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Note: Varieties of Cynotilapia afra look quite different depending upon their location. These varieties may eventually be classified as different species.

Cynotilapia afra

Common Name:

Dogtooth Cichlid

Size: 4″ (10cm)
Habitat: AFRICA: Endemic to Lake Malawi.
Min Tank Size: Nothing smaller than a 55 gallon.
Diet: Omnivorous. Flake or frozen heavy on those containing algae like spirulina.
Behavior: Semi-agressive to other species. Aggressive To its own species, keep one male with at least three females.
Water: 73 – 82°F (23-28°C), pH: 8.0 – 8.5, Water Hardness: Hard 10-25 dGH
Care: Easy.
Communities: To reduce aggression keep with dissimilar Malawi species.
Suitability: Good for those who can maintain an African cichlid tank.

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