Family: Thiaridae
Genus & Species:

Melanoides tuberculata

Common Name:

Malaysian Trumpet Snail

Size: 1″ (2.54cm)
Habitat: Northern Australia, the New Hebrides, north and west to southern China (including other Pacific Islands) and north to the Ryukyu Islands of Japan as well as much of Africa, the eastern Med, India, Southeast Asia and Malaysia.
Min Tank Size: 1 gallon.
Diet: They are mostly carnivores and detritivores that eat leftover fish food in community tanks. Carnivore pellets will suffice in species tanks. They might also snack on some algae.
Behavior: Nocturnal, burrowers.
Water: Ph 5.0-8.5, Temperature 68°F-86°F (20°- 30°C), prefers hard water.
Care: Easy.
Communities: OK.
Suitability: Ok for beginner.

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