Hyphessobrycon bentosi

Common Name:

Ornate Tetra, False Rosy Tetra, Roberts Tetra, Bentosi White Tip Tetra.

Size: 1.6 in (4 cm).
Habitat: South America: Native to the Amazon basin in Peru and Brazil. Primarily inhabits forested areas, in sluggish tributaries off the main river channels.
Min Tank Size: 15 Gallons for a singles species tank with a nice school. Due to their active nature it’s best to keep this species in a tank at least 24″ (60 cm) in length.
Diet: Omnivorous: Feeds chiefly on small invertebrates in nature. In the aquarium, it proves unfussy. Feed a mixture of dried flakes and granules along with small live and frozen foods.
Behavior: It’s a very peaceful species that won’t compete well with very boisterous or much larger tankmates.
Water: Prefers soft, slightly acidic water in pH range 5.5-7.0, hardness 2-10°H , temperature 75-82°F (24-28°C).
Care: A shoaling species – always buy a group of at least 6 of these. A heavily-planted tank with diffused light and a dark substrate suits this species admirably.
Communities: Can be housed with other peaceful fish like tetras, pencilfish, hatchetfish, small catfish and loaches, rasbora; suitable for discus and angelfish..
Suitability: Undemanding, easy

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