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Amphilophus labiatus



    Red devil is the common name for two species of cichlid fish from genus Amphilophus. In North America, red devils are generally Amphilophus labiatus while in Australia, red devil are generally Amphilophus Citrinellus or a hybrid. {A.labiatus X A. citrinellus}Both species are from the neotropics and are red to pink in coloration. This bright coloration, in combination with typical cichlid behaviors make it a popular and interesting aquarium inhabitant.


Quick stats:

Listed tank sizes are the minimum
Size: Average adult size: 14″ (36 cm)
Tank: Min. Tank requirements: 75 gallons
Strata: Bottom, middle
PH: PH recommendation 7.0 to 8.0
Hardness: Hardness: 6 to 25dH
Temperature: 70°F to 80°F (21°-27° C)


Order: Perciformes
Family: Cichlidae
Sub Family: Cichlasomatinae
Genera: Amphilophus
Species: labiatus

Common name:


Red devil

Central America:

     They are found in the lakes of Nicaragua and Managua.

General Body Form:All red devils begin their life with stripes and they begin to develop their characteristic red coloration from around 3″ to 4″. They can go through many phases before they reach adult coloration. Which can range from a pale yellow to a brilliant orange or red. Some will develop patches of color,patches of black,black spots and sometimes even black stripes on their journey to maturity. Males will develop an impressive nuchal hump as they grow. Males are larger and have elongated anal and dorsal fins. Some females will also develop the beginnings of a hump although it will never be as spectacular as a males would be. It is almost impossible in this day and age to find a pure Red devil at the local pet store. They are extremely close genetic relationship to to A. citrinellum{Midas cichlid} means that cross breeding is rampant and almost every Red devil offered for sale will contain at least some citrinellum in its background somewhere.. These species do not differ that much in looks or personality. Red devils tend to have thicker and more pointed lips . Where the Midas will have thinner and more rounded lips. If you are after a pure Red devil you must be picky about who you buy your fish from.

Maintenance:The minimum size tank for a single Red devil is 55gal, although they will do far better in a larger tank. I feel that a Red devil should be housed in a 75gal or even a 90gal to be happy. They are fish that need their space. If you are looking to keep a pair you would need at least a 75gal. Tanks should be set up with plenty of open swimming space ..Substrate should be sand or fine gravel.. Red devils tank is more a matter of what your fish decides is best. Rather then what you think it should look like. Regular water changes and good filtration is essential.


    Inhabits lakes in its native range.

Breeding:Once a bond is formed red devils are substrate spawners .A pit will be dug out by the male and female ,then eggs will be laid,usually between 600 and 700 and fertilized by the male. The eggs will hatch in approximately 3-5 days and the parents will move the fry to various other pits that have been dug around the tank. Both parents will be extremely protective of fry for several weeks. This is not the time to be disturbing them..Given a Red devils habit of attacking anything that enters his territory you can imagine how much worse they would be with fry to protect. If you value your fingers do not disturb Red devils at this time. Red devils are heavily muscled in the jaw and mouth area and are capable of doing serious damage.


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