Scientific Name: Aponogeton Crispus
Common Name: Wavy-edged Swordplant
Substrate: Rich with nutrients
Lighting: Not critical
pH value: Not critical
Hardness: Not critical
Temperature: 6-77°F (20-25°C)
Height: Up to 18 in (45 cm)
Distribution: Southeast Asia, especially Sri Lanka.
Characteristics: Short or long leaf stocks, depending on the light intensity
Aquarium use: Middleground specimen plant, great on the sides.
From Tropica: Aponogeton crispus looks good in any aquarium with its light-green, transparent leaves. It makes few demands, although growth is always best in soft, slightly acidic water with a nutritious bottom. In such conditions the plant produces a mass of leaves, and it flowers very frequently in optimum conditions. Aponogeton crispus is generally found in ponds that are only filled with water in the rainy season, but it does not need a dormant period in the aquarium.
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