Family: Ampullariidae
Genus & Species:

Pomacea bridgesii

Common Name:

Brig, Apple Snail, Mystery Snail

Size: The size of the shell varies from 40-50 mm wide and 45-65 mm high.
Habitat: South America: Amazon River basin, from Peru, Ecuador and Colombia to the mouth of Amazon River.
Min Tank Size: 2.5 gallons per snail.
Diet: Omnivore, however prefers vegetables rich in calcium, algae wafers, other sinking wafers.
Plant eating tendency: Moderate to High.
Algae eating tendency: Low to Moderate.
Behavior: Can live solitary or in groups, beware if living in groups of more than 1 snail, you can wind up with 100’s. They will lay their eggs in clutches out of the water, typically on the tank lid, so if you do not want more snails, you can just remove the clutch and throw it away.
Water: PH 7.6 – 8.4 , not suitable for lower PH waters due to the erosion of their shells. Be sure to leave a gap on the surface of the water between the lid as they breathe air through their siphon and need to be able to pull the air out.
Care: It is recommended that a calcium supplement be added to the diet and the water such as Kent’s Liquid Calcium to ensure proper shell growth. Use soft, non sharp substrate, such as sand or smooth pebbles. Do not use substrate that can scratch or cut the snail’s foot.
Communities: Suitable with peaceful fish that do not nip. Definitely not suitable with aggressive fast fish that nip due to their long antennae.
Suitability: Advanced.

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