The top five tropical fish food you can buy inChoosing the best tropical fish food is very important If you have tropical fish, i for their health and growth. That is because tropical fish require a high protein and low fiber food that can keep them strong while also improving coloration. And we performed thorough tests and have written detailed reviews to make your task of finding the right food easier.

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Comparison Chart

Name Weight (in ounces) Food Form
Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Fish Food

1.6 Granules
Fluval Hagen Vegetarian Flakes

4.94 Flakes
Omega One Color Mini Pelle 

3.5 Pellets
Cobalt Ultra Shrimp & Vegi

2.8 Wafers
New Life Spectrum Naturox Optimum All Purpose Flakes

3.2 Flakes

The Best Food For Tropical Fish: Handpicked Reviews

Let’s get straight into our list of the best tropical fish food:

1. Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Fish Food

– Pros

  • Small size
  • High in protein
  • Slow sinking
  • No artificial preservatives

– Cons

  • Not for larger fish

The Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Fish Food is a great option, made of the nutrient-filled Black Soldier Fly Larvae, great for tropical fish and making approximately 40 percent of these delicious granules.

Along with the larvae, this fish food contains multiple essential proteins and minerals that are important for improving your fish’s health. For example, fatty acids like Omega 3, multiple vitamins, amino acids, etc. these can all be found in these bite-sized flakes, that is why your pets will be getting a balanced diet and all the nutrition they need.

An added benefit with the Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Fish Food is that it is sustainably processed and made in small batches. It helps in maintaining the overall quality and avoiding any serious issues. Moreover, the manufacturing process does not use any artificial flavors or coloring, making it a great natural option for your tropical fish.

Another great thing is that all of your fish will be able to take advantage of this beneficial food thanks to its slow sinking design. So, your fish will have ample time to eat up the small pellets, and even your slower fish can make it in time to grab a bite.

The only case where you might want to avoid this fish food is if you only have larger fish in your tank since the granules are quite small, coming in at under 1mm in size so it won’t be an efficient feeding option for large fish species.

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– Overview

If you are looking for a high quality tropical fish food that is nutrient-filled for your pets, the Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Fish Food is one you can try out. These pellets are made from Black Solider Fly Larvae, rich in many essential proteins, minerals, and more while also having a taste that many fish seem to like. Also, these granules are slow sinking, so all of your fish will be able to get them before they drop to the substrate.

2. Fluval Hagen Vegetarian Flakes

– Pros

  • Large bottle
  • Enhances fish color
  • Vegetarian formula
  • Promoted fish health

– Cons

  • Very light and powdery

If you are someone who wants to avoid feeding their fish shrimp or other live animals, you can check out these Hagen Vegetarian Flakes from Fluval. They are designed with a multi-vegetable formula that is beneficial for fish without depending on live animals as the primary source of nutrition.

While many people are concerned that only live animals and insects provide protein, this is not the case with these tropical fish food flakes. Fluval has designed them with high-quality materials, fortunately, they are full of essential nutrients and vitamins, which makes them a great support the overall health of your tropical fish.

Additionally, we recommend the Fluval Hagen Vegetarian Flakes because they are made with spirulina, which enhances the color of your fish. This food will also improve their aesthetic appeal and glow, which is why it is great for the health of your tropical fish.

Consequently, this fish food might not be the best option if you are a beginner or clumsy because the flakes are quite powdery, making it much harder to drop in the right amount. In addition, as the flakes don’t weigh much, this food is often better suited if you have faster-swimming fish.

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– Overview

The Fluval Hagen Vegetarian Flakes is a tropical fish food that uses a multi vegetable formula to keep your fish healthy. It contains various important substances for your fish and even has spirulina which aids in their coloration, overall, the flakes themselves are quite powdery and might not be very easy to use for beginners.

3.  Omega One Color Mini Pelle 

– Pros

  • Reduces fish waste
  • High-quality tropical fish food
  • No processed proteins
  • Contains Omega 3 & 6

– Cons

  • Too small for larger fish

If you are having difficulty keeping the waste in your tank clean, the Omega One Color Mini Pellets are a great option. These pellets are designed to be insoluble and contain minimal amounts of starch as compared to other alternatives.

