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Family: L oricariidae

Hypancistrus zebra (L046)

Note: The “L” numbers for the plecos can be confusing for all but the experts. The general requirements are basically the same for all the plecos. Full grown size has to be considered when planing to add them to your aquarium.
Common Name:

Zebra Pleco

Size: 2 ½ 4 inches (7-10cm)
Habitat: SOUTH AMERICA: Rio Xingu, Brazil.
Min Tank Size: At least 2ft long (typically 60l, 15.9gal) Depth is less of an issue as they are a bottom dwelling species.
Diet: Omnivorous, they do not eat algae and primarily eat foods such as Bloodworm, Brine shrimp, Tetra Prima, Courgette, Red Pepper and Peas, however they can be particularly fussy and may choose not to eat all of those recommended.
Behavior: They are shy, nocturnal species. It is rare to see much movement, with them generally staying inside caves and crevices. They perform better in small groups, developing a hierarchy and are territorial with their caves, and so need more caves then fish.
Water: Temperature of 77 to 86°F (26 to 30°C), pH range: 6.0 – 7.5 (recorded reading from the river Xingu showed 6.44-7.09) ; dH range: 2 12
Care: Somewhat easy to keep. Setup requires plenty of hiding spots, such as crevices and caves, tank lighting not essential, plants not essential. Good water quality essential.
Communities: Can be kept in communities matching similar requirements.
Suitability: Rare, high cost, high demand, more suitable for specific breeding set ups.

If you think some of the information in this statistic is incorrect or missing and can provide us with additional or more accurate information about this fish species please contact us at Badman’s Tropical Fish


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