Family: Balitoridae

Barbatula barbatula

Common Name:

Common Loach, Stone Loach.

Note: Should not be considered a tropical aquarium fish, rarely seen for sale. Would be suitable for a cool water or native species set up. It is unfair to subject any animal to less than ideal living conditions.
Size: Up to 6 inches (15.25cm)
Habitat: Eurasia:: Across Europe and Asia to China.
Min Tank Size: 30 gallon.
Diet: Carnivorous, Small worms and can learn to accept flake.
Behavior: Peaceful.
Water: Temperature of 50 to 64°F (10 – 18°C), pH 7.0 to 7.7, dH range: 10 – 15°
Care: Difficult, due to the lower temperatures needed.
Communities: Good, keep with fish of similar needs.
Suitability: Species or native tank only.

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