet, and you will have a clear-looking glass surface. It is imperative to get rid of algae buildup, visible or invisible. Luckily, it is fairly simple and straightforward to remove any algae from the inside glass of your Fluval Flex aquarium. 

– Is The Fluval Flex Loud?

Sometimes. The Fluval Flex aquarium kit can get loud at times, which might make it an ideal option for bedroom and office fish tanks. However, you can decrease the sound levels by ensuring that the added filtration system is properly submerged underwater.

Additionally, you can decrease its running speed to make the filtration system a little quieter. 

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The Fluval Flex is one of the rare freshwater aquarium kits that incorporate brilliant illumination and multistage filtration with convenient aquarium features and contemporary design. The wireless remote sensor is conveniently positioned and easily accessible on the canopy of this fully-fledged fish tank.

If you are an aquarist wanting to build up a freshwater aquarium or searching for one of the best tanks for your nano fish, this is the best one for you. It is ideal if you want a fully-featured aquarium kit without needing additional equipment. Additionally, it caters to your demands if you want a minimalist and a feature-rich tank on your desk.

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