1. I will list here all aquatic personal / professional home pages that I have found to be helpful, pleasing and informative. Each link will have a brief description of the page and any comments I have about it. Each link will be put in a category that best describes its content, some may be in more than one. Please visit them as everyone works hard on their page and are proud of their accomplishments.


General Freshwater General Saltwater
Cichlids Other species
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General Freshwater

All About Tropical Fish

    Keeping Tropical Fish in a home aquarium can be more complicated than it sounds. Come take a look and find out more about this wonderful hobby that has been a past time for thousands of people for many years.

AqAdvisor.com – Intelligent Aquarium Stocking Calculator

    AqAdvisor.com is an intelligent aquarium stocking calculator featuring bioload calculator, compatibility checker and filtration capacity checker. It features a growing knowledge species database with more than 700 species and 40 attributes per each species. Much more than “inch per gallon” calculator!


    An online aquatic auction house! Partnered with Fish Link Central, it’s sure to be a winner. Check it out!

Aquarium Care Basics

    A freshwater aquarium care guide focusing on aquarium setup, tank maintenance and fish keeping, with helpful tips for the aquatic community.

Aquarist Classifieds

    Advertise all types of fish, tanks and equipment free of charge. View fish for sale from hobby sits all over the UK.

Aquarium and Pond Information

    Researched and up to date aquarium and pond information, articles, answers, help, and links. Based on years of professional aquarium maintenance experience and research.

Aquainvent Discus

    Malaysia based breeder and exporter of world class premium discus fish.

Aquariums and More

    Information about aquarium fish as well as plants.


Aquarzon.com – Rare Aquarium Plants & Aquatic Moss

    Aquarzon.com specializes in various types of rare live aquarium plants. This includes unique types of aquatic mosses, rare Anubias, special Bucephalandra and uncommon ferns.

Aquatic Community

    Features lot of articles, species profiles, plant profiles, free video and photo hosting, forums, chat and more.

Aqua Web Fish Resources

    This is the mirror site to Aqua World and has aquatic articles, links and even video. An up and coming site.

Bala Shark Bay Aquarium Fish Resource

    A resource site with information on aquariums and aquarium fish. Site has a human edited database of fish types and a forum.

Below Water

    Rare and exotic fish, Expeditions info, Madagascar Freshwater Fish. Filtration systems. Photographs of new species

Betta Fish Store

    At bettafishstore.com, there are a lot of top quality bettas waiting for you. Be the first to place orders before someone faster than you!

Cichlid & Associates

    Easy to read fish bios and articles about the hobby to entertain and inform all. Based on personal experiences.

FINNS; Fish Information Service

    This is the site to go to when your looking for help or just want to do a little research. The best on the web.


    This site was created to help make your aquarium experience more enjoyable. At FISHDEALS, you will find information on alot of things, aquariums, stress & disease, breeding fish, interactive forums, photos, equipment reviews, hot fish & aquarium deals and more! We do not make money by selling equipment or fish on this site, we simply provide you links to the best equipment & best deals we hear about or find on the web.

FishFlake.com – Goldfish

    Our web site caters to Goldfish Lovers. FishFlake.com provides the best information and resources on goldfish types, feeding, care and diseases.

Fish Keepers

    Aquarium fish care guides and tips.

Fish Link Central

    The ultimate site for links devoted to the aquarium hobby, with a huge section devoted to personal home pages. SUBMIT YOUR SITE!


    From setting up a new aquarium to picking out some good first fish, I’ve tried to include all of the aquarium information and fish information one would need to set up a freshwater aquarium. Here’s to your success with fishkeeping!

Fun Fish Tank

    Fish tank videos, picture gallery, profiles, odd fish tanks, and care and maintenance tips.


    Houston’s Premier Freshwater Fishkeeping Community

Jason’s Fishcam

    Check out this live streaming video feed of Jason’s aquarium. See the two cameras take live shots of the fish swimming and eating in their own habitat.

Just Tropical Fish

    General tropical fish information, to assist in setting up and maintaining a freshwater tropical fish aquarium, and choosing suitable fish.

King Vinnie’s Aquaria Web Pages

    Extensive aquaria section, message boards, DIY Plans, galleys, and much much more to come.

Mongabay Tropical Freshwater Fish

    Freshwater fish species descriptions, habitat photos, aquarium care information, and Rain forest research.

My Fish Tank

    A really good site! Nice pictures from freshwater setups, as well as sections for care and maintenance. Check it out!

Rate My Fish Tank

    Offers free photos of aquarist fish tanks around the world. Users can also rate tank photos, to help identify the best visual ideas for an aquarium. Useful articles for fish tank set-up and maintenance are also provided.

The Aquarium Adviser | Care Tips for Aquarium Plants and fish.

    A comprehensive site with useful information on freshwater aquariums, fish and plants.

The Aquarium Club

    Blog site covering a wide range of subjects in freshwater, saltwater and general aquarium management.

The Tropical Tank

    Loads of info for beginners and more advanced fishkeepers: Fish Index featuring over 100 species with photos, Tank Setups, Aquarium articles, Product Info, forum, links, and more!

Think Fish

    Think Fish is a well designed and easy to use site with a vast array of fishkeeping features.

Tropical Fish Centre

    “Tropical Fish – Information on tropical fish with a species guide, plenty of pictures, and help for any beginner.” Nice site!

