Oreochromis mossambicus

Common Name:

Mozambique mouthbrooder

Size: Up to 15.6in (39.6cm)
Habitat: AFRICA: Lower Zambezi, Lower Shiré and coastal plains from Zambezi delta to Algoa Bay. Widely introduced for aquaculture, but escaped and established itself in the wild in many countries, often outcompeting local species
Note: This fish really should not be an aquarium fish. It grows very quickly, and should most likely be kept in a community tank which requires a huge tank. It will eat smaller fish that are not around their size.
Min Tank Size: 200 gallons for adults.
Diet: Omnivorous: Will eat anything really. Vegetables should be included.
Behavior: Peaceful. Territorial when breeding.
Water: 70 – 81°F (21-27°C); pH range: 6.2 – 8.5; dH range: 10.0 – 30.0°GH.
Care: Very easy to keep and breed, but because of its size, it is not recommend for beginners. Good filtration.
Communities: Only good when kept with fish its size.
Suitability: Not good. Only good for people with large tanks.

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