Hemigrammus Erthrozonus



    Overlooked by many the glow light is a peaceful handsome fish that should be considered for any community setup.

Quick stats:

Listed tank sizes are the minimum
Size: 1.5 inches (4 cm)
Tank: 20 inches
Strata: All
PH: 6.0 to 7.5
Hardness: Soft to medium hard
Temperature: 72°F to 82°F (24-28°C)


Order: Cypriniformes
Suborder: Characoidei
Family: Characidae
Genera: Hemigrammus
Species: Erthrozonus


Common name:


Glowlight tetra 

    Glowlite tetra, glolight tetra



Northeastern South America, Guyana

General Body Form:The abdominal area of the male curves in slightly (concave), and he is smaller and less robust than the female. Generally this is a very slender species resembling the neon tetra in shape and form. Top size is about 1.5 inches.

Coloration:Overall a very pleasing species to look at. The anal, ventral and dorsal fins are slightly off white to translucent in coloration, in addition the front of the dorsal fin is marked by a bright red stripe. This color is repeated on the top section of the eye. The basic body color is pale translucent olive green color. There is a shimmering purple to red stripe starting at the base of the tail fin extending to the mouth area. Under certain light you can see an additional golden stripe on top of the red.

Maintenance:Glow lights are happiest and show off their colors best in a tank with subdued lighting and a dark substrate. The water should have a pH of 7.0 and the temperature maintained between 72°F and 82°F, hardness to 20°. The tank can be small and decorated with live plants and some driftwood. Stock the aquarium with equally peaceful species and keep them in as large a school as possible. Once established they are easily fed and cared for with flake and frozen food.

Biotope:Essequibo River, in Guyana


Difficult. Use a heavily planted tank (fine leafed like Myriophyllium) and reduced light levels. The water should be soft and slightly acidic. Place well conditioned fish in the tank and raise the temperature to about 82°F. The female is usually larger than the male and her girth must be noticeable rounded to show she is ready. The small and almost transparent eggs are scattered among the plants. The parents are egg eaters and should be removed after spawning. The fry will hatch in about 24 hours and are free swimming in about four days. They should be fed baby brine shrimp or crushed flake food. It is important to change about 25% the water frequently, at least once a week.


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