Photo by: Kevin Cumberton


Herichthys carpintis

Common Name:

Escondido, Lowland, Pearlscale cichlid

Size: 7 inches in captivity (17cm)
Habitat: North America: Atlantic slope, Panuco River drainage, and Soto La Marina River in Mexico.
Min Tank Size: 55 gallons+
Diet: Omnivorous, live foods (i.e., black worms, chopped earthworms), in addition to the basic flake and pellet foods.
Behavior: Aggressive active hunter.
Water: Temperature: 74°F to 91°F (23°-33° C), pH range: 7.0– 8.0; dH range: 9 – 20
Care: Intermediate.
Communities: Other robust Central American Cichlids.
Suitability: Anyone who can care for large adult fish.

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