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Family: L oricariidae

Leporacanthicus galaxias

Common Name:

Vampire Pleco, Galaxy Pleco, Tusken Pleco

Size: Up to 10 inches (25 cm)
Habitat: SOUTH AMERICA: southern tributaries of the middle and lower Amazon, Madeira, Tocantins and Guamá rivers; also known from the Ventuari River basin in the upper Orinoco drainage.
Note: The “L” numbers for the plecos can be confusing for all but the experts. The general requirements are basically the same for all the plecos. Full grown size has to be considered when planing to add them to your aquarium.
Diet: Omnivore; They will eat a variety of foods, not good for eating algae.
Behavior: Reclusive, Nocturnal, Peaceful towards most fish, though they can be very territorial towards other bottom feeders.
Water: Temperature 72 to 79°F (22 to 26°C), pH range: 5.5 – 7.2; dH range: 5 – 19
Care: Easy to intermediate.
Communities: Not with other bottom feeders.
Suitability: For the seasoned aquarist.

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