Tropical Fish Gallery

    This site is the place to find find all your aquatic image files. It contains a large species gallery divided into the various families with the scientific and common names. The photo gallery area lets you upload your aquarium tropical fish photos for all to enjoy. There are also sections on photographing your set ups, camera reviews, and areas with helpful hints to help you take better pictures.




General Saltwater

All Tropical Fish – Marine Fish & Invertebrates

    Provides information on marine fishkeeping, corals, invertebrates and freshwater fish. Offers aquarium topsites list, fish link exchange, fish forums, community and article and photo upload.

Aquarium Chatter

    Aquarium Chatter features saltwater, freshwater and reef aquarium information. Additional topics include fish breeding and other various aquarium projects.

Aquarium Overload

    A website dedicated to the the aquarium hobby. The website documents my saltwater and freshwater aquariums, fish breeding, and diy topics.

Bali exotic fish

    We are Coral, Invertebrates, Marine Fishes exporter from Indonesia. If you interested to import high quality Indonesian corals, inverts & marine fishes don’t hesitate to contact us.

FINNS; Fish Information Service

    This is the site to go to when your looking for help or just want to do a little research. The best on the web.

Fish Keepres

    Aquarium tips and guides for beginners.

Frag Outpost

    A website dedicated to the buying, selling, and trading of propagated coral fragments between reef aquarists.

Jeff’s Nano Site

    This site is contains Nano Reef Keeping information, including original articles, photo gallery, live webcam, links & much more!

Live Rock N Reef

    Live Rock N Reef takes online orders for high quality Florida live rock and reef. Live Rock N Reef also sells quality aquariums and accessories for competitive prices.

Marine Aquarium

    An aquatic community aimed at Australians.

Reef Frontiers

    A premiere resource for the reef aquarium hobbyist. Along with discussing your hobby with others from around the world, you can research different aspects of the hobby in our vast library section as well as research different types of coral in our vast Coral/Invert Gallery and our Marine fish Gallery.

Saltwater Aquarium Blog

    Saltwater Aquarium Blog is written for anyone interested in the saltwater aquarium hobby. You will find information here about a variety of topics, including: – Saltwater fish husbandry and saltwater fish breeding – Coral husbandry and propagation (fragging) – Phytoplankton and rotifer culture – Aquarium fish news and science

Saltwater Aquarium Lighting

    A Reef Aquarium website with many fish tank lighting guides including T5, Power Compact, Metal Halide and LED lights.

Saltwater Aquarium Online Guide

    An online guide on how to start up, set up, and maintain your own saltwater aquarium. Includes other information related to saltwater aquarium such us algae, nutrition, live rocks and more.

Shark and Ray aquarist forum

    Shark aquarist forum

Thiel Aquatech

    The most comprehensive saltwater site on the Internet, it covers all aspects of fishkeeping and also has the largest library on the mini reef. Information also about freshwater.




African Cichlids – Victorian & Malawi

    A super site, Go see for yourself!

(All Cichlids.com) African & Neotropical cichlids

    Hobbyist-contributed information on keeping and breeding cichlids

Breeding Convict Cichlids and Convict Cichlid Growth Stages Description.

    This is a day by day journal of two pairs of breeding convict cichlids who share an aquarium, and who spawn happily together. It gives full detail of events and stages of daily development of the fry, as well the parental care.

California Cichlids

    African cichlids for sale from lake Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria. Shipping in usa avail.

clcDisCus-Malaysia Discus Breeder Exporter

    Discus Breeder and Exporter in Penang, Malaysia. Tropical fish hobbyist can find pictures of discus strains, resources and tips for keeping Discus.

Cichlid Center

    Exclusive information and pictures related to Cichlids, also sections on starting with Cichlids, a chat room and more. If your into Cichlids this site is a must see.


    1. DPH has lots of Discus photo’s online including
    all winners from the Int. Discus championship in Germany etc. etc. etc.

Gwynnbrook Farm Discus Fish Hatchery

    Discus Fish Breeder located in Maryland. Discus photos, videos and articles on site.

Our malawi cichlids

Website about the Malawi-cichlids we keep with a growing database and a lot of own pictures of (at this moment) over 300 different species.

P&Y Discus Farm

P&Y Discus Fish Breeder & Exporter: Discus Fish Farm: Discus Fish Hatchery from Thailand. Here you will find the various species and the best quality of Discus.

Rocky Mountain Discus

Discus fish care information, photo images of discus hatchery.



Other species

The American Livebearer Association.

    A site and club dedicated to the Livebearers, here you will find club information and much more.

Aphyosemion & Co

    Mainly a killifish site. In Dutch, the majority is also available in English

Apple snail website

    Site contains info on Things like keeping them, FAQ, anatomy and more…

Archer Fish

    General information on the Archer fish.

Betta Fish

    Betta fish care articles and tips to make caring for your betta fish easy!

Catfish and more

    Pictures, reports and videos mostly of bigger growing predatory catfish.

Caring For Betta Fish
Breeding Betta Fish
Betta Fish Care
Betta Fish

    A blog on Betta fish care basics and tips

Freshwater Aquarium Shrimp

    Freshwater aquarium dwarf shrimp articles, blog, wiki and store.


    Some are easy to keep in the aquarium, others are difficult. Most are brightly coloured, others, have fascinating behaviour. This site contains the basics on how to keep them as well as photographs and breeders tips. This site currently contains 171 pictures of 97 different species.

Shrimp Keepers Forum

    Shrimp keeping and aquatic forums, talk with hobbyist around the world. From beginners to advanced, post your questions in our forum.





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