Family Name: Aponogetonaceae (water hawthorn family)
Scientific Name: Aponogeton rigidifolius
Common Name: None
Substrate: Plain washed gravel
Lighting: Bright; 50 watts per 25 gallons (100 L)
pH value: 5.5-6.5
Hardness: 1-3°dCH
Temperature: 72-82°F (22-28°C)
Height: 24 in (60 cm)
Distribution: Sri Lanka
Characteristics: Leaves stemmed, stiffly erect, slightly brittle, rough and hard; dark green to olive brown.
Aquarium use: Background, singly, ideally in large aquariums.
From Tropica: Aponogeton rigidifolius grows slowly and makes great demands on light quality. After a few months in favourable growing conditions it can develop into a large, very attractive plant with beautiful, dark-green fluted leaves. Unlike most other Aponogeton species, it does not have a swollen root but a rhizome, and it does not need a dormant period. It makes no special demands on the water quality, and thrives in both hard and soft water. Also available in reddish varieties.
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