Bladder snailsHow to get rid of bladder snails is a question that points to multiple ways you can do it effectively. Whether the bladder snails in your tank are there by intention or not, we can help you in controlling them, removing them, and keeping a few around for beneficial purposes.

Ultimately there are many methods effective in removing them, and the most effective ones are listed below for you to follow.

How To Get Rid of Bladder Snails Manually

Get rid of your bladder snails manually. It is the most simple and humane method which you can easily adopt without any unrequited losses. Moreover, manual removal requires gloves if you are severely allergic to these small creatures since you don’t want to crush them intentionally.

You can also hire a professional for this but that’s simply wasting your money.

– The Process

You simply pick them!

That’s right, there is no deep extraction involved. All you have to do is wait for the bladder snails to rise to the surface; which they will do every now and then. You can observe them floating around on the surface of your tank and simply grab one by your hand and throw them in the garbage or any small container.

How To Get Rid of Bladder Snails by Using Chemicals

The second solution in ridding your tank of bladder snails is by using special chemicals. There are different chemicals available in the market which can kill lots of nuisances that come with the aquarium. However, the downside to this is that sometimes the water pH level gets disturbed making it uninhabitable for other fish.

With this method, you have to be exceptionally thorough with its measurements; otherwise, you can do more harm than good.

– The Chemical You Should Use

The most common chemical used to remove the bladder snails and other species of its kind is the Tropical Hydra-Tox. You have to use the exact amounts as proposed by the manual, to avoid the trouble of unintentionally harming fish and plants chemically.

– Soak the Plants With Chemicals

Another possible way to answer the question ‘how to get rid of bladder snails by using chemicals’ is by simply soaking the plants in different chemicals. Soak your plants in chemicals infused with water; the ones permeable for this method are alum, potassium permanganate and bleach.

You simply take one of the three, mix them in a gallon of water, soak your plants in them overnight, rinse and finally, place them in your aquarium.

This way the plants are cleaned and rid of the bladder snails’ eggs if there are any hence allowing you to keep your aquarium devoid of these species.

Using Copper

Copper is a metal that reacts heavily with water, and using small amounts of it can help you in getting rid of the bladder snails. But there’s a catch: some fish or other creatures of an aquarium including plants are very sensitive to copper, so there is an equal chance of them getting harmed despite using traces of it.

– The Downside of Using Copper

The water, which reacts with copper, usually takes a long time to clean up and become fresh again, so you’ll have to wait for a long time before purchasing other fish, shrimps or invertebrates of all sorts.

Setting Up a Bait

You can also use bait to gather your bladder snails and eventually scoop them out completely of your aquarium.

– Which Bait Is Appropriate?

That lettuce or salad plant in your house is the most appropriate bait for bladder snails. You see, this is because bladder snails or any species of snail inhabiting your aquarium are extremely fond of lettuce or salad plants, broccoli and other such vegetables.

– How To Use Bait to Catch Bladder Snails

You can take some and put it in your aquarium at night. The snails will accumulate from every corner of the tank and onto the leaf for a delicious feast. Come morning, simply scoop up the leaf and dispose of it by throwing it in the garbage, or putting it in the chemically infused water mentioned above.

How To Get Rid of Bladder Snails Through Predators

Getting a predator is a great way of keeping the snails out. Predatory species used for aquariums are fond of small creatures like bladder snails, plants, shrimp, insects, pests and even fish in some cases. By letting one join your pool of fish, you can easily get rid of unwanted stuff moving around.

– Choose a Predator Wisely

Depending on your tank, you can purchase a predatory snail that will feed on the bladder snails because of its humble nature. You can also purchase a puffer fish which is known to be very aggressive and hungry for food. These pufferfish can sometimes feast on their mates as well, so be aware of that too.

There are many predators around but choosing the right one for your aquarium will require an expert eye so don’t just go and purchase anyone you find. Another fish that can avidly perform this task is the Clown Loach but they need large spaces to live in so they aren’t ideal for small tanks.

Paradise fish can be also used for this task but they need to be quite hungry to feed on the snails, and we don’t recommend you underfeed them for long in any case.

Furthermore, there are other varieties of predators available for bladder snails, so discuss the situation with an expert and purchase wisely.

How To Use Snail Traps

Snail traps can be used to effectively get rid of bladder snails. The only downside to this particular stance is that they are not available everywhere, so check the aquarium markets in your area and purchase a few if they are available in stock. You can also look them up online but there is an equal chance of not finding any.

Moreover, snail traps can trap the snails without harming them and you can easily throw them out without any hassle or a complicated procedure.

– How To Use These Traps

The place where you’re likely to find them will give you the necessary information, as instruction for different types of traps vary. All you have to do is place them in your tank and watch as they do their work.

Get Rid of Bladder Snails by Feeding Your Fish Less

Another viable method in cleaning your aquarium off of snails is: feeding your fish less. Snails and bladder snails, in particular, have a ravenous appetite and eat quite voraciously. They will feed off of everything: the algae in the tank, the small plants or dirty ones, small pests or insects formed in the tank, leftover fish food or crumbs expelled from a fish, etc.

So, by feeding the rest of your fish less, you will essentially force them to feed on the bladder snail food!

– Steps to Take To Feed Your Fish Less

Clearly, all you need to do is simply feed your fish less than usual. Fishes have a large stomach and they can even remain without food for up to two weeks so if you sprinkle lesser than usual amounts of fish food, you’re likely to make them focus on other available food in the tank.

Thus, there won’t be any leftovers for the snails to chew on which will eventually cause them to move out or die, depending upon the situation.

– Problem With This Method

The con to this is: this method will take a long time to keep the snails out. So, you might also kill fish in the process because nobody can be sure of how long it takes for the snail to get out. Thus, we are not partial towards this method, and it’s the one that we recommend the least out of everything that we have mentioned.

Get Rid of Bladder Snails In The Most Humane Way

Now that you have plenty of methods in getting rid of bladder snails, the next question that comes to mind is how to get rid of them as humanely as possible. Flushing them is not an option because they will infiltrate the wild and damage the ecosystem, and crushing them is not a good solution for us, as it is quite inhumane.

So, what should you do?

– Offering Them to Others

What you can do, is simply store them in another container and give them to someone who has puffers or other such species, that like to eat snails in abundance; or you can give them to someone who actually wants them in their tank!


Bladder snails are humble creatures with quite an appetite and they are not always bad. However, if you do want to get rid of the, here is what you can do:

  • You can do it manually by plucking them off your tank using gloves
  • You can get rid of bladder snails using chemicals
  • You can even use copper to get rid of them
  • You can get rid of them using a salad bait
  • You can also consider giving them to someone else, which is the most humane way to get rid of them

The above methods can help you in effectively finding the answer to the question “How to get rid of bladder snails”, try them and let us know which one worked for you!

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