Scientific Name: Sagittaria Subulata Var.Subulata
Common Name: Dwarf Sagittaria
Substrate: Plain washed gravel
Lighting: Moderate
pH value: Not critical
Hardness: Not critical
Temperature: 55-79°F (13-26°C)
Height: 12 in (30 cm)
Distribution: Atlantic coast of North America
Characteristics: A grasslike plant with very narrow leaves
Aquarium use: Middleground, plant in groups of at least four. It can produce dense fields of plants.
From Tropica: Sagittaria subulata is an ideal, undemanding foreground plant whose short runners form a compact group. Place individual plants 2-4 cm apart. This plant may cause problems because in certain conditions it suddenly grows to a height of 50 cm when it grows older. But if it is then moved into the background it may become low again. In the aquarium it sometimes sends a long flower stem to the surface, and small white flowers unfold just above the water surface.
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