Family Name: Amaryllidaceae (amaryllis family)
Scientific Name: Crinum natans
Common Name: None
Substrate: Nutrient-Rich bottom
Lighting: Very bright
pH value: 5.5-7.0
Hardness: 2-10°dH
Temperature: 54-77°F (12-25°C)
Height: 20-40 in (50-100 cm)
Distribution: Africa
Characteristics: Leaves unstemmed, ligamentous, bright green and burled; more heavily burled in good light than in shade.
Aquarium use: Background Plant
From Tropica: Crinum natans is a very beautiful and graceful bulbous plant with dark-green leaves. Plant so the top 2/3 of the bulb is visible. When the plant grows older (if it is thriving) it sometimes forms small bulbs and sends a flower stem up to the water surface with a beautiful and aromatic lily flower. The plant varies considerably in leaf width and the shape of the leaf margin. It is also suitable for indoor ponds, and is not eaten by herbivorous fish.
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