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Family: Elassomatidae

Elassoma evergladi

Common Name:

Pygmy Sunfish.

Size: Up to 1.4 inches (3.4cm) more common at .09 inches (2.3cm)
Min Tank Size: 5 gallon for a group.
Habitat: North America: Cape Fear River drainage in North Carolina to Mobile Bay in Alabama; south in Florida to northern edge of Everglades.
Diet: Carnivorous, needs live foods will not take flake or frozen. In the wild feeds on worms and crustaceans. Brine shrimp seems to work well.
Behavior: Peaceful and at times timid, should be kept to fish smaller than itself. Can be territorial.
Water: pH 7.0 to 7.5, dH range 8 – 12, temperature range 50-86°F (10-30°C)
Care: Medium, needs a well planted tank with open areas as well as hiding places such as rocks and driftwood, a good cover. Not fussy on water quality.
Communities: Poor, best kept in a species tank and like to be kept in ratios of one male to two females.
Suitability: Good for those that will meet its needs.
Note: The Elassomatidae are known collectively as pygmy sunfishes, but are not true sunfishes, which are members of family Centrarchidae. Some researchers believe they are related to sticklebacks and pipefishes (order Syngnathiformes) rather than Perciformes.

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