Marosatherina (Telmatherina) ladigesi



    A very beautiful aquarium fish. They are demanding on the quality of the water, but once established can be very hardy. Provide the proper tankmates for this seldom seen fish and you will have a species that you can be proud of.


Quick stats:

Listed tank sizes are the minimum
Size: 2¾ in (7 cm)
Tank: 30 inches
Strata: Middle
PH: 7.0 to 8.0
Hardness: Medium hard to hard
Temperature: 78° to 82°F (22 – 28°C)


Order: Atheriniformes
Suborder: Atherinoidei
Family: Telmatherinidae
Genera: Marosatherina
Species: ladigesi

Common name:

Celebese Rainbow 

    , Celebese Sailfish.


    Streams and estuarine waters in Indonesia (Celebes) , near the city of Maros

General Body Form:

    Slender with moderate lateral compression. The most obvious features are the Dorsal fins. The first one is small and lies in line with the Ventral fins. The second Dorsal is much larger and lies in line with the similar shaped Anal fin. In juveniles and females the second dorsal and the anal fins are rounded, while in adult males they are elongated and pointed to separations at the tips.

Coloration:A very beautiful fish. In the male the body is translucent Gold, With a Blue-Green sheen when looked at from the from the front. The top as well as the belly area are pale Yellow. The sides are a OliveYellow, with bright Blue-Green stripes running down the length of the body along the backbone. The first Dorsal is a rather unimpressive Coppertone. The Second Dorsal and the anal fin are quite stunning. They are an Orange-Red at the base fading into a yellow as the fin expands. The first two rays are jet Black. The ventral fins have the Yellow tinge and the Caudal fin is pale yellow with dark upper and lower edges. The eye is a Greenish Yellow color.
The females are generally paler in color overall and the Black edging of the second dorsal and anal fins is missing.


    The tank should be heavily planted in areas, but also have a large open area for swimming. The addition of some floating plants will also help mimic it’s natural habitat. Not the easiest fish to care for, they require pristine water conditions. Frequent small water changes are a must and the tank must have excellent filtration. They will accept flake and frozen food, but they will fare better with the addition of live food.


    Slow moving clear streams in the hilly parts of Celebes, Indonesia.


    The spawning period can last for several months. The courtship is fast paced and intense with the male always driving at the female. Once completed the female will lay the large clear yellow eggs among the plants. You will se them hanging by threads from the underside of the plants. They are spawn eaters and if possible you should remove the eggs to a rearing tank. At a temperature of around 80°F the eggs will hatch between five to ten days. The fry will remain just below the waters surface and must be fed the smallest of flake food or paramecia. They grow fast and are sexually mature at around seven months of age.



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