Here are some of the products that I have found to live up to their claims, I own or use each of these and would highly recommend each one of them. If you use a product that you are happy (or unhappy) with, please fill out the product form and I will add it to the list. Please click on the links for the manufactures and your real life reviews. Submit yours today.

My personal favorites have been arouind for a long time, there are other fine filters on the market but I tend to stick with something that works for me.

Eheim filters, I believe were the first and still the best canister filters on the market. They are more expensive initially and the most helpful accessories are sold separately. Their higher cost is well offset by their reliability. This was one of the first filters I bought and it is still running seventeen years later. That’s quality!

Hagen Aqua Clear were first introduced years ago I believe as Bio-Zonics and their design has remained basically the same. They are easy to setup and a snap to clean. A great filter for the novice and expert alike.
Vortex Diatom filters are another long time standby. They are an excellent polishing filter, although somewhat difficult to setup and clean.


Emperor 280 Emperor 400 Penguin filter
Bio wheel pro Penguin powerheads System 2 wet / Dry
Fluval 400 series Fluval 200 series Magnum 350
Smallworld Pump & filter kit AquaClear Power Filters Cascade™ Canister Filters
Fluval C-Series Power Filters
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Boyds Chemi-Pure is a product that I used successfully in my saltwater tanks, it performed well and kept my water crystal clear.

Poly Filter is another multi-use product. It is an excellent filtration medium and is unmatched in the removal of dissolved medications. My current favorite is Bio-Chem Zorb which combines carbon, resins and zeolites, all in one easy to handle pouch. It does a superb job.


One of the most overlooked but essential part of any aquarium is the heater. There are dozens of makes and models available, with a wide range of wattage’s. With such an assortment to choose from it can hard to make a selection. Price should not be a factor. A heater loss could mean the lose of all your tanks inhabitants. My choice and favorite are the heaters made by Ebo-Jager. They have been around a long time with little change in design. I have found them to be completely reliable and accurate in their control. I have tried many other heaters, but always return to Ebo-Jager.

Tronic 100 watt Lee’s Ultimate Gravel Vac Lee’s Ultimate Super Pump
Hydor Aquarium Heaters Stealth Submersible Heaters Automatic water changer.
User reviews will be found on each individual product page.


I rarely use any chemicals in my aquaria however I’ve found Stress Coat to be a useful product. It is a fine chlorine remover that also helps protect the fishes slime coat.

Tap Water Purifier is an ion exchange unit that completely desalts and de-mineralizes tap water. A must for areas of high ph. and high water hardness. It is easy to use and changing cartridges is a snap.

Stress coat® AQ, proper Ph ULTIMATE ™
Ammo-Lock® Accu-clear™ B-clear water clarifier
AlgaeFix® Amquel® Instant Water Detoxifier
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I recently got bit by the Salt water bug again, and set up a new tank. I decided to try one of the new all in one units and picked the Marineland Eclipse

it is a tank top unit that combines the filter and lighting in one unit. I am very impressed with the system, it is well thought out and arranged. Set up was simple and quick with easy directions. It has only been running a short time but I find it quiet and efficient, the bio-wheel runs smooth, the filter cartridges change easily, the light has a protective cover, it even has a clip to keep the cords neat. It’s available for the standard ten, twenty and twenty-nine gallon fish tanks. I would call this a best bet for anyone setting up a new tank. If you have an older unit please call the manufacturer for a free mounting kit that will keep your motor unit straight and running quiet. I recently bought the double light fixture that is available for the Eclipse 1, this is great if you want to try a micro reef set up.

Eclipse top mount system Eclipse Explorer Juwel Rekord 120
Eclipse® Aquarium Systems Star Wars R2D2 1.8 Gallon Fish tank Odyssea, 100 gallon bowfront
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Normally one would not think of fish food as being new or exciting, it just something we sprinkle on top of the water. All fish foods are not the same. The major brands will keep fish healthy and growing as they are basically identical. Recently a new brand has appeared that I feel is superior in all aspects.

The food called Almost Natural Tropical Fish Food , offered by a true-blue tropical fish hobbyist for the other tropical fish hobbyists out there in the world who would rather go the extra mile and feed their fish a top quality tropical fish flake. This tropical fish food is hobbyist to hobbyists driven. One hobbyist helping other hobbyists. After looking at the ingredients and then the prices, you will see that it is being sold at extremely reasonable prices to you, the hobbyist. . TRY IT.

HBH Tropical 4 Flake frenzy New Life Spectrum premium fish food
DURAFLAKE® Wardleys “Slow Sinking Crumbles”
TetraColor™ Tropical Flakes Hikari premium aquatic diets
Almost Natural Tropical Fish Foods
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Nutrafin natural plant system
User reviews will be found on each individual product page.


Freshwater Master Test Kit
User reviews will be found on each individual product page.


Aquari-Sol Quick cure
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