Family: Characidae

Myleus schomburgkii

Common Name:

Disk Tetra, Black-Barred Silver Dollar.

Note: The fish we see in dealers tanks called Silver Dollars are difficult to classify and a number of different species are bunched together in a general common name. There may be different species for sale in the same tank. Their needs are basically the same.
Size: Up to 15 in (40 cm) in the wild. Much smaller in the home aqurium.
Habitat: South America: Middle and lower Amazon River basin, Nanay River, upper Orinoco River basin, Suriname.
Min Tank Size: 100 (400 litre) Gallons for a small school.
Diet: Herbivorous: Provide green vegetables like spring greens. Peas, cucumber, algae wafers spirulina and vegetable flakes.
Behavior: Peaceful shoaling fish that can be easily spooked.
Water: Water Chemistry not overly critical, 73 -81°F (23– 27°C) pH 6.0-7.0 dH range: 4 – 10
Care: Open spaces, many plants, driftwood and with plants subduing the lighting. Live plants will be eaten so it is best to use artificial.
Communities: Can be housed with larger fish and large bottom feeders.
Suitability: Intermediate, may jump, Lids should be required for this fish.

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