Being made from superior quality materials and containing no pre-processed proteins or meals, you will be getting fresh raw proteins that are only cooked once during the manufacturing process. It makes them a great food if you want to avoid chemicals and processed materials for your aquarium’s inhabitants.

Omega manages to attain this level of quality as they make these pellets directly from foods like salmon. These are filled with important nutrients and substances such as fatty acids, which aid in the health of your fish’s immune system, hence, this food is a great way to keep your fish healthy and strong to fight against ailments and pests.

Additionally, the Omega One Color Mini Pellets improve the overall coloration of most tropical fish. Primarily due to pigments known as beta-carotenes present in the pellets and work to improve the color and vibrance of bright and beautiful fish.

While these pellets are great for use with most species of tropical fish and of all ages, they are quite small in size. These Fish food for color make for a great diet for smaller fish, you might want to look for a slightly larger option if you plan on feeding large tropical fish.

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– Overview

The Omega One Color Mini Pellets are a fish food option that can help you keep your tank clean. The pellets can do this as they contain minimal amounts of starch which helps in reducing the amount of waste your fish produce. So, there is less to clean in the first place. Apart from that, this food contains high-quality and fresh proteins, so you won’t have to worry about your fish eating any processed proteins.

4. Cobalt Ultra Shrimp & Vegi

– Pros

  • Enhances fish coloration
  • Probiotic function
  • Great for larger breeds
  • Natural ingredients

– Cons

  • Too large for smaller fish

For those of you who are looking for tropical fish food for larger species of fish, you can check out the Cobalt Ultra Shrimp & Vegi. This food comes in wafers that are 9.8 x 7.3 mm in dimensions, making them the largest ones on this list. While you might want to avoid them for smaller fish, they are perfect for most large breeds.

All of the ingredients used to make the wafers are 100 percent natural and come from nutrition-filled sources such as sword prawns, mulberry leaves, seaweed, and more. Therefore, these wafers will provide your fish with a complex and balanced diet that will keep them energized and healthy to roam around all day.

Moreover, the wafers improve the color of your tropical fish, as a result, keeping them on a diet of these wafers over time will help them get back a natural and vibrant coat that fish often have in the wild. Along with this, it is also great for their gut health thanks to the probiotic properties and ingredients precedent in the food.

The only issue you might have with these wafers is that they sink down too fast for some fish. It is avoidable if you drop them close to your fish and in smaller groups, you have to keep this in mind during feeding sessions. Nonetheless, once the wafers reach your substrate, it is possible that they will add to your effort when it comes to cleaning.

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– Overview

The Cobalt Ultra Shrimp & Vegi is a fish food option that is suitable if you are planning on feeding larger fish. The food is in the form of wafers which are much larger than many other options on this list, filled with balanced nutrients and minerals, they are an ideal food choice for all larger species of fish.

5. New Life Spectrum Naturox Optimum All Purpose Flakes

– Pros

  • Large flake size
  • Contains essential nutrients
  • Improves fish immune health
  • Works for both marine and freshwater

– Cons

  • Might not be liked by all species

The New Life Spectrum Naturox Optimum All Purpose Flakes is a fish food that is great for keeping your pets healthy and hardy. The flakes are made from a garlic and Thera-A formula that works to improve your fish’s immune health and works against parasites. So, it is a great way to rid your pets of any pests that may be in your tank.

Apart from this, the ingredients used in this food are natural, with the primary constituents being South Antarctic Krill, Herring,  New Zealand Mussel protein, and some other high protein sources. So, this food is an ideal source of protein that will aid in the growth of your pets while keeping them fit.

Similar to many other competitors on the market, these flakes from New Life also improve the color of your tropical fish. The color-enhancing ability of these flakes is one of the best on this list, making it a great addition to your fish’s daily routine that will improve the overall appeal of your tank.

– Large Fish Friendly

However, unlike other options, the actual flakes in this fish food are much larger and stronger. It allows larger fish to feed on the flakes and also makes it easier to get the right amount into your tank. Moreover, it also makes the flakes a lot easier for your slower fish to get before they fall to the bottom of your tank.

