Leptobarbus hoevenii

Common Name:

Maroon Shark: Other names; Sultan Fish, Ikan Jelawat, Mad Barb

Size: Common to 20 inches (50 cm) can get larger.
Note: Should not be considered a home aquarium fish, young are sometimes seen for sale and caution should taken before purchasing. It is unfair to subject any animal to less than ideal living conditions.
Habitat: S.E. ASIAN ISLANDS: Rivers in Thailand to Sumatra and Borneo.
Min Tank Size: At least 125 gallons for young, public aquarium for mature specimens.
Diet: Omnivorous, flake, Frozen, and live food. Will eat anything.
Behavior: Peaceful, lively. Will eat smaller fish.
Water: Temperature 73 to 79°F (22 – 25°C) pH range: 6.0 – 8.0; dH range: 5 – 15
Care: Easy, needs open swimming space.
Communities: Very large cichlids and catfish or keep alone or in a small group.
Suitability: Poor, grows to large for most home aquaria.

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