Family: Eleotridae

Mogurnda mogurnda

Common Name:

Sleeper goby, Purple Spotted Gudgeon

Size: Up to 6.75 inches (17.5cm) but usually not over 4 inches (10cm) in home aquaria, females much smaller.
Habitat: Oceania: Australia and Papua New Guinea.
Min Tank Size: 40 gallon (48″)
Diet: Omnivore, accepts flake frozen or live. A varied diet will bring out their coloration.
Behavior: Peaceful, but can nip fins
Water: 75°F-79°F (24°- 26°C) Low to middle 70’s ideal, Ph 6.0-7.8, Soft to medium. KH 10-20
Care: Easy.
Communities: Good, keep with other fast moving species.
Suitability: Good for all.

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