Although, one thing you will have to keep in mind with this fish food is that some species of snails and guppies might not be as interested in them. While it is, for the most part, suitable for all freshwater and marine water pets, you might want to try it out with your fish before making it a permanent choice.

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– Overview

If you want fish food that will keep your tropical fish strong and healthy, the New Life Spectrum Naturox Optimum All Purpose Flakes is one you can look into. These flakes are made out of a unique formula that improves immune health and also tackles parasites. Along with this, it is high in protein and great at improving the coloration of your tropical fish.


Let’s discuss a few frequently asked questions related to tropical fish foods:

1. What Is the Best Food To Feed Your Tropical Fish?

The best food is dependent on which fish you are feeding, but it often comes from high protein sources such as shrimp, crickets, vegetables, and more. These ingredients make for great food as they contain protein and many other substances that are great for your pets’ health. They can also be used to make various kinds of fish food such as flakes, pellets, wafers, etc.

2. Are Flakes or Pellets Better for Fish?

While each has its benefits, pellets are often considered to be better for fish, because they can contain much more nutritional value in a smaller package than flakes. Having this into consideration, high-quality flakes are almost as good, and it depends on which option your fish are more comfortable with.

3. Should You Crush Fish Flakes?

If you are feeding smaller fish, it is advisable to crush fish flakes because large flakes are often too long to fit in the mouths of fish and can cause them stress during feeding. However, when you do crush the flakes, make sure you don’t overdo them and turn them into powder.

4. Is It Normal for Fish To Spit Out Their Food?

It is normal for many species of fish to spit out their food. It is often because they have eaten more than they can handle and need to get it out. It can also be if the fish has tried to eat something that is too large to ingest. Although, if this happens too often, you might want to get it checked out.

5. What Is The Difference Between Tropical Flakes And Goldfish Flakes?

Goldfish and tropical fish are very different when it comes to their diet, habitat, coloration, and more. Due to this reason, the food that is used for goldfish is also different from that of tropical fish species. Primarily, this is a difference in the fiber and protein content as tropical fish prefer high protein and low fiber foods, unlike goldfish.

6. How Long Can Tropical Fish Go Without Food?

There is no exact time, and it is dependent on the species of fish you have. As a rough estimate, most species of fish should be fine for around one week without food, but this should be avoided if possible.

Things To Consider When Buying a Tropical Fish Food

Here’s a list of some things you should consider when looking for a food option for your fish:

– Food Form

Fish food is available in various different forms ranging from light flakes to more heavy and large wafers. Each of these forms is made differently and is suitable for varying kinds of fish, for example, larger wafers are often better for larger fish species, while flakes can be fed to most small-medium-sized species.

Hence you must find the fish food form that is suitable for your fish and their liking. Therefore, we would suggest that you buy smaller quantities of fish food at first to make sure that your fish are able to eat the food easily while making sure that it is the right size and shape for them.

– Ingredients/Nutrients

Apart from keeping your fish full, the most important thing about food is that it keeps them healthy. It is possible thanks to the various essential nutrients, minerals, and other substances that are found in many fish food options that aid in the growth, color, and health of your pets.

When you are looking for a new fish food option, be sure to look at the ingredients used and if it has the necessary nutrients for your pets. Getting food that doesn’t have the right ingredients can lead to your fish losing important minerals and gradually cause a negative effect on their health.

– Sinking Speed

A common difference between fish food options is their sinking speed, this is basically the amount of time it takes for the food to sink to the floor of your tank. While some foods such as lighter flakes are able to stay afloat for long periods, larger pellets and bars tend to sink right after you drop them in.

Top five tropical fish foodThis speed is essential to make sure that your tropical fish are able to find and eat the food easily. For example, if you have faster free-swimming fish, slow sinking food will be easy for them to eat. On the other hand, if you have many bottom feeders in your aquarium, sinking pellets will be much more convenient for them.


After thorough testing of all the options on this ist, our choice for the best tropical fish food for tropical community tank is the Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Fish Food. It is an all-around option that uses the nutrient-dense Black Soldier Fly Larvae to provide a great tasting food for your fish that will help them flourish. However, while this may be our overall best, each species of fish is different, and you may have better results with different options.

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