Family: Belonidae

Xenentodon cancila

Common Name:

Needlenose Gar, Needle fish, Freshwater garfish.

Size: Up to 16 inches (40cm)
Min Tank Size: 40 gallon long.
Habitat: Asia: Sri Lanka and India eastward to the Mekong.
Diet: Carnivorous, Live mostly but can learn to take dead food.
Behavior: Peaceful, and very nervous. Active predator to fish smaller than itself.
Water: pH 6.5 to 7.5, dH range 6 – 20, temperature range 73-84°F (23-29°C)
Care: Medium, needs a long shallow tank, with a good cover and high water quality.
Communities: Good, are jumpers and like to be kept in schools.
Suitability: Good for those that will meet its needs.

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