I hope you find Badman’s Tropical Fish useful and entertaining. It has many sections on the care and upkeep of most of the tropical fish we keep today. I also have tried to make it as interactive as possible. Here you find various polls and forms to add your knowledge to the site. As such it will always be fresh and there is always something new. Spend some time and explore! All questions should be posted on the site’s forum

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Mystery fish.”Who Am I ” Test your knowledge

Whats in your tank?

Reader submitted inhabitants of their aquariums, these are personal examples and by no means should they be used as stocking guidelines.

Fish profile comments

African Dwarf Frog
Featherfin squeaker
Boesemani Rainbowfish
African clawed frog
Peacock Gudgeon
Black Neon Tetra 
Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish
Black skirt Tetra
Rummy-nose tetra 

See what your fellow hobbyist have to say about their experiences.

The Families

These sections will give a brief definition of the most common fish families along with a general description of the tank requirements needed to maintain them.


Detailed Information
More specific and detailed information, ranging from an individual fish species to water requirements. This area goes deeper into the hobby and should provide a great research tool.

A full featured online aquarium maintenance program. You can add your tanks, schedule maintenance, add fish and all other aspects of aquarium care. This is the only online Program of its kind. Check it out!

  • Fish Statistics

    A quick, at a glance page featuring more than four-hundred fifty fish from the most popular tropical fish species. There are pictures of each, with an easy to read information table.


  • Plant Statistics

    All you need to know about the aquatic plants we keep. The most popular ones are profiled in an easy to read table format with pictures to aid you in their identification.

  • Fish Profiles

    Over two hundred detailed descriptions of a single tropical fish specimen covering all aspects of its care. Reader submitted comments.

    —-Spotlight Profile—-
      The Indian Glass Fish
  • Species Gallery

    This section contains a large species photo gallery divided into the various families with the scientific and common names. The Photo Gallery area lets you upload your aquarium photos for all to enjoy. Searchable.

  • Disease Identification

    Fish Palaces’ disease section recreated to help all hobbyist. Photos, causes and cures are found here in one of the best tools available on the web.


  • Fish Compatibility Charts

    A chart with a listing of fish compatibility with themselves and other species. If you want to know how that new fish is going to get along with your others this is the place to find out.

  • Who Am I?

    Every few months or so I will add a picture of a mystery fish here. Some will be hard and others easy to identify. The fish can be either freshwater or salt. Test your knowledge today.


  • Cichlid of the Month

    An article on a specifiic cichlid, Started by Dan. The articles are about a cichlid that he had personally worked with. He had breed Central and South American cichlids as well as some West African cichlids for over 30 years. If you would like to add one please contact me.

Fishkeeping ABCs

Thinking of getting started in this great hobby? Need some questions answered, what will be involved? These sections will give you all the information you need Before you run out and spend your hard earned money.

  • Fish Anatomy

    A first look at what a fish is. This section will point out their different parts, help you in their identification and sexing.

  • Articles

    Reader-submitted articles. These cover a wide range of subjects and should prove helpful to all. Submit yours!

  • Basics

    A complete subsection on setting up your your first aquarium. It covers everything from the fish tanks to the care of your fish and much more. “ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW”

  • Step by Step

    Thinking of setting up a 75-gallon fish tank? This section is written by a reader who told his story with pictures and text.

  • Aquatic Diseases

    A listing of common aquatic ailments with symptoms, causes and possible cures.

  • Breeding Tips

    General guidelines for the breeding of tropical fish. There is a brief description for the major breeding techniques used by the various species.

  • Test Kits

    An explanation of the different types of test kits available, what each one does, and my recommendations for the ones you need.

  • FAQ

    Commonly asked questions with their answers. If you have a question check it out.

  • Aquatic Glossary

    A large aquatic term glossary. All the technical terms are defined. Terms related to plants will be green.


Want More?
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Aquarium supplies




From the standard community setup to the species aquarium this area will outline the different choices available. Each section will tell you what you need to know and any specialized requirements you may need meet. With the wealth of species available today it is easy to branch out and try your hand at the many different biotopes.



What is a community aquarium? Want to build one? Check here to see what they’re all about.


Suggestions for aquaria setups that simulate the natural environment of the fish we keep.

 Rift Lake Setup

Ever wanted to know exactly what’s needed to set up an African cichlid tank? Click here to find out.


Not quite fresh, not quite salt. This will explain all you need to know.

 Salt Water  Seahorse

Thinking about getting your feet wet with salt water? Love to keep a seahorse. These sections will briefly give you an overview.

 Paludarium –  Vivarium

Part land and part water; two choices in construction. Join us as we build each from the start

 Petshop Directory

How do your local shops compare? A pet shop directory submitted by the readers.


Ever wonder what happens when we release a fish into the wild?

Take a Look!
The lighter side of the site, a place to have some fun. From puzzles to reader submitted photos here you can sit back and relax.

  • Puzzles

    Lets lighten things up a bit. Try these puzzles and see if YOU can make it to the Puzzle Hall of Fame! They are harder than you might think.

  • Breeding Photos

    Photos of your fish spawning. Please send in yours for all to enjoy!

  • Fish Tank Photos 

    This is the place to see other readers’ tanks and tropical fish pictures. Please visit the page to see how to add yours.

  • Your Fish

    There’s already a section to showcase your tanks, now lets’ see your prized fish. Whether it’s the most beautiful angel or the ugliest pleco, send them in for all to see.

  • Discus Gallery

    A photo gallery of some of the best Discus pictures I have seen. If you want to see some beautiful fish visit here. These photos were submitted to me by a very generous reader.

  • Movies

    Movies submitted by the readers. Come check out some of your favorite fish in action.

  • Ranges

    Specific distribution ranges, with maps and statistic charts for some of the most commonly kept tropical fish.

  • Fish Tales

    Want to read an amusing or interesting story related to our hobby? Check them out here or submit your own!

  • Identify

    From time to time I receive a request to help in identifying a fish. I will post them here for all to help out.

Need Some Help
Problems are inevitable and sometimes you just need a little help. Here you will find answers to some of the more common issues and the sites message forum where you can pick the brains of fellow hobbyist.


An aquatic message forum. Leave your questions or post answers here for other readers to respond to. Need quick help? This is where to go!

  • Medications

    A listing of common medications with symptoms and the different specific products used to treat them.

  • Forum Archives

    Thousands of questions and answers about all aspects of the hobby. A great place for research or help. Searchable!

  • Plant Problems

    Some of the more common problems you might encounter with your aquatic plants. I will discuss their probable causes and some possible remedies.

  • Products of Merit

    A page for aquarium products that, through my own experience, I have found to be excellent. You may share your experiences here also, either good or bad.

  • Aquatic Links

    Can’t find what you need here? Then check out some of these links.