Family: Gobiidae
Genus & Species:

Stigmatogobius sadanundio

Common Name:

Knight Goby

Size: Up to 3″ (8cm) Total Length
Habitat: Asia: India, Sri Lanka and the Andamans to Singapore and Indonesia.
Min Tank Size: 20 + gallons
Diet: Prefers live but will take most flake, frozen, dried or sinking pellets.
Behavior: Territorial, shy.
Water: Temperature: 72°F to 81°F (20-26°C) pH range: 7.0 – 8.0; dH range: 9 – 19
Salinity: A 1% addition of salt is recommendedas these fish are found in brackish water.This can be accomplished by adding 7.5 TSP of sea salt/ 10 gallons (10g/10 L) on a hydrometer the reading should be between 1.005 to 1.010 specific gravity.
Care: Medium.
Communities: Not with large agressive fish, will eat smaller fish.
Suitability: Good.

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