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Family: Malapteruridae

Malapterurus electricus

Common Name:

Electric catfish.

Size: 12″ (26 cm) for dwarfs, some species up to 39″ (100cm)
Habitat: Africa: Occurs in much of the Nile system. Widespread throughout tropical Africa.
Min Tank Size: At least 55 gallons for dwarf. Other species public aquariums only.
Diet: Carnivorous, garden worms, frozen bloodworms,shrimp and Krill.
Behavior: Aggressive predatory species.
Water: Temperature of 74°F to 84°F (23°-30° C) , pH range: 7.0 – 8.0; dH range: 4 – 25
Care: Easy.
Communities: NO, keep singly.
Suitability: Only for the advanced hobbyist. Note: This species is equipped with electrical organs in the cutaneous layer of the skin. The fish insulates itself against shock by a thick fatty layer. The head is the negative pole, while the tail is the positive pole. This species will grow accustomed to their keeper and may take food from ones hand.

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