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Barbus candens

Common Name:

Redfin Butterfly Barb.

Size: Up to 1.25 in (2.6 cm)
Habitat: Africa: Middle and upper Congo River basin.
Min Tank Size: 20″ or 10 gallons for a small school.
Diet: Omnivorous, flake foods, freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex worms, will also accept some fresh vegetables if in small enough pieces.
Behavior: Schooling fish, 6+ of same species preferred for comfort of fish. Males will form a pecking order so a sufficent size aquarium is needed for larger numbers.
Water: PH: 5.0 to 6.0, Temperature 68° to 79°F (20 to 26°C), dH range: 1 – 5
Care: Provide a gentle current, best in temperatures under 75°F (24°C) Widely adaptable fish, does best in soft water.
Communities: Due to their shy nature they are best in a species tank. They would be OK with other small fish that will not out compete them for food.
Suitability: Good

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