Botia Almorhae (formerly Lochata)



    This fish is an ideal community fish for the beginner to the advanced. Generally peaceful, yet very active.

Quick stats:


Listed tank sizes are the minimum
Size: 6″ (10cm)
Tank: 36 inches when small. Due to their social structure larger is needed for proper care.
Strata: Bottom, middle
PH: 6.0 to 7.5
Hardness: Soft to medium. dH range: 2.0 – 10.0
Temperature: 75°F to 86°F (24-30°C)


Order: Cypriniformes
Suborder: Cyprinidae
Family: Cobitidae
Genera: Botia
Species: Almorhae








Common name:


Yo-Yo Loach

    , Pakistan Loach


    Pakistan and India

General Body Form:One of the longer and thinner of the Botia, the Yo Yo loach has the classic loach shape. The belly area is fairly straight and the back curves in a convex shape. The mouth has four pairs of barbels. As with most of the family the spine reaches to just below the eye


Coloration:The body is Gray / Silver with many vertical and oblique dark stripes which vary in thickness scattered along the back and sides. Dark oval spots or blotches can be seen between the bands The translucent fins are marked with the same stripes as found on the body.

Maintenance:Minimum number of this species in your tank should be 3. Yo-Yo’s kept as a single fish, or even in pairs do not exhibit the same behavior as small shoals.. The active behavior of the fish has endeared it to the hobby. Especially fun to observe is the “dance” that occurs as they frolic through the tank. They become a writhing, tumbling, somersaulting mass, swimming from end to end of your tank. Caution: due to the highly active nature of this species they are not good tank mates for shy skittish fish. This fish is a bottom feeder (not scavenger). As a consequence the substrate should range from sandy to small, smooth aggregate to avoid barbell injury.. You will find them constantly nosing through the substrate looking for any uneaten food that has fallen to the bottom of the tank. They will accept virtually any type of food. Sinking pellets and wafers are a must. Like most loaches they have a voracious appetite for snails. Live foods, vegetables, flake, frozen Hobbyists should provide caves for hiding/resting places. Small caves that offer a “snug” fit are best as large, open caves are often shunned. Driftwood offering an open area lounging spot is good. As are plants. But, the hobbyist should be certain the plants are well embedded because of the constant nosing through the substrate in search of food. Since they are mountain stream type loaches, strong filtration offering a medium to strong current is appreciated by this fish. Although it is not necessary. The Yo-Yo does best in slightly acidic water. pH range is in the 6.6-7.2 range. They are a hardy fish that will acclimate to higher pH. A heat tolerant fish. 75-86F. 79-82F is a normal range. They prefer warmer than usual temps. Tank size is an important consideration. They are very active swimmers with large space requirement for proper development.. A tank of 3’ will work when they are small. As they grow they really require something along the line of 4-6’. A lot of space for a small fish.


Biotope:Found in the streams of India and Nepal. The mature/adults specimens usually migrate to higher altitudes.


Little (or nothing) is known of their sexing and breeding habits


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