Family: Tetraodontidae
Genus & Species:

Tetraodon fluviatilis

Common Name:

Ceylon Puffer, Green puffer, false figure-8 puffer

Size: 7-8” (18-20cm)
Habitat: Asia: India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Borneo.
Min Tank Size: 50 gallons.
Diet: Mollusks, crustaceans.
Behavior: Moderate for a puffer.
Water: Temperature 75-82°F (24 – 28°C),Light brackish to full marine (specific gravity 1.005 –1.021), pH 7.5-8.4
Care: Milder than most hunter-predators, good filtration, intolerant of metabolites.
Communities: Solitary other than in very large tanks with conspecifics or T.nigroviridis.
Suitability: Advanced